Mally Beauty Bounce Back to You QVC Todays Special Value 9/6/16

Mally Beauty's "Bounce Back to You" is a new, seven piece color collection debuting as a Today's Special Value on QVC on September 6, 2016! I was fortunate enough to be one of the first people to try this kit (thank you so much Mally team!) so I can share my thoughts with you. Read on for more.

A  "Today's Special Value" on QVC means for 24 hours only, or sooner if it sells out, the collection will be at the lowest price it will ever be. You'll be able to purchase the collection here starting Sept 6 at midnight.
I've still been loving all the products from the last Mally Beauty TSV from April (read that review here if you missed it) so the fact we have a second Mally Beauty TSV in the same year made me BEYOND THRILLED!!!!

The "Bounce Back to You" Collection was inspired by the "ultimate season of transformation" from Summer to Autumn. The kit is filled with tons of new perfect transition products that are easily go to products and effortless to apply.  The kit contains a card that also gives step by step instructions on how to use everything inside.

Here is some information from the back of the box:

Makeup Bag
I love Mally's makeup bags! They are always so well made and last for years (seriously, I still have some from 2010 or 2011) This bag is pretty pink and extremely roomy.  It is even bigger than the last TSV bag- I took a picture of them together to show.

This collection includes one brush and another double ended brush, so really you get three different brush heads! Both brushes have very soft, synthetic bristles that do not shed.

The first brush is a foundation brush and it is the same one that came in the kit for the April TSV. It works well with both powders and liquids and helps blend product into skin leaving an effortless, airbrushed looking finish.

The double ended brush can be used multiple ways. The larger side is good to apply blush, bronzer or powder and the smaller side is nice for highlighter or even does a great job with concealer!

The Evercolor Gel Waterproof Liner is a new formula in the color "Graphite". This color is really pretty, and looks different in different lightings on me. Sometimes it looks like a nice, soft black and other times it looks like a gorgeous soft greyish blue. It twists up so there is no need to sharpen. I love Mally's liners, they've always been kind to my super sensitive eyeballs and this one is definitely part of that group.  This liner glides on so smooth like butter and wears all day on both my waterline and lid at the lash line. I really like that when I use it on my lid it doesn't pull or tug, making lining super easy for someone like myself who is usually not so good at it. I also really enjoy this color on my lid since it isn't quite as harsh as black, but still makes a nice statement.

The Pretty Perfect Lash Defining Mascara is a brand new formula! When I first saw it, I thought it was another tube of Mally's More is More Mascara which also launched this year and now is my current Holy Grail mascara that I will not be without (seriously. I have a tube open and two back ups right now). It's not. Where the More is More Mascara leaves my non existent, super short, blonde lashes looking thick, long, amazing and fake without the falsies, this formula is meant to provide a more natural look, which it does. It separates my lashes and lengthens them a little, but truthfully I had to really work at it to get my lashes to look longer. I also have some teeny tiny, its bits little lashes that I had a difficult time getting this mascara to build up on. Personally, I rather reach for More is More, but if you like a more natural look and already have decent lashes to begin with (which I do not) I think you'll enjoy this formula. Like Mally's other mascaras, The Pretty Perfect Lash Defining Mascara is clump free, is super black pigment and wore all day on me fine without flaking or smearing!

The Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra comes in a new shade called "Sand Drift" I think this shade is the absolute perfect, wearable every day color!!!! I can best describe it as a neutral where if the colors Champagne or Moonlight and Taupe had a baby, it would make this pretty shade. Mally's shadow sticks have a cult following (which I am a member of) for good reason! They are super easy to use- if you can color with a crayon you can use these on your lid and they wear all day! The formula combines a primer, shadow, liner and brush all in one! I will say for my eyelids, these work 100x better when I use them on bare skin then if I try to use them with an eyeshadow primer underneath. Not quite sure why, but it's true! Once they are on my lids they won't come off until I wash my face at night.

