My 4th Ouidad Cut! and Mongongo Oil is Back!

The other day I went to the City (Manhattan) to visit Jason at the Ouidad Flagship Salon for a much needed cut! If you've read my last few "Hair of the Day" blogs, you may remember I've been in much need of a trim. My last cut was in March- six months ago!! As usual, I waited too long. Read on for more about my experience and cut.

If you are interested, here are my blog posts from my previous Ouidad cuts. They also go into great definition about explaining the "Carve and Slice" technique and how it is truly not as scary as it sounds.
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So I got to the salon and chatted with Jason about was I was looking for, as usual. I just needed a dusting, losing as little length as possible and a shaping in the front since due to some naughty at home split end self snipping, parts of my hair became uneven and the front wasn't falling naturally and looking almost shelf life. Jason couldn't get over how long my hair is getting (it still feels short to me though) and how thick it is! My hair is thick, course, and I have a lot of it. The bleach damage just truly killed it. I'm sorry hair. He also said how healthy my natural hair coming in is. I think once I cut off all the bleach damage (probably in another time or two.) I will have significantly less frizz as a result. I look forward to that.
Just like the last few times, Jason listened to exactly what I wanted. Barely any hair was on the floor and he shaped the front so the deader than dead parts were gone and it would fall a bit better.
appropriate length of cut hairs for a dusting! =)
At the sink before the cut I forgot to ask him what shampoo was used but he then used the new Curl Immersion Triple Treat Deep Conditioner and left it in a few minutes as I drank my much anticipated Ouidad Cappuccino (seriously I look forward to these almost as much as the cut LOL) If you've read my blog the past few months (thank you), you probably remember how OBSESSED I am with that Deep Conditioner, and whole Curl Immersion line.(recap here if you missed it)
pre cut with Triple Treat Deep Conditioner in my hair
After the cut i went back to the sink to rinse and he used the Curl Quencher Moisturizing Conditioner. This is a great conditioner for dry hair and helps with curl formation and definition.

He styled it using Ouidad's "Rake and Shake" technique, and really pushed the products into my hair. I learned by doing so, it will help close the cuticle resulting in curls looking shinier and less frizzy! So I'll be adding that pushing part into my at home routine now for sure.

Styling Products Used:
Curl Immersion Silky Souffle Setting Cream
I missed this product ever since I ran out of it at home. I need to get a new one. It's such an amazing leave in that moisturizes and defines my waves and and gives it enough weight to not puff out but also not weigh it down and make it limp.

Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel
A Ouidad classic. This also helps with frizz and helps prevent hair from expanding. I definitely needed the humidity protection because it was hot and humid in the city that day! What is also really cool about this gel is it also helps curls retain moisture. Yes! A gel can do that. Cool, huh?

Mongongo Oil Multi-Use Hair Treatment
Excitement is an understatement when I saw Ouidad's social media a couple weeks ago and saw that this product has returned! It was part of the "Salon Series" range a couple years ago, and then the whole range got discontinued. I still don't understand why they did, because I personally LOVED all 4 products. Nevertheless, it's back and it has that same yummy scent and fantastic silicone free formula! says it "Forms a protective barrier on hair’s surface to lock in moisture and prevent damage from heat styling and UV rays" There are multiple ways you can use this oil, actually I will come back to this product with its own blog post because it really is that amazing and if I continue here, the blog will be way longer than it already is! Oh yea, Jason used it to seal my hair and protect it from heat.
under the dryer
After applying the products, I sat under the hooded dyer for a while and then he diffused. Since my hair takes forever to dry, I did leave with my roots a little wet. He did clip part of my hair back to dry and twisted my annoying front hairline pieces around themselves so they formed these cool looking spirals. I hope when I attempt that at home it comes out decent, we'll see! When he diffused, he also gently pulled the hairline spiral down so they would become more elongated. Once my hair was dry he added a little more Mongongo Oil for extra shine.

Jason was kind enough to take these pictures for me before I left the salon. As mentioned, my roots are still a little wet. I love the shine and lack of frizz!
I also want to point out those shorter pieces with the blonde ends in the back. Those are still from  the bad bleach damage and I ask Jason to let them be because I am not willing to cut my hair all that short, even if it would make them blend in better and be a bit more even. As I said earlier, Jason always listens to what his client wants!! =)

These were taken in Central Park (right near the salon!) after. The natural breeze and cool lighting how the sun was hitting me in the last few shots made for a fun selfie shoot. LOL

I spent the day in Manhattan by myself which was just what I needed to distract myself since stuff has been going on lately that has not been great. I took the below shots in the Lilly Pulitzer fitting room while trying stuff on. I'm sorry the lighting in those rooms just aren't good. These pictures were taken after walking from 57th and 7th to 78th and Madison in the heat! That just shows you how incredible Ouidad products are that my hair stayed looking nice and did not frizz out, puff out and expand horribly. My hair is finally fully dry in these.

I was more than happy with how my hair turned out. If you live in, or can get to the NYC flagship Ouidad salon and have any kind of curls or waves and are afraid of haircuts, give them a try!!! Jason is amazing, but really whenever I am at the salon and watch everyone else, every single head of hair that leaves look incredibly awesome.

I'll be posting more "Hair of the Day" posts after cut with how I styled it myself once I wash my hair!

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<3 Diane


  1. Wow! The last few shots really look fab especially considering you were out in the heat & humidity! I've never used the brand but recently received a sample of leave in conditioner. I was surprised how well it worked on my hair because it's so thin & usually those kinds of products make my hair greasy & limp. I've even considered switching my Devacurl styling cream as I'm almost out. What do you think?

    1. Ouidad products are so good. The only way you know what you may like is if you try.


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