DevaCurl Celebrate Curly Holiday Kits! and DevaScarf Styling

Tis the season! Whether you are looking to give a gift to a curly wavy girl, or want a nice "to me, from me" gift that will save you upwards of $30, you need to check out Devacurl's For All Curl Kