Naturally Curly Book Photoshoot at the Hair Rules Salon!

I am beyond honored that I was recently asked to be a part of the upcoming Naturally Curly Book!!! That's right! Our favorite curly wavy hair website will be releasing a book, which as of now will be out in Summer 2017. I was so excited that they wanted little me over here to me included and am so grateful. Luckily, I'm allowed to blog about the experience now and didn't have to stay tight lipped until the book is out! Read on for more details about this awesome day!!

I love "playing photo shoot" for my blog, where my fiance takes "unprofessional pictures" of me and I pose like a faux model. So for me, the fact I was at an actual photo shoot for real was beyond cool.

Michelle Breyer, the founder of NaturallyCurly of course was there and she is such a nice and genuine person! She interviewed me for the book asking lots of questions about my waves, advice I would give curlies and more. I'm not going to give that all away, you'll have to wait to read it in print ;)
Michelle and I
At the shoot I got my makeup done by a professional makeup artist, but I did do my mascara before hand since that takes time and I'm a weird about it.

The directions I was given to arrive at the shoot was to come with my hair camera ready. I did try. I did my usual day 1 routine the day before and styled day 2 hair, which for me always looks better. However, Mother Nature was not my friend this day. It was raining super hard and very humid. A recipe for a curly disaster. Even using a hood and umbrella, by the time I took public transportation to the salon, my hair was not cute. I kept thinking to myself "they'll probably just use me on what you don't want your hair to look like" I was mortified, given what the directions stated, but all was good!

busy at the shoot
I was washed, conditioned and styled so my hair would look picture perfect! This was especially sweet because I was able to see how they style wavy hair like mine at the Hair Rules salon and also learn about the Hair Rules product since up until today, I heard about them but didn't know too much or used them before.
Lucky for me, Anthony Dickey, the founder and creator of the Hair Rules products and salon styled my hair! He's an impressive celebrity stylist! (Read about him here) He used the Hair Rules Wavy Mousse to style my hair wet, then clipped the front sections as you can see in pictures before setting me under the dryer and then diffusing. I had to let him know about my forever misbehaving hairline curls. Once dry he used the Hair Rules Volumizing Hair Spray. I loved how my hair came out. The front reminded me a bit of Old Hollywood glam waves. He was also super kind and sent me home with products! I will have a detailed review of the Hair Rules products on my blog soon so be on the look out for that!
bad selfie skills cut him out of the shot =(
After my makeup and hair was done, I hung out for a bit and waited my turn for photos. Then the photographers took myself and another beautiful curly girl, Tyesha, outside to find a nice spot to shoot. We really lucked out that it stopped raining for just enough time to shoot...and then the rain resumed on our walk back to the salon! Since we were close to the West Side, I suggested heading near the water since if you know me, you know i love the water!

selfies while I waited
selfies while I waited
selfies while I waited
It really was so fun to pose and model. Tyesha was super sweet and took some photos with my phone while we were shooting, and I of course did the same for her. So I am able to post some of those here to see! The photographer, Kartson, also let me take 2 pictures of the view finder on his camera since I was so excited.

Overall the experience was wonderful and I had such a nice day. Thank you again to Michelle, Anthony Dickey, Hair Rules and the Naturally Curly team for allowing me to be part of this! I can't wait for the Naturally Curly Book to come out, I know it will be amazing!

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<3 Diane

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