Bounce Back Blush in "Rose Petal Pink" is a brand new blush formula! The fact sheet describes it as a "hybrid cream-to-powder formula featuring lightly iridescent, multi-dimensional shimmer that create a natural, youthfully looking flush" I first have to say that when they say shimmer, they mean sheen and don't worry there are no chunks of glitter in here!!  The color is beyond gorgeous- a perfect cool toned, light to medium pink. I'll just come out to say it- it's fun to gently press my finger on this blush, it really goes feel bouncy! Also like Nickelodeon Gak from the 90s, but not as sticky (remember that stuff????) The color is buildable so you can wear it very sheer or build it up and it also looks very pretty on the lips. This blush looks very natural no matter how much I kept applying on. Wearing this on my lips actually make my lips look more full which was nice. I did really miss the fact that this TSV didn't include a lippie, but this made up for it. To my absolute delight, this blush wore all day and won the battle against my combination/oily skin which normally eats blushes off my face rather quickly.

Flawless Finish Transforming Effect Foundation is a brand new formula! The fact sheet that came with my kit says "This unique formula nestled under the fine mesh covering in this compact has the consistency of a dense, creamy cheesecake. As it is applied to the face, it melts onto the skin like silky liquid, providing full coverage and all day wear. Infused with oxygen water to hydrate the skin. Available in Fair, Light, Medium, Tan and Rich."

The formula is pretty unique! It's not a liquid, not a powder and also not a cushion compact, which it does look like. It comes housed in an air tight container with a sponge and mirror also inside to make it easy to take along with you. There is a mesh fabric and when you press down on it, the product comes out. It reminds me a lot of a foundation Tarte did a couple years ago with a similar mesh covering and container, but the actual foundation feels different- that one was a lot more liquid and runny. I look so many pictures of the mesh because I was a bit fascinated by it. 

I find the formula to be buildable medium to almost full coverage. I  say almost full because I still see my darkest of dark circles and need to go in with a concealer, but it covered my redness and unwelcomed pimples nicely. The finish is pretty dewy and glowy. Due to my combination/oily skin again, I must set it with Face Defender or a powder, but if your skin is more on the dry/mature side you may not even need to. I wore it over a primer and the foundation lasted on me all day without issues. It is creamy and easy to blend but wears very comfortable and doesn't feel heavy on my face at all. The one thing with this foundation is I do have to take my time to really blend it on and become one with my skin, but once I do it looks like my skin and not makeup so that makes it worth the extra blending.

For reference, I  received this in the shade FAIR. Usually with Mally foundations, I wear LIGHT and sometimes I combine FAIR & LIGHT together. Because it is end of Summer, FAIR alone is a bit too light for me at the moment but I tried to make it work. I think LIGHT alone may have been a bit better. 
mesh before pressing
first press into the product!
after use.
fair foundation, liner, shadow & blush with flash
fair foundation, liner, shadow & blush without flash

no makeup
pretty perfect mascara, evercolor gel liner on upper inner rime and sand drift shadow stick.
my eyebrows are also done (not part of TSV)
no makeup at all 
all Mally makeup on

all Mally makeup on
all Mally makeup on
all Mally makeup on

Here is all the make I have on in the pictures:
  • Flawless Finish Foundation from TSV in FAIR
  • Bouncy Back Blush from TSV on cheeks and lips. It didn't show up as much in photos as it looks in real life.
  • Pretty Perfect Mascara
  • Evercolor Gel Liner from TSV on upper waterline and upper lash line
  • Evercolor Shadow Stick from TSV on lid and below lower lash line 
  • See the Light Concealer in LIGHT on dark circles
  • Perfect Prep Undereye Brightener in LIGHTER on undereye circles and laugh lines
  • Poreless Face Defender
  • Believable Brows Shaping & Sculpting System in TAUPE
  • "Atistry" from Muted Muse palette to contour (not in below picture)

Overall I enjoyed this Today's Special Value and really hope QVC continues to give us more Mally newness and special kits at such good prices! If you are a "Mallynista" (fan of Mally) or brand new to the brand, this is a great collection to play with featuring products and colors that will work on all skin tones.

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<3 Diane


  1. I was hoping you would review this! I did order it and am excited to receive...I hope the foundation works. I have had bad luck ordering foundation from TV with the exception of the IT Cosmetics Your Skin but Better CC Cream. I really am most excited about the shadow stick.

  2. Is the mascara as good as the volum mascara because it looks nice on you

    1. thank you. i think it is a matter of personal preference. this is a good mascara, as it wears all day and does not clump or flake but because i like my lashes looking almost fake I do like her More is More and Volumizing formulas better.

  3. Ok I love volumizing one as well as the more is more as well I love them both on top of dior 3d primer they look more fake and yes I love long fake looking lashes as well thank you for your b fast response


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