BeautyCon NYC 2016 Thoughts and Haul

 October 1st, my best friend, Corrine, and I went to Beautycon NYC. Beautycon is a festival with lots of skincare, makeup and hair care vendors. Some vendors sell stuff at discounts, some give away freebies and some do demos. There are also bigger "Social Media Influencers" there but truthfully, we didn't have interest in that part. Read on for my recap and more!
I actually originally spent over 2 hours writing a super detailed blog post about the day, and for whatever reason, despite hitting SAVE, blogger didn't save it! Here is a shorter version review since I simply don't have it in me to retype it all.
There were several options for what kind of ticket you could buy. We got a package that included a generous swag bag as well as early entry into the venue. This was worth every single penny. We were allowed in 2 hours earlier than the general ticket holders. We actually went to most of what we wanted in those 2 hours which was good because after an hour or so of the general admission, it got so crowded you could barely move, and rude people were pushing and shoving and being really nasty (why???) We left not long after that (around 2pm_ because the lines got insanely long, plus both Corrine and I get anxiety in bad crowds. But still, it was so fun and worth it.
Here are some pictures from a few booths we went to...

Lime Crime has such pigmented products and cute packaging. I picked up a palette I've been wanting for a while and more. Their popcorn shaped shopping bag is the cutest ever.

what I bought from Lime Crime

The QVC booth of course was AMAZING! That booth alone gave out a very generous gift bag and then the brands inside gave us even more goodies!

 I was super excited to see Madam CJ Walker Beauty Culture is now part of QVC!! I've been a fan of this brand since they debuted a few months ago, and you can search my blog for some of my reviews. I'm thrilled they are a part of the Q. They were giving out a 2oz size of their Wonderful Treatment Masque customized with oils based on your hair! I already have and love the masque, so I was thrilled for more.

We spent some time talking to a rep from Julep. I thought they were all nails, but they have skincare and makeup to! By talking a selfie, we got to take home a full size of their lip mousse which I really am enjoying now!

Laura Geller's reps were also so sweet. They touched up my blush with "Tropic Hues" I love LG blushes, I have a draw full. They also gave us free full sizes blushes! How awesome!

Mally had a section but sadly, she herself was not there due to a TSV in the U.K. They did give us a free full size tube each of her More is More mascara, aka my holy grail mascara!!!

There was also a prize wheel where you could have won a variety of items. I wound up winning as Julep cleansing sponge which I gave to Corrine because she really wanted it and I have my Clarisonic.

 I was really excited to talk to Laura Geller and host Courtney Cason in person! Both women are so sweet, genuine and kind and it was lovely to be able to talk to them face to face. Laura got me super excited for her holiday line coming out!!
selfie with our Julep lippies
Laura Geller and I
Courtney Cason and I
qvc freebies
so excited about MCJW coming to the Q!!!

I loved the decorations at Soap & Glory's booth! I would love to use that wallpaper all over my house, but I don't think Tommie would appreciate it. They gave us free lip plumping gloss that I'm really liking! They also had a cool 3D photobooth but sadly the link where I e-mailed myself the picture from the booth did not work. I'm glad I decided to take a picture of the picture screen at least.
bath tub sofa!!!

Pacifica is a brand I really like and I was able to pick up a few products I've been eyeing at a nice discount!
bought these from Pacifica

We wanted to go into the Ricky's NYC booth, but even early on the line was very long because they had a 25% discount on all products. They do that discount on their website too so it wasn't worth waiting.

Flower Beauty is a brand I've been curious about. It's from Drew Barrymore and sold exclusively at Walmart. A lip butter was in our swag bags and then they gave us an eyeliner for signing up for their e-mail. They had pretty flower crowns also for us to wear in their Photo Booth! Later on in the day Drew Barrymore herself was actually there, but we just couldn't wait around in the chaos.
loved this perfume! they weren't selling anything or I would have bought it!!

100% Pure is another brand I've been curious about. They are a very natural brand and I'm excited to try everything! Their makeup is dyed with fruit pigment!! They brand was VERY generous with giveaways and discounts on their products. I spun a prize wheel and got a perfect "diane pink" lippie, we took a selfie for free face masks and I got a cute makeup bag with insanely soft brushes as a gift with my purchase!
glosses made with real crushed gems. wanted them all, only bought 1
i bought foundation, primer and gloss, lipstick, bag, brushes and mask were free!

Cute photo op at Carol's Daughter booth!
another cute photo op at Completely Bare
A lot of booths had such cute photo opportunies, which you probably know I'm all about! There was a few hair care brands like Garnier, L'Oreal and Redken who were actually doing hair but again, with time and crowds we didn't take advantage of it. It was waiting on the line for the Garnier Braid Bar when we ultimately decided to leave.

We stopped by a bunch more brands to look around and observe, and it was so cool to see the different vendors set up. Tarte was actually supposed to be there, and I was planning on getting some Tarte at nice discounts, but for some reason they weren't!

Loved these decorations hanging from the ceiling:

We wanted to visit NYX, but this was one of those booths where the line was just absolutely crazy all day. I loved their pink Statue of Liberty holding a lipstick though.

We got so much free stuff, it was incredible! I bought some things, of course,  but didn't go too overboard. Here I am with my haul all happy:

freebies from swag bag and booths, not including QVC above

everything I bought

We couldn't get a cab back to the ferry going home for anything. So we wound up walking along the East River over 2 miles from the venue to the ferry carrying all our stuff!!  The walking with heavy bags was not fun, but the view was so pretty. I've never been near the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridges before, so we stopped for pictures. We also took many stops along to walk to rest since my body aching from rain, standing and walking all day.

Overall, BeautyCon was really fun and for everything we got, definitely worth it. We want to go back next year, as long as we are able to buy an early entry ticket again. I will do some blog posts soon on the different things I bought and received that I love!

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<3 Diane


  1. Hi, Diane! So nice to find you again, after missing you on youtube! You look fantastic and it sounds like you scored at BeautyCon! Love Pacifica. Their fragrances are beautiful!
    Best wishes,

  2. Hi Nancy! Nice to hear from you =) Thanks so much for the kind words. Pacifica fragrances are wonderful I was excited they were on sale. Hope all is well with you.

  3. Hi Diane, My friend and I just attended 2017's event in Brooklyn and we bought the early entry ticket. I was wondering if you did indeed go. There were issues with entry and we didn't get in for 30 minutes! Did you experience any of that nonsense in 2016? (I know it was a different venue...)


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