Raw Curls Price Drop!! Plus My Faves From Them and Hair of the Day

If you regularly read my blog, you probably see how often I like to use Raw Curls products in "hair of the days" and that this Organic, toxin free, botanical rich line of products is one of my very favorites! I have AMAZING news!!! THEIR PRICES ARE DROPPING!!!!!!! Continue reading for more.

I always did understand the prestige prices of the Raw Curls line since they have quality ingredients, a little goes far and they do perform well. BUT as a girl who loves a discount, and someone who is tight on money still desperately looking for full time work, a price drop is pretty much a Christmas in September present for me right now! Who doesn't love when things become more affordable?

 I was recently speaking to Mr. Ken Nickels, the Co-Founder of Raw Curls, and here is what he had to say about his line and the price change:

"Nothing whatsoever in the formulations has been changed. Over 95% of the items in the Raw Curls product line are 100% Natural and over 70% organic, with some being 100% organic. Our mission, when we founded Raw Hair Organics (the parent company of Raw Curls) was to bring healthy, organic , natural, non-toxic salon professional products to the market, at a price that everyone could afford. We have always believed that, especially as a "Curly Girl", that you shouldn't have to sacrifice your health for the sake of your beauty. We know, for a FACT, that there is not a more pure, healthy, non-toxic, salon-professional curly girl line in the world that performs as good as ours, as well as one that has as high of a percentage of natural & organic ingredients.  I personally made the decision to really make a difference, and do what we set out to do in the first place when we founded the company: As of Friday morning, Every 16 oz bottle of Raw Curls is now a a BETTER VALUE price-wise than any other major curl product anywhere in the world. We sell 16 oz bottles, not 12 oz like everyone else (yes, we have some 8 oz too), and our prices are, pound-per-pound, cheaper. As everyone who uses Raw Curls products will testify to, you use MUCH LESS product PER USE than any other major curly brand...thus, you use LESS, get FOUR OUNCES MORE for right about the price and there aren't ANY toxic ingredients in them. Everyone who uses Raw Curls products will tell you that nothing makes their hair more beautiful the more they use them. So, my question to all the beautiful Curly Girls out there is simple: If I can give you MORE product, with NO TOXIC ingredients, make YOU look even MORE BEAUTIFUL, and those products LAST LONGER than what you are currently using....AND give you FREE SHIPPING on ANY SIZE ORDER....WHY WOULDN'T YOU BUY IT? With Raw Curls, I'm giving such an incredible value, I'm taking away any possiblity for you to say NO to our products."

Also, if you add Ken Nickels as a facebook friend (you must send him a friend request) you have the access to win Raw Curls products through his private "friends only" giveaways!

In honor of thie Raw Curls price drop, I wanted to do another focused Raw Curls blog post and talk about my personal favorites from the brand.

Wavy Swavy Cleanser
 I've been reaching for this pretty often since I first received it earlier this year. I'll usually use it now once a week and co wash the other times. Aside from the fact it has ingredients to help promote hair growth inside (which I am forever trying to do), it does a great job at making my scalp feel clean without drying out  my hair! I also notice that whenever I use this and the matching conditioner, regardless of what brand styling products I use I always see increased wave definition!

Wavy Swavy Conditioner and Original Raw Curls Conditioner
I love both of these conditioners so much. The original Raw Curls Conditioner is a bit richer than the Wavy Swavy. Both of them increase my wave definition. Often I will mix the two together and leave them on anywhere from 3 minutes to an hour to not rinsing them out and using them as my leave in. They both work very well on their own. If your hair gets weighed down easily, you probably want to stick to the Wavy Swavy. I do feel the original is a bit more moisturizing.  I have super duper dry hair, a lot drier than most wavies. Since I don't like volume and try to fight my expanding poofiness, I prefer the mix and richness of adding the original Raw Culrs Conditioner in. Both make my hair feel really soft, moisturized, silky, help with frizz and detangle easily. As mentioned, they work great as a leave in, adding hydration and priming my hair for defined styling.  I can only hope Raw Curls releases a treatment masque in the future.
Anti-Frizz Spray
This is another product that makes such a significant difference on my hair, no matter if I use it with all Raw Curls or mix and mingle with other brands. This also makes a nice second or third day hair refresher spray! It's silicone free and whenever I use it, I see less frizz. It feels like nothing in my hair but works like magic. I use this after my leave in but before my gel and oil.

Both the Medium and Firm Hold Gels are good products. For now I tend to save my bottle of Firm Hold Gel for special occasions, it gives me defined, shiny, frizz free, wonderful waves without stiffness, stickiness or crunch. I do have to scrunch out the gel cast when it dries, but that's no big deal at all. I achieve excellent results with the gel with or without the Anti-Frizz Spray.

The Medium Hold Gel is also nice, I use it more often because I have more of it in my product junkie stash. Like the Firm, it does define my waves but I do notice more frizz if I don't pair it with the Anti-Fizz Spray. Like the Firm Hold Gel, it is not stiff, sticky or crunchy and makes my hair bouncy and so healthy looking. Once I use up the Medium Hold Gel I have, I will be sticking to Firm more regularly. The other thing I notice between Firm and Medium is Firm does help make my hair a bit less puffy than Medium.

The Medium Hold Gel won the Naturally Curly Editors Choice Award 2016 for Best Gel.

Being honest, the one thing about Raw Curls I am not too keen on is the scent. It is a bit too herbal for my personal preference but the smell is not strong, and does not linger and for the benefits and results that these products give me, it is not a deal breaker at all.

Hair of the Day
Here are some Hair of the Day Day 1 pics using mostly Raw Curls. I did go in with another oil since I don't currently own the Raw Curls Healing Oil (which I have tried and really enjoyed in the past)
  • Cleanser: Raw Curls Wavy Swavy
  • Conditioner: Mix of Raw Curls Wavy Swavy and Original mixed
  • Stylers: Conditioners left in, Anti-Frizz Spray, Medium Hold Gel, Ouidad Mongongo Oil
I applied the styling products like I normally do, raking them in section by section and scrunching at the ends. I then plopped for about 20 minutes using my Curl Ease towel (any cotton t shirt will do) and allowed my hair to airy dry with the front unruly hairline pieces clipped down as seen in pictures.
sorry this is unclear. i had to prop my phone up and do self timer

The lip color in these pictures is "Dahlia" lip creme by Jouer Cosmetics. I have been crazy about their lip cremes lately!

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