Curly Curly Waves: Day 1 and 3 Hair of the Day

So Monday, I woke up and felt fine. After I worked out, I decided to use the Ouidad Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy, since I said I wanted to use it twice a month now that it is practically Winter. Using the treatment and a mix of Ouidad and DevaCurl products produced incredible results. Read on for more.

I used the treatment with heat, styled my hair and let it air dry. I've been talking about this treatment a lot so I won't bore you with repeated info about it, but search the ouidad tag on my blog for more. Anyway, as the day went on, I started to have a fibromyalgia flare up and I've not felt super great for a couple of days now. I blame the gross cold, rainy weather outside. But anyway, as a result of pain I didn't take as many pictures as I would have, but still managed to snap a few because I just couldn't get over the definition in my hair!!

Here is everything I used:

  • Pre-Poo Treatment: Tweak-d Above the Clouds Self Cleansing Hair Treatment
  • Cleanser: Ouidad Superfruit Renewal Clarifying Shampoo
  • Conditioner: Ouidad Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy with heat and then Curl Immersion Triple Treat Deep Condition on top to cool
  • Styling: DevaCurl One Condition (as leave in), Wave Maker, Ouidad Tress Effects Gel, Mongongo Oil

I applied styling products section by section, raking them through then scrunching. I plopped in my Curl Ease towel while doing my skin and body care regimen. I did not clip my hairline back. I air dried and decided for fun once my hair was dry to play around a little with my part. It worked on my hair but my forehead looks gigantic so it is not a keeper style.

I used up the bottle of the Ouidad Tress Effects Gel so I'll be playing around with a different gel next time. I feel so accomplished when I use hair products all up!
I've noticed that adding Wave Maker to any styling routine really turns my waves into curls! This product has been such a wonder for me. I know I keep blabbing about it, but it's only because I'm THAT impressed. Add in the fact the protein treatment helps restore the bounce to my curl, it was sad I didn't go out at all that day.

You can see in these pictures however, my hairline is still damaged. It is just not as healthy as the rest of my hair; probably from the years of using color and softening (low relaxer) on it! Even though I haven't colored my hair since February 2015 and haven't softened it since 2010ish, I guess it is going to take more time to heal.

I also wanted to show that the day 1 hair was Monday. Today is Wednesday and since I've just been in my house all week, my hair has been clipped half back to keep it off my face. I didn't do much to it at all besides apply a little (ok maybe a lot) Pacifica Native Flower Oil this morning just to give it some extra nutrients. The way my hair is, my curls stretch out longer and longer day by day, especially when clipping back so I wanted to show that.
Well that's it for now. My plan is to clip it back again tomorrow and then wash on Friday for the weekend.

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<3 Diane


  1. Hi! I love all your tips, please keep the good work as it's so inspiring.
    I have a question about DevaCurl Wave maker: I know you love it, but I'm not impressed when I apply it on my wavy hair (it leaves my hair sort of tacky), and I'm wondering how you apply it exactly (how much? on dry, wet or damp hair? anything really!). I think I might overdoing it or not applying it the best way possible. Thanks for your input!

  2. i use it after showering on wet hair after my leave in. the amount varies based on length, dryness, porosity, etc so play around with the amount. if you think you are using too much, try using less. you're welcome!


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