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I've been using the new Josie Maran Surreal Skin Argan Finishing Balm for about two months now! This is a newer product to Josie Maran's Argan Oil infused cosmetics line that is described as "an anti-aging finisher and primer in one" Read on more for my thoughts.

All you need is the tiniest amount of this product to cover your whole face and neck. You need so little in fact, I actually went to Sephora to ask for a sample a while ago and the super sweet girl made a few sample jars for me, and that's what I've been using!! I can't believe they've lasted me this long. I do plan on getting the full size when I run out and the VIB 20% holiday coupon is in effect.

Here is what says about the product:

"A skin care and makeup hybrid to create a smooth, radiant complexion. Solutions for dryness,  dullness, uneven texture and pores. The first ever antiaging skin care finisher and makeup primer in one. This creamy, whipped, lightweight formula finishes both your skin care and makeup routine for a smooth, long-lasting, radiant glow. Makeup glides on seamlessly while the subtle glow awakens the complexion and softly sculpts the face with luminous light. It’s formulated with natural antiaging powerhouse ingredients that instantly hydrate, plump, and smooth for beautiful, smooth skin."

I really love a lot of Josie Maran's Argan Oil products, however I did have concerns about this product because as someone with combination, shine prone skin anything that promises "a glow" usually leaves me looking way too greasy. Luckily, this didn't.
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I tried it as a finisher, much in the way I use my Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender, and sadly, using it this way didn't work out for me. Though it did leave a pretty, airbrush looking finish, it actually caused my makeup to fade faster than usual. Again, this could be due to my skin type.

I also tried it, and am still using it as a first primer (more on that in a minute), and this way it works out quite well! I like that it does add a natural glow, not too much, and helps fill in my pores and smooth my face in for makeup application. I also like that this is a way for me to get the benefits of Argan Oil during the day, because even the light version of the pure argan oil is too much for my skin lately under makeup. I mentioned first primer because after I use this, I do go in with a mattifying primer on top in areas where I really get shiny such as my forehead. It is also important to note when I apply this, I like to gently tab it into my skin, as opposed to rubbing it back and forth. 

Using this as a primer, my makeup does seem to last all day. I think it also helped even out the tone to my skin as well. Worn alone before even applying makeup, I'm left with a soft focused, better version of my skin.
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Something else I notice while using this, and it was someone on social media who pointed it out and made me realize (I'm terrible and forgot where exactly I saw it) But I have a foundation I reach for, Urban Decay All Nighter (I should blog about it actually) and it usually oxidizes and gets darker during the day. I can't explain how or why it works, but using this under that foundation somehow stops the oxidation! I know, it's crazy!!

Since there are so many different ways to use this product, definitely give it a try! You can always go to Sephora for a sample like I did before committing to buying a full size.

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