Tweak-d Self Cleansing Hair Treatment: Watch HSN Next Week!!

Tweak-d is such a unique hair care brand. I've been using them for over a year and a half now and truly believe they assist in the health of my hair. If you've been wanting to try Tweak-d, or if you like it and want to stock up, next week is going to be the perfect time to do so!! Read on for more.
You're going to want to tune in the following days for some fantastic Tweak-d deals that I can't quite spill the beans on just yet. But trust me, it'll be worth it!!

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Tweak-d has great styling products which I've talked about, but I just want to recap on their Self Cleansing Hair Treatments. They are available in several formulas based on your needs, with some selections exclusive to certain times of the year. Unless I am specifically reviewing new products for the blog, I always use one of these as a pre poo treatment!! There's one one non tweak-d pre poo treatment I reach for in my product junkie stash.

So what exactly is this stuff?
From "Our 5 in 1 Self Cleansing Hair Treatments were developed to offer consumers the opportunity to use an intense hair treatment, shampoo, conditioner, detangler, and shine enhancing product all in one step. It is a multi-tasking, No Fuss system that saves you time, effort and money."

I use the self cleansing treatments several ways. As a product junkie, sometimes I do mix and match them with others, but when I do use Tweak-d all alone, I get great results.
My favorite way to use them are as pre-poo treatments either overnight, all day or even just for 20 minutes if that's all the time I have. I actually have the Restore treatment in my hair as I type this, as I'll be washing my hair when I get home tonight, so it's been getting a nice treatment all day.

Applying the Tweak-d Cleansing Treatments on DRY hair is important, the hair better absorbs their ingredients this way.

After I leave it on dry hair a while, I'll get in the shower and either use it as directed, rinsing and adding more Tweak-d, or going to play with other items. I then style as usual.

I've also used Tweak-d as a leave in conditioner and that was a great success.

I really like the fact this is a treatment product, especially on days like tonight when I'm forced to wash my hair so late in the day and I really do not want to leave on a deep conditioner after cleansing for any amount of extra time. The pre shampoo treatment part of that is super fantastic for these situations!

My favorite benefits of the self cleansing hair treatments are that they help to moisture my hair, combat frizz, add shine and leave my waves more manageable and feeling soft. I actually began using the Restore Treatment right after my huge hair disaster in early 2015, and I feel it's been helping my virgin hair grow in so healthy. (if you don't know about that disaster, you can search my blog beginning about February 2015 for the deets)

Here are some reviews of all the different formulas I use and alternate. Sometimes, if I feel like playing "bathroom chemist" I will mix some together!

Tribal Chocolate
I'm sorry, this isn't currently available on HSN, but keep your eyes peeled for the return because this formula is AMAZING! Probably my favorite if I really had to pick. Great for all hair textures, but especially super dry, damaged and aging. I love that is smells like chocolate so much I even sometimes use it as hand cream! No matter what other brands I play with when I use this, this is like insurance that my hair turns out it's best. I find this formula is be nice and moisturizing. The antioxidants in the formula help my hair get healthy and out of all the formulas, I notice the most enhanced wave definition when I use this one. (side note: I also notice a lot of definition with Restore and Ultra Nourishing as well)

In the meantime while you wait for the Tribal Chocolate Self Cleansing Treatment to return, there is also a face and body butter that is SO GOOD you will want to hoard it!! Now that this is finally available in the USA (our lucky Canadian friends got this on The Shopping Channel before) I am going to dedicate a whole post to it soon.

The Restore just got a makeover on the outside, but don't worry the amazing formula remains the same!! Also new is the addition of scent selection: we now have Vanilla Amber, Vanilla Fresh Cream and Vanilla Citrus!
This is the first formula I tried and it truly did help to restore my hair! This formula is for any chemical treated, damaged hair that really needs restoration (hence the appropriate name) I noticed once I started using it at least once weekly (in the beginning I alternated this and the Ultra Nourishing) I began to have SIGNIFICANTLY less hair breakage!! Aside from helping to repair hair damage already done, this one also aids in preventing future damage as well! I also use this one or Peaches & Cream when I go to the beach (which I didn't get to do nearly as much as I wanted this year) to protect my hair from the sun and outside elements!

Above the Clouds
This formula contains dhatelo oil, chiuri butter from Nepal, Vitamins A and E, sea buckthorn oil, organic lemon peel, bamboo water, proteins and amino acid as well as rhododendron antopogon essential oil from the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, a sacred fragrance known for its calming effects. The scent is so unique and a bit hard for me to describe. It's light and powdery, but there is also so much more to it. Out of all the Self Cleansing Treatments, this one is the most clarifying. I tend to reach for this when I am actually going to use Tweak-d as both a pre-poo treatment and a cleanser in the shower after. It cleanses my hair well but isn't the most moisturizing for me, so I like to follow it up with either another formula or conditioner.
Peaches and Cream
If you hate the smell of artificial Peach scented anything, good news- it does not smell like that. This is a peach scent done right, smelling so accurately like the dessert (but please don't try to eat your hair) This formula is especially good for extra frizz, flyaway control and to help hair tackle humidity. It contains Hawaiian Kukui oil and a blend of exotic extracts, oils, milk-based proteins and an amino acid complex to add strength and shine to the hair. As mentioned earlier, this is one I like to bring to the beach with me in the Summer. Better than using this alone, on one of their HSN showings, it was said to try mixing this with the Restore. Since I heard that and tried it once, that's the way I'll use this treatment because I find the mix of the two works better for my hair (damage and double frizz control) than just using the Peaches and Cream alone. This one (along with the Rise and Shine which I don't own because it's not for my hair and when I tried it, it wasn't the best for me) are more ideal if you want moisture without your hair being too weighed down.
Ultra Nourishing
This is in a foam instead of a cream and a little goes far. Even when I was generously using it once a week or so, the can lasted me a good 6 months! If you have dry hair begging for moisture, like your hair can't ever drink up enough conditioner, than this one is for you. This formula smells so good. A unique florally, woodsy, gourmand scent I wish would be released as an EDP! Actually to be honest, all the Tweak-d products really smell good to me. I reach for this one lots in the Winter when the air outside is so cold and bitter and then inside is super dry, forced heat. There are tons of unique beneficial ingredients in this formula including exotic chuiri butter, rich in Vitamins A and E and polyunsaturated fatty acids, from the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, macadamia, kukui nut, crambe abyssinica seed, argan, coconut and grape seed oils, illipe seed, tucuma seed, marfura and shea butters and extracts of stevia, kakadu plum fruit, kigelia fruit, pomegranate, acai berry, red tea leaf, goji berry fruit, kumerahou, soapwort root and horse chestnut!

The Tweak-d Self Cleansing Hair Treatments also have heat protection and can help preserve color retention in your hair!

Overall, I've had great success with multiple Tweak-d Self Cleansing Treatment formulas and simply can't recommend them enough! I also LOVE when things are on sale or discount so next week on HSN will be a great time to really get the most tweak-d for your buck!! ;)

Don't miss the Tweak-d specials on HSN next week!

My apologies I don't have pictures of me in this post! I actually started a new job this week, and I've been so exhausted I've been throwing my hair back every day, hence why I need to wash it so late tonight. The job is nice, it's a temp position in the meantime while I continue to search for a dream job in the beauty industry! ;) But due to the time sensitivity of this specific post, I wanted to get it up sooner rather than later so you don't miss the sales!

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