Tarte Skincare: Frixxxtion Stick and Pack Your Bags Undereye Rescue Patches

I love that Tarte continues to branch off more and more into skincare. Today I am talking about the Frixxxtion Stick 3 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser and Pack Your Bags Undereye Rescue Patches. Read on for more.

For reference with skin care, I have combination, shine and acne prone skin.

Frixxxtion Stick 3 in 1 Exfoliating Cleanser

From tarte.com: "includes diatomaceous earth microexfoliants: fossilized sea algae that absorb surface oil and toxins while acting as a gentle exfoliant

Product performance: Get your quick frxxxtion fix with this 3-in-1 exfoliator, cleanser and face mask all in one portable, solid-to-suds stick. With a clarifying cleansing gel powered by the Rainforest of the Sea™ complex and suspended diatomaceous earth microexfoliants, the vegan friendly formula draws out surface oil and reduces shine, while purifying pores for the deepest clean possible. The hypoallergenic gel stick gently sloughs away dead surface cells and polishes skin as it cleanses to fight dullness and pump up the radiance. Great for all skin types, it can be used on a regular basis without stripping skin’s moisture or left on as a treatment mask to absorb toxins and reveal smooth, sexy, glowing skin. Ideal for the on-the-go gal, this travel friendly cleanser features a targeted, straight-to-skin applicator that can be massaged directly onto the face so you can get dirty and then sparkle clean all in one frxxxtion fix."

I don't actually use this as a cleanser, I like using the Deep Dive Gel (also by tarte) to remove makeup then the Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser with my Clarisonic to follow up. But I have been using this once a week for a couple of months now as a mask. I apply it to damp skin all over and let it sit anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. I do not to apply on dry skin because the exfoliators are a tad bit rough.  Once I rinse off, my skin feels soft, super clean and way less congested!  The less congested part really wows me. I notice so many blackheads gone after each and every use. The stick makes it mess free and easy to use. It is not a product where a little goes a long way, I do need a nice amount to cover my face but the effects make it worth it.  If you suffer from blackheads, pimples or congested pores, this may be your new best friend.

Pack Your Bags Undereye Rescue Patches

From tarte: "Includes the Rainforest of the Sea™ complex: a proprietary blend of algae and marine flower extracts that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing and softening skin.
coconut oil: a natural oil that delivers intense moisture and is known for its conditioning properties

Product performance: Send those bags packing with these powerful rescue patches infused with the proprietary Rainforest of the Sea™ antioxidant complex. With each refreshing, single-use application, these gentle, restorative pads soothe and hydrate the delicate undereye area, while fighting the look of puffiness, dark circles and crow’s feet. With a smooth, contoured pad shape and stay-put, non-adhesive design, each flexible, hypoallergenic gel patch is water-infused to quench skin upon contact. They also feature a heat-activated technology to create a one-way delivery system for complete, concentrated absorption. Made up of gellified algae saturated with a coconut oil-infused serum, these treatment patches help smooth, firm and brighten the undereye area to reduce the appearance of dullness and fine lines. You can also use them to fake awake when traveling to keep you wide-eyed and radiant from business to pleasure."

The box is shaped like a suitcase and is so adorable. There are 4 sets of treatment pads per each $22 box. I use these once a week and leave them on from 20 minutes up to an hour. The box said the patches are single use, but there is so much treatment juice in each package, I cut open and apply them very carefully and get 2 treatments out of each set. This gives me 8 uses per box, instead of 4.

These are absolutely incredible. I never regularly used an eye treatment, besides twice daily eye cream, before these. Why on earth did I not!? My dark circles are super dark thanks to genetics and every since my big birthday last January more lines and prominent crows feet have been uninvited to my face's party.  They leave my undereye area brighter but after each use the crow's feet are nearly non-existent!! I never would have expected that. Sadly, the results don't last permanently and after a day or so the crow's feet come back, but I am hoping if I continue to use them over time, the ingredients inside them will stop those lines from getting too severe and worse. I will also use this treatment before an event or something where I know I will be in pictures. That new Rainforest of the Sea Complex tarte debuted this year truly is amazing for what it does to the skin. 

Overall, I am more than happy with these two tarte skincare items and they have been wonderful additions to my skincare regimen. 

I also want to add in, while I am talking about tarte skincare...I bought my first bottle of the Deep Dive Cleansing Gel back when it debuted in February. I have been using one to two pumps every single night and I just now, in September, am emptying that bottle!!!!! I am crazy about that cleansing gel, too.

Also speaking of tarte, their holiday theme this year is so cute!! Very 60s Mod-esque! I haven't been able to pick anything up yet, but my eyes are on some of their sets

In case you missed it, a couple months ago I did a post my detailed skincare regimen here.

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