DevaCurl SuperCream Review & 2 Hair of the Days

I've had a tiny 1.5 oz tube of the DevaCurl SuperCream in my product junkie stash for about a year now. Not sure why I haven't tried it until recently, other than the fact I am indeed a product junkie with lots of products! But better late than never, right? Read on for my thoughts about it!

DevaCurl just released new products specifically for Wavy Hair! I am especially interested in their Wave Maker cream and plan to pick it up as soon as I use up some more of my stash (side note: my no hair product buy has been going very well, surprisingly)

I like a lot of DevaCurls styling products, and this one is definitely one of them! The SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler is a super versatile product.

Here is what says about it:
"This NEW rich, coconut oil infused styler gives total freedom to express yourself with your curls. Whether you want to smooth, soften, shape, stretch, moisturize, define, control, boost volume, twist-out, tame frizz, add shine or switch up your look, SuperCream does it all. Like all DevaCurl products, SuperCream is sulfate, paraben and silicone free.

Key Ingredients

  • Coconut oil for healthy-looking shine and moisture. 
  • Jojoba protein to boost elasticity and strengthen curls—you’ll get more bounce! 
  • Corn starch for touchable hold and frizz control." 
First, I must address the scent. It smells SO GOOD! I was nervous with Coconut in the name I wasn't going to like it since a lot of coconut scented products and my nose are not friends, but to me this smells like a Pina Colada with an additional burst of juicy fruit inside. Not overly coconutty. My fiancé (side note: typing that is still weird LOL), who always speaks his mind about scents of my products and HATES coconut anything also didn't complain, so that's good!

The directions state that less is more with this product so I am careful not to go heavy handed. I do like that it leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturized and also defines my curls nicely. While my hair looks nice when inside, this product didn't stand up to high humidity being on the beach as well as other products I've used- I did get frizz and unwanted poof expansion. That being said, I still think it works nicely when it is not as humid. I tried this with and without a leave in and sealing with an oil and my traditional 3 step process of leave in, style, oil works better for me than the cream by itself. I notice more shine with the oil paired on top.

I've also tried this cream on second day hair to help with frizz and hydrate my desperately needing a trim ends and for that it did a wonderful job! This may be my favorite way to use it since I do have other Day 1 products I prefer. Bonus was I got to enjoy the yummy scent again.

Both "Hair of the Days" below are on day 1 hairs. Both days styling products were applied the same way, section by section raking through then scrunching. I air dried with the front hairline clipped back.


Pre Shampoo Treatment: Tweak-d Self Cleansing Hair Treatment in Tribal Chocolate
Shampoo: Raw Curls Wavy Swavy Cleanser
Conditioner: DevaCare One Condition (this has been discontinued sadly) mixed with Raw Curls Wavy Swavy Conditioner
Stylers (wet): Raw Curls Anti Frizz Spray, DevaCurl SuperCream, SheaMoisture Sacha Inchi Oil Serum
Stylers (dry): DevaCurl Set Up & Above Pomade

I wish I took better "hair pictures" but truthfully it just slipped my mind.
roots are still a bit wet here
roots are still a bit wet here
I matched the wall at dinner ;)
sorry this isn't a bit more clear
by the end of the night being on the beach in humidity this happened =/
The lip color I am wearing above is a mix of the Jouer Cosmetics lip cremes in "fairy" and "unicorn" from their Mermaid Collection. Dress is from Lilly Pulitzer


Pre Shampoo Treatment: Tweak-d Self Cleansing Hair Treatment in Ultra Nourishing
Shampoo: Raw Curls Wavy Swavy Cleanser
Conditioner: Ouidad Triple Treat Deep Conditioner
Stylers (wet): Raw Curls Wavy Swavy Conditioner (as leave in), Raw Curls Anti Frizz Spray, DevaCurl SuperCream, SheaMoisture Sacha Inchi Oil Serum
Stylers (dry): more DevaCurl SuperCream on the ends only.

My hairline pieces have been driving me extra nuts lately. They are frizzy and I have to clip them back for them not to look wonky, but then they really wind up hiding the curlier pieces underneath. And yes, I know, I so badly need a trim, you can see that clearly in the pics below. Don't worry, I'm going soon!

Lip color in the above pictures is Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in "Armageddon"

So overall I do enjoy the DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler for the moisturizing and curl defining properties, but as of now it did not make Holy Grail status. I do want to revisit it when the humidity dies down in a few months.

Also, I have not dyed my hair now in over a year and a half!!!! Crazy!

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<3 Diane

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