Current Favorite Silicone Free Hair Oils

Hair Oils and Serums are such an important part of my naturally curly hair regimen. I use them in multiple ways and they make such a difference on the overall look of my hair. I do have some favorites and they are all silicone free! Read on for more.

How I Use Oils:
1) to seal wet hair. I swear by the 3 step post shower regimen of a leave in, styling product (cream or gel) then oil to seal. The oil helps to seal in the moisture from the previously applied products, as well as add shine, tame frizz and expanding pouf. I use about a nickel size amount of oil per 2 sections (out of 7 sections total) when styling my hair wet.

2) adding them into deep conditioners for additional benefits and treatment.

3) as pre poo treatment. Saturating my hair in oil any time from 10 minutes to over night before cleansing and washing my hair.

4) on dry hair. the important thing with oils and dry hair is that a little goes so far and it can be overdone very easily.

Current Favorites
in random order...

Ouidad Mongongo Oil
You can read my detailed blog post here. This oil is high in omegas and Vitamin E and is truly fantastic. Aside from the sweet smell, it's lightweight and does such a nice job at adding shine, helping frizz, and leaving my hair so soft. Plus, it has UV and heat protection!

DevaCurl MirrorCurls Serum
This stuff is small but mighty and packs a powerful punch. MirrorCurls is pretty much a synonym for SHINE. On wet hair to seal or dry hair, it really adds significant shine to my super dry, thirsty mane. It also really helps to add a little weight to my hair, without being greasy, to help the pouf I can't stand. It helps benefit the hair with sunflower seed and rosemary extracts. Out of all the oils I mention, think one is the easiest to overdo so applying less is the way and go, you can always add more if needed. Most of the time, I need less than a full pump for my entire head!

Pacifica Flower Oil Hair Hydration
I picked this up a couple weeks ago at BeautyCon and it is so good. It smells like sweet floral and the scent is pretty addicting. It contains sunflower oil and fatty acids to treat the hair. I really notice a difference in frizz, especially on my damaged ends when I use this. It really does a nice job to smooth my curls. This is another oil that helps me with pouf. I usually don't wash my hands after I use this one, I like the massage the excess into my cuticles. Bonus points that the bottle is super pretty.

Briogeo Rosarco Oil
I had a bottle of this, used it all up and as I tried to work through my stash, didn't repurchase right away. Recently, I did get a bottle with a curlbox deal and I can't believe I let myself go so long with out it! Rosarco stands for Rosehip, Argan and Coconut oils, all which are inside. This oil smells fresh and delicious and is especially good at making my damaged ends look better. It also has UV protection.
SheaMoisture High Porosity Moisture-Seal Finishing Elixir
This blend features Mongongo and Hemp oils, as well as Baobab Protein and Apple Cider Vinegar. This is the only oil blend on my list where I actually don't care for the scent. I don't even know how to pinpoint it, I'm just not fond of it. Nonetheless, This oil makes a nice difference in the amount of frizz and dryness my hair has. My damaged ends feel significantly less brittle when I use this and also helps smooth my hair, leaving it more manageable.

Coconut Oil
My hair loves pure coconut oil. I use it more in the warmer months than colder, because it can be a pain to de-solidify. I usually try to sleep with this one overnight, though even with a towel over my pillow it can get messy. Consistently using coconut oil as a treatment helps my hair get stronger and aids to preventing protein loss.

When making my list, I realized there are a few ingredients in at least more than one product. These include mongongo oil, coconut oil, argan oil, vitamin e and sunflower.

Those are some favorite silicone free hair oils I am currently really enjoying!

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