Hair of the Day: Days 1 and 2 featuring DevaCurl, Ouidad, Tweak-d and Pacifica

It's been a minute since I did an actual "Hair of the Day" post so here I have two days for you! As my hair (finally) grows longer, I am finding that I can easily stretch my hair up to day 4 if need be, and that's with working out! I used a mix of DevaCurl and Ouidad and of course Tweak-d for Day 1 and Pacifica for Day 2! Continue reading for more.

My hairline is still driving me nuts, it probably will forever. It's just so much puffier and frizzier than the rest of my head. My hair stylist says he thinks it's because there is still bleach damage on the ends and once I cut that all off it should be okay. Here's hoping.

What I used for Day 1:
  • Pre Shampoo Treatment: Tweak-d Restore
  • Cleanser: DevaCurl Delight Low-Poo
  • Conditioner: Ouidad Curl Recovery Melt Down Masque. (left in a half hour)
  • Stylers: DevaCurl Delight One Condition (as a leave in), DevaCurl Wave Maker, Ouidad Mongongo Oil
I always feel people are so heavily on Team Ouidad or Team DevaCurl. As a product junkie, and someone who has used both brands for years- I really love both product lines! I also like and appreciate both brand's approaches to curly hair.

I applied the One Condition Delight to soaking wet hair before leaving the shower, especially concentrating on the hairline and ends. Then with the Wave Maker and Mongongo Oil, I applied section by section raking it through and scrunching at the ends. Then I had it plopped in a Curly Tee for 10 minutes. I did a loose two strand twist on my hairline pieces before air drying.

Wave Maker is so incredible! I really love the definition and texture it adds to my hair, plus the smell. Every time I reach for this styler i get consistently great results. It's become Holy Grail status and I hope DevaCurl makes a super size. I still haven't tried it by itself with no oil to seal, because sealing my hair with an oil always does add more shine and frizz control.
The Hot Pink Lip Color in these pictures is Jouer Lip Creme in shade Fruit de la Passion.

Day 2
The other good thing about using the DevaCurl Delight and Wave Maker is I notice I barely have to do anything with my second day hair! The definition was still there, I just took a little bit of Pacifica Best Day Ever Extend Balm mixed with 2 pumps of the Pacifica Native Flower Nourishing Hair Oil and gently scrunched them into my ends then smoothed on top of my hair. They helped to add moisture to my ends and smooth a little frizz that popped up overnight. I will have a blog post on some of the Pacifica Hair Products real soon, they are natural and silicone free and so far I've been pretty pleased with them!

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