Britney Spears Private Show Perfume

"Private Show" is the latest fragrance from Britney Spears that was released in July 2016. I'm such a fan of Britney's scents, I knew I had to have it. Once I heard about where inspiration for perfume came from,  it only made me want it more. Read on for my thoughts about the scent.

Where a lot of Britney's new scents are usually flankers from previous perfumes including "Curious", "Fantasy" and "Radiance", "Private Show" is a fragrance that stands on its own.

During an interview, Britney has said that the  inspiration for this new perfume came about from her love for dulce de leche, white flowers and iced coffee.  and she "wanted my fans to have an uplifting, sexy scent that empowers them to achieve their dreams!” 

As a girl who is also obsessed with iced coffee, the thought of a perfume smelling anything remotely like a coffee house was especially intriguing.

Here are the notes:
Top: clementine, nectarine and coffee with whipped cream
Mid: dulce de leche, orange blossom and sambac jasmine
Dry: luminous amber and sensual musk.

"Private Show" has become one of my favorite perfumes I've ever owned. So much so, even though I've been limiting myself on perfume buying until my fragrance shelf gets smaller, I still had to get a back up  bottle.

The scent is seriously addictive and wears on me for a few hours before I can no longer trace the smell. I would classify it as a gourmand floral but subtle fruity bursts.  Once in a sniff, I even detect a bit of powderyness in there, too. Though sweet, it is not as sweet as my other Britney favorites such as "Fantasy" and "Midnight Fantasy. I can smell the iced coffee inspiration, but smelling this and putting my nose in a Starbucks cup are definitely two different things. I actually smelled this before looking at the notes and once I saw Orange Blossom in the Mid, it made even more sense as to why I am crazy about this juice. Orange Blossom is one of my all time favorite smells on it's own, and when in perfumes.

The flacon is so cute too. It is shaped like a diamond with a pretty pink topper.

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<3 Diane

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