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Two type of lip products I love: 1) Doll 10s and 2) shades of pink. So when Doll 10 recently released their Lip Rouge collection in shades of pinks and berry, and at a QVC One Day Only Price, meals would have been skipped for me to buy the set. But did it live up to my high expectations? Read on for more.

Search my blog under Doll 10 and you will find Doll 10 lippie reviews a plenty. Ms. Dalton (as in Doris, the Doll 10 founder) knows how to create a fantastic lip product. With most sets of three or four, there is usually one shade I don't personally care for and friends and family members secretly love when that does happen because no makeup shall go to waste. But it is so not the case with me for these!! I really enjoy all four shades. Of course, I have favorites and one in particular I want a backup of a backup of, but they are all cool toned, gloriously pink or berry-ish and downright amazing.

Here is what QVC says about them:
"Doll 10 Beauty's four-piece Lip Rouge Collection is the ultimate in luxury for your lips. Fall in love with the intensely pigmented, irresistibly creamy lipstick formula in four wearable, neutral shades.
Perfect for the on-the-go woman who doesn't have time for more than one swipe of lipstick, this long-wear formula deposits color to the lips in just one application, keeping color true. Plus, it's expertly color matched in wearable, neutral hues ideal for all skin tones and ages. One swipe, and the Lip Rouge formula leaves you with deep color while drenching your lips in intense moisture."

no flash pretty in pink, need a vacation, worth the wait, shop till you drop
flash pretty in pink, need a vacation, worth the wait, shop till you drop
Speaking of QVC, I have to say something. Now I love the Q and all, but the stock pictures they have on these lipsticks on their website are not a good representation of the actual colors! I saw the stock picture and thought, okay, those shades look kinda nice but it wasn't until the presentation did I realize how gorgeous the shades really were and the set went from a want to a NEED. Just had to point that out.

As far as the formula goes, it's so good. Traditional "bullet style" lippies are my favorite. They colors are SUPER pigmented. You only need one swipe on top lip, one on the bottom- so they will last a while. The color is pretty long wearing, not quite all day but for a few hours. The darker colors stay on longer through eating. They also are moisturizing, making my lips feel baby soft and even appear to be fuller! They glide on the lips like butter. I also like the magnetic snap closure so you know you closed your lipstick well.
no flash: pretty in pink, need a vacation, worth the wait, shop till you drop
flash: pretty in pink, need a vacation, worth the wait, shop till you drop

Pretty In Pink
"a cool toned pink shade"
LIP COLOR PERFECTION!!! Cool toned, light pink shades are my absolute favorites and seriously, this is just perfect. Not too light, not too neutral, only perfection. If I could stain my lips this color forever, I probably would. This is my favorite of the four and I want backups.

Need a Vacation
"a bright rose pink shade"
Such a gorgeous rosy pink shade! Blue undertones make my teeth look white. This is such a pretty, classic color and pairs well with a simple neutral eye.

Worth the Wait
"a mauve rose shade"
As close to a red lipstick as I would comfortable wear. It isn't straight up red though, it's a rosy berryish red with blue undertones and very pretty. It is bright, but not loud if that makes sense. This is going to be very pretty around Christmas time.

Shop Til You Drop
"a light plummy rose shade"
Similar to "Pretty in Pink" but is more of a light pinky/lavender than straight up pink. My second favorite. Every day wearable.

Overall, I am in love with these lippies but coming from Doll 10, that is no surprise. At time of writing this blog, they were still on for just a few more bucks than the ODO price.

Also, I'm beyond excited to see what Doll 10 Christmas sets pop up!!! But if you know a girl who loves her pink lipstick, you might want to consider getting this set for her. It would make an excellent gift!

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