Doll 10 Beauty Pro Eyeshadow Palette and Brush with 3 Looks

As soon as I saw teasers of the new Doll 10 Beauty Pro Eyeshadow palette on their Instagram, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! Then it debuted in Europe before the states, and I watched the presentations on, only making myself want it that much more. Finally, it's mine and I can't wait to talk about it. Read on for more.

The Doll 10 Pro Eyeshadow Palette and Brush are currently available on and here is what the site says about it:

"Doll 10 Beauty's Pro Eyeshadow Palette is the perfect mix of all the universally flattering shades you need to take you from day to night, no matter what the occasion. Get the wear of a cream shadow, with the ease and blendability of a powder, with these uniquely rich and textured shadows.

Enriched with highly pigmented particles to deliver deeply saturated shades in your favorite jewel tones, these shadows are perfect for anyone looking for richly pigmented, blendable, long-wear shadows in wearable shades that give you the ability to create multiple eye looks with one palette."

I have one other shadow palette from Doll 10 from a few years ago with six huge sized shadow pans. All the colors were beautiful, pigmented, blended nicely and were extremely long wearing. Happily, all of those qualities rolled over to this palette as well, with even more!

This eyeshadow formula feels like nothing else I've ever experienced. They feel a bit bouncy, super soft and buttery. The colors feel almost moisturizing, but have a powder finish with minimal fall out. Blending is effortless, and the shades all go very well together. I think I read somewhere on Doll 10's social media the formula is actually a gel! 

Color wise, I think overall the palette is more cool toned and there are so many neutral, wearable shades with a few hidden gems pops of color, also wearable. The palette has mostly matte with a few satin finishes and looks can easily be created for daytime and nighttime. The darker shades also work well as liner.

I've always worn the shadows over an eye primer, and they last all day without creasing, fading or smudging. One morning I was rushing and didn't use a primer underneath, and to my absolute delight the shadow still stayed on strong until I removed it at night! THAT'S IMPRESSIVE!
The double ended brush that comes with the palette is excellent too. There is a side for crease and a side for brow bone and/or lid and they are both the perfect size. I hate when eyeshadow brushes are too big and fluffy because I wind up making a mess. The cruelty free bristles are so soft and make applying eyeshadow very easy.

no flash

no flash

I'm not a makeup artist, nor do I claim to be. I'm just a normal girl who enjoys makeup. I've been reaching for this palette so often. It is perfect for something quick and easy to make myself look put together. If I'm rushing in the morning, I usually just put a color on brow bone and lid. If I have time I'll do a crease, liner and more details. Since most of my looks have been basic, I didn't take pictures of them every single day.

Here are some more detailed looks (detailed for me anyway) I've been enjoying using this palette:

Look #1
"Unforgettable" under brow bone
"Boho Chic" in crease
"On Trend" on lid
"Head Turning" as liner
"Doll Like" under lower lash line
lip color is "Shop Til You Drop" Lip Rough Lipstick also by Doll 10
Look #2
"Radiant" under brow bone
"One of a Kind" in crease
"Show Stopper" on lid
"Style Icon" as liner
"One of a Kind" under lower lash line
lip color is "Star Struck" HydraGel Lipstick by Doll 10
Look #3
"Unforgettable" under brow bone
"Doll Like" in crease
"Eye Candy" on lid
"The Glam Life" on outer V
"Head Turning" as liner
"Doll Like" under lower lash line
lip color is "Show Stopper" lip rouge lipstick by Doll 10

Overall I really like this palette and double ended brush. Cool toned, neutral shadows that wear all day- this one is a must in any makeup collection!

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