2 Hair of the Days: Product Mix and First Use of DevaFuser Dryer!

I have two different Day 1 "Hair of the Days" here! Both times I mixed a bunch of different brands for fun and wound up with great hair! Last week, I also tried the DevaCurl DevaFuser and DevaDryer for the first time, too! Continue reading for more details and pictures!


I was going to blog about this late last week, but my dad had a sudden burst of intense back and leg pain and my priority was taking care of him! I recently mentioned in a NaturallyCurly.com article how the original DevaFuser was a hair tool I couldn't be without, even though I don't diffuse my hair too often. Last week, the newer DevaFuser AND dryer showed up at my door and I actually started to cry some tears of happiness (thank you so much again DevaCurl!!!) I am going to have a full blown, detailed blog post on it once I use it a bunch, but I'm so excited I had to start now. Basically, the DevaFuser and Dryer combo is supposed to help dry your hair faster and frizz free thanks to ionic technology and the unique hand shaped diffuser that provides air flow around 360 degrees.
So I don't diffuse a lot at all, I do prefer to air dry. But since my hair takes hours to air dry AND it's getting so cold out, I diffuse more in the Winter. While diffusing still took a bit of time (after I let my hair air dry a couple hours), I do feel it was a bit quicker than my other dryer. I also had a lot less frizz and unwanted pouf using this dryer/diffuser combo than usual and it defined my hair so beautifully!! I think it brought me from 2C way into the 3A category!
Prior to diffusing, here is everything I used:
  • Pre Poo: Tweak-d Restore Self Cleansing Treatment
  • Cleanser: Hair Rules Cleansing Cream
  • Conditioner: Ouidad Vital Curls Conditioner/DevaCurl One Condition mix (rinsed out)
  • Styling: DevaCurl One Condition (as leave in), Ouidad Tress Effects Gel, Original Moxie Happy Endings Shine & Repair Serum

I applied products the way I normally do- leave in conditioner on soaking wet hair then styling products section by section, raking through and scrunching at the ends before plopping in my curly tee or curl ease towel while doing my skin care and hair care regimen.
Before diffusing, I used the Living Proof Restore Instant Protection Spray to protect my hair from the heat and sprayed it pretty generously, especially on my ends. I did not clip my hair line back at all!
 no flash
no flash
picture with flash

picture with flash

A little while after I diffused, I went to add a bit more oil in my hair to calm it down a bit and bring more shine. I was a bit heavy handed as usual which you can kind of see in the below pictures. I used Maui Moisture Vanilla Bean Dry Oil, which smells incredible and is silicone free! (from Ulta) I'm so bad at adding in too much product! Ooopps.
these pictures were taken in a different room, different time of day so lighting is a lot  different


That other hair of the day was on a Wednesday and this was the next wash after, Saturday. So that wash and go lasted me 4 days! Part of me wanted to play with the new dryer/diffuser again, but I am going to keep heat styling down to once a week. This is strictly air dried.
Here is what I used:
  • Pre-Poo: Tweak-d Ultra Nourishing Self Cleansing Treatment
  • Cleanser: SheaMoisture Peace Rose Oil Shampoo
  • Conditioner: Original Moxie Intense Quench Deep Conditioner with a little SheaMoisture Peace Rose Oil Conditioner
  • Styling: DevaCurl One Condition, DevaCurl Wave Maker, Ouidad Tress Effects Gel, Ouidad Mongongo Oil
I applied product the same way I normally do after shower (see above) and didn't clip my hairline back again! I'm getting so much better at not clipping it, even though sometimes it really misbehaves.

When my hair was about 70% dry, I went in with DevaCurl's Shine Spray. This product is a gem and sadly the Deva team told me at the Sample Sale a few weeks ago it is being discontinued. If you like shine, but need something lightweight that will not way your hair down, get this while it is still around!

These pictures were actually taken around 10pm, after I was out in the wind even! incredible!

I'm so obsessed with the DevaCurl Wave Maker Cream!! It really helps to enhance and define my hair like nothing else and I can use it alone, or like here layered under a gel and oil! My fiance even commented how "extra curly" my hair looked that day without me saying anything!! It is seriously one of my favorite styling products EVER!!!

Those are two hair of the days! It's interesting how the right styling products and application methods can really change and enhance my curl pattern so much! What is also fascinating is how from day 1 to day 4, my hair pattern changes and gets looser and looser, almost to 2B from 3A. The joys of wavy hair.

*DevaFuser & Dryer sent to me complimentary from DevaCurl. I'm under no obligation to talk about it and get no money from them, or any brand for doing so. Not sponsored or endorsed. All thoughts are my own honest options, as always.

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