Doll 10 HydraGel Lipstick Trio

So I broke my "no lipstick buy" rule because of the new Doll 10 Beauty HydraGel Lipstick Trio that recently debuted on QVC! And I don't regret it either! This new lipstick formula by Doll 10 may possibly be their best yet, which is crazy to think since all their lippies I ever used are AMAZING and some of my favorites in the world. Read on for more!

If you're curious about why I am on (or trying really hard to be on at least) a "no lipstick buy" it is because I have been SUPER unsuccessful with finding work (beauty industry NYC or NJ based and hiring??? e-mail me! but no network marketing) and I believe I have close to 200 lippies at this point, though truth be told I'm too nervous to actually count them all. But I do mean it when I say of all the lippies out there, Doll 10 always knows how to make incredible formulas. Which is why I just could not pass these up!

Here is what says about them:
"Doll 10 Beauty's HydraGel Lipstick is an ultra-lightweight gel lipstick that provides bold, one-stroke color in a moisturizing, satin finish. This kit includes three wearable shades perfect for all skin tones. HydraGel technology uses high-density pure pigments suspended in a lightweight gel formula with lip-loving ingredients that help hydrate and soften lips."

I love what the HydraGel formula does for Doll 10's foundation and concealer (search Doll10 on my blog for reviews of those) so I was looking so forward to see what they do for my always dry, easily chapped lips.
diva, star struck, bombshell

The first ingredient in these is Squalane and on the air, Ms. Dalton said it was derived from Olives, not Sharks and I felt that was super important to mention. Squalane is a big ingredient in skin care because it is naturally very moisturizing.

Moisturizing these are! They leave my lips feeling super soft and smooth, while wearing very comfortably. Even when the color eventually wears off (more on that in a minute) my lips still feel hydrated.

I don't even know where to begin with the formula. It's just sooo good!!!! They are SUPER PIGMENTED- I only need one swipe on top lip, one swipe on bottom lip, so the bullet tubes will last me a while. I feel as if all three colors makes me lips look more full and help hide the fine lines in my lips from drinking out of straws my whole life.

I didn't recall hearing them say on air they were long wearing so I was ready for the color to fade quick and reapply. The color actually lasted on my lips for quite a few hours, even after eating, drinking from a water bottle and brushing my teeth!!! The colors also did not feather or bleed onto the skin around my lips.

These lipsticks smell and slightly taste like a vanilla doughnut, which I adore! Calorie free sweetness as a side bonus with a pretty lip color? Yes, please!

The colors are neutral nudes but not conceal like, too pale colors. All three are everyday wearable shades. I think the shades are very wearable and forgiving for all skin tones. All three hippies have a slightly, but not overly glossy finish.

no flash: Diva, Star Struck, Bombshell
flash: Diva, Star Struck, Bombshell

Diva is a peachy pink shade. The lightest, and probably my favorite of the three if I had to pick. I like that the peach and pink colors are about equal and it does not run too much on the orange side.

Star Struck
Star Struck is a plummy rose shade. What's interesting about this shade is it looked different on me when I swiped it during the week with no makeup on VS when I have it on with a full face of makeup! It's a nice, neutral rosey shade that isn't too warm or too cool toned. 

Bombshell is a rose pink shade. I actually find it to be more rose red than rose pink. I'm happily surprised with how much I like this color! If you know me, I usually stick to pink and berry lips. I actually only own one red lipstick and that red lipstick is by Doll 10 (in the gloss/lippie duos) I like that this isn't straight up red, though more intense than the others, I still find it to be an every day, extremely wearable shade.

I think the HydraGel lipstick formula is fantastic and I do enjoy these colors. I would love to see Doll 10 release more of these in more true pink tones, of course! A light-medium, cool toned, pink would be super awesome.

I also just quickly wanted to share what else I am wearing as far as makeup here. It is mostly Doll 10 Beauty products in these pictures! Everything except my mascara, undereye brightener (on top of concealer) and primer is by the brand These are actual products that I reach for often which is why they look used in the pic  before ;) ;)

Here is what I'm wearing:
  • HydraGel Foundaton in LIGHT
  • HydraGel Concealer in LIGHT
  • Finishing Touch Powder
  • Airless Creme Brow Fix in BLONDE
  • Cheek to Chic Blush & Contour Palette: both blush shades mixed, "Sculpted" as Contour
  • Classic Couture Eye Shadow Palette: "Creme De La Creme" on brow bone, "Rose" on lid, "Mink" in crease and "Chocolate Truffle" as liner

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<3 Diane


  1. I must try! I always hear about her being on QVC after the fact. I would love to see your top 5 from her collection.

  2. i never met a doll 10 lippie formula i didn't like. if you search "doll 10" on my blog all my reviews of her stuff will come up =)


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