My Engagement Party Hair, Makeup and Beauty Details!

My fiancé, Tommie, and I got engaged back in July. This past Sunday, we had our Engagement Party and it was wonderful! Knowing this was going to be one of the greatest days for us, of course it was important for me to try and look my best. Read on for all the details of what I did for my hair, skin, makeup and body for the event!

I'll quickly touch up upon the body aspect first since I don't often blog about my health/weallness/fitness etc. I just made sure to eat extra clean (no junk) up to a month leading in, made a point not to miss a single work out no matter how tired I was, drank more water than I already do to flush out my system (probably over a gallon daily) and and then my cousin sent me those body wraps from ItWorks that he sells. I've always seen them on social media and was super skeptical. I'm not going to lie and say they were miraculous or anything, but I did use them on my stomach and arms the week before the party and think my arms did look a bit better than usual. So maybe along with all the other things I was incorporating, they did help a bit.
sign made by me =)
cupcake ring made by my niece and one sister in law!
Since I already take very good care of my skin, I didn't do anything extreme. I already have a daily skin care regimen I am happy with, use face masks twice a week and once a week use the PMD Personal Microderm prior. I also use my Clarisonic to wash my face every night. Because I have very temperamental, acne prone skin, I just crossed my fingers and hoped I didn't break out badly and luckily, I didn't! I used the Tarte Skincare Undereye Treatment Pads the night before and left them on for about a half hour. I would have liked to go get a facial the week before, but unfortunately I just was not able to. One thing different I did do the week before is spend extra time with my NuFace Facial Toning Device. I already use it quite often as is, I just used it even longer to really try and get my face looking as toned as possible, especially my jawline and cheeks.

I wanted to wear false lashes but I was so anxious and nervous the morning of my party, I couldn't stop shaking and I attempted them but failed miserably. Luckily, the combination of Tarte's Lash Primer and Mally's More is More Mascara makes my lashes look nearly fake on their own. I curled my lashes before applying.

Here is the breakdown of all the makeup I wore:

  • Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Neutralizing Primer (blog on this soon!)
  • Sephora Collection Color Correctors in Pink (under eyes) and Green (on cheeks and chin)
  • Doll 10 Beauty HydraGel Foundation in shade LIGHT (applied with Doll10 BlendSmart Brush)
  • Tarte Cosmetics BB UndereEye Corrector in shade LIGHT-MEDIUM
  • Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer in LIGHT mixed with Mally Beauty See the Light Concealer in LIGHT
  • Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Undereye Brightener
  • Tarte Cosmetics Slenderizing Contour Stick
  • Doll 10 Cheek to Chic Blush & Contour Palette (blush in DOLLED UP, contour shade SCULPTED)
  • Mally Beauty Liquid Face Defender in shade LIGHT
  • Mally Beauty Evercolor Powerless Face Defender (yes i use both face defenders for special occasions. shout out to my friend Chris Cashe for that awesome tip!!!)
on the eyes (not all of those shadows)
  • Jouer Cosmetics Long Wear Eye-Brightening Primer
  • Tarte Cosmetics Multiply Lash Primer (this has been discontinued but their new one is good too)
  • Mally Beauty More is More Mascara
  • Doll 10 Beauty Aqua Gel Eyeliner in shade NOIR (upper waterline)
  • Tarte Cosmetics Inner Rim Brightener (lower waterline)
  • Mally Beauty Believable Brows in shade TAUPE
  • Tarte Cosmetics Paint Palette Ulta Set- used several shades for shadows and liner

I had a few lipsticks in my bag and reached for various shades anytime I felt the need to reapply color. I did not wear all of these at once. The lippies included:
  • Doll 10 Beauty Lip Rough Lipstick in PRETTY IN PINK
  • Doll 10 Beauty Lip Genius Lipstick in STYLIN'
  • Mally Beauty H3 Lipgloss in PINK DAISY
  • Mally Beauty Lipstick in LOVE AFFAIR
  • Younique Lipstick in SITTING PRETTY

I saved the hair for last because I figured it would be the most detailed.
I made an appointment the day before to go see Jason at the Ouidad Salon in NYC so my hair would look it's absolutely best. I couldn't go the same day since the salon is in Manhattan, my party was in Central Jersey and timing would not have worked out well. Mother Nature decided to not be on my side that day. It was cold, raining and windy and sadly this did effect my hair some with commuting. My hair looked absolutely amazing when I left the Ouidad Salon but by the time I got home, after being in the elements even with a hoodie and covering my hair, it was still a bit frizzy. I was able to recover it the next morning.
Jason making my hair pretty
So in the salon I told Jason I wanted my hair to have my natural curly waves at the ends and be a bit straighter on top. I showed him a picture of myself from 2011 when I actually went to the Ouidad Salon to a stylist who is no longer there and she styled me similarly for my college graduation pictures so he would have an idea.

Jason worked his magic, using the rake and shake technique and then gently combing the top with the blow dryer to get it a bit straighter. He clipped my hair as you can see in pictures while I was under the hood drier so it would dry straighter. 

The following Ouidad products were used on me at the salon:
Cleanser: Nourishing Cleansing Oil
Conditioner: Triple Treat Deep Treatment (left on a while)
Stylers: Curl Immersion Setting Creme, Hi Defining Custard for rake and shake. Towards the end I believe he also used some Mongongo Oil (because I LOVE it!) as well as the Flexible Hold Hairspray and Pomade.
in the salon before leaving
in the salon before leaving
I went to bed on my satin pillowcase as usual. He assured me the top would stay straight since he blow dried it and he was right. When I woke up to touch up my style, my biggest concern was addressing the frizz due to rain. I went in section by section using the Madam CJ Walker Curl Refresher Mist, followed by a mix of the tiniest amount of Ouidad's Shine Serum mixed with their Pomade for each section. I gentle pressed my hands in a  clapping motion down each section. I clipped my hairline back with Ricky's NYC creaseless clips while I did my makeup. There was one section, part of my stubborn hairline I didn't like the shape of the curl and I did hit it with a flat iron. I don't normally do that but for special occasion, it's fine.
products i used to refresh on party day

My hair that got styled on Saturday lasted me until Wednesday before needing a washing!

My dress is Lilly pulitzer, of course. It is a couple of years old so I scored a great deal on it! The tag said $298 and I paid $75 on eBay from a seller with 100% on one that was new with tags!! My sandals are from Aerosoles. They are a few years old. I didn't care if it's the end of October, it was my party and I wanted to wear sandals! 

That is what I did to look my best for my Engagement Party! The day really was great. I kept getting happily overwhelmed to see all these people we love in one room, all there because of Tommie and I. Some family and friends flew in from other states for the party!!

We're actually going to take our official "Engagement Photoshoot" in the Spring, when the weather is warm so we can be on the beach! No date is set for the wedding yet, I want to get a secure career and ideally we'd like a house first.

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<3 Diane

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