Great Hair Day: Dry Wavies NEED Ouidad Curl Immersion Line!!

I've been mentioning and using the new Curl Immersion line by Ouidad quite a bit lately and today I am going to give my thorough review on why Wavy Curly hair should give this line a try, despite the labels saying "for kinky curls". Read on for more.
I know I've been lacking a bit with my blog posts lately, but life and stuff happens sometimes.  
If you have hair that is on the drier side, really frizzy, and waves you wish you could define more these products fit the bill.  I've noticed such an increase in curl definition since using the line consistently for a few weeks and I didn't use any additional techniques or anything to encourage the curl.

With all four of the Curl Immersion products, they are super hydrating and a little goes a long way. Through trial and error I learned if I am heavy handed with them, especially the stylers, I don't get as great of a result, and I am wasting product.

I've reviewed and gave first impressions of all of the products, but here are more thoughts I've had on them:

No Lather Coconut Cream Cleansing Conditioner: 
Since it has been insanely hot and humid lately and I try to work out every day, I've been washing my hair a bit more. I like that this cleansing conditioner leaves my hair feeling soft, my scalp feeling clean and it has ingredients inside to promote hair growth!

Triple Treat Deep Conditioner: 
So very moisturizing. This deep conditioner really moisturizes my hair, makes it tangle free effortlessly and I only need to leave it in about 5 minutes to get the full effect! I've also had this in my hair while in the pool and let the sun bake it in- this intensified those results and left my hair feeling like butter. I love that the jar is huge and I don't need a whole lot at a time, it is lasting me so long! When I use this, even if I use different styling products, I notice a nice increase in curl definition. If your hair is on the dry side try this, I doubt you'll be sorry!

Silky Souffle Setting Creme:
This may be my new favorite leave in conditioner! It's a bit heavier than others, but I like that because I find it to define my hair but also give it just enough weight so my hair does not poof out or expand too much, which is something I strongly dislike. My dry ends which still have some artificial hair color on them drink this stuff up and it makes them less fuzzy (as usual I am procrastinating a much needed cut) Paired with the Hi-Defining Custard, I'm guaranteed good hair days.

Hi-Defining Custard
I love using this with the Silky Souffle Setting Creme as I mentioned. But I've used this also with other leave ins and it is a great styler. It has the perfect amount of hold like a gel but never gets sticky, stiff or crunchy in my hair. I'm left with frizz free, smooth, defined waves whenever I use it.
For the pictures below I used the whole Curl Immersion line, an oil to set (I wish Ouidad didn't discontinue their Mongongo Oil) and then went in with their pomade on dry hair:
  • Cleanse: No Lather Coconut Cream Cleansing Conditioner
  • Condition: Triple Treat Deep Conditioner, left in about 20 minutes 
  • Style (wet): Silky Souffle Setting Creme, Hi-Defining Custard, SheaMoisture Sacha Inchi Oil-Serum
  • Style (dry): Clear Control Pomade
The Ouidad Clear Control Pomade is so good. I use it in high humidity or if I am going out and really want my hair to stay nice all night. It gives extra hold without the stiffness and adds even more shine while tackling the frizz! Like the Curl Immersion line, a little goes a long, long way.

I applied all the styling products to my hair section by section for 7 sections total using Ouidad's "Rake & Shake" technique and then scrunching a bit on the ends. I squeezed out excess water with my Curly Tee and allowed my hair to air dry with the hairline pieces clipped back to stretch them out.

So even if your hair is not kinky as the labels do say, if you have dry hair, chemically treated hair (color or otherwise), or hair where you really want more curl definition, the Curl Immersion line by Ouidad is certainly worth a try!

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<3 Diane


  1. Your hair looks great! These products sound like something I want to try, especially in the winter. How generous are you with the cleansing conditioner? Is that another product to use sparingly? Thanks!

    1. out of all these products, I use the most amount of the cleansing conditioner- when washing my hair without lather I want to make sure I enough product on there to really help cleanse my scalp.

  2. Hi Diane, unlike you I like volume but still want the curl definition. Having said that, would you still recommend the High Defining Custard? Thank you!

    1. i don't know i just review products and how i like them and what works for me. everything in hair care is trial and error and everyone's hair is different =)


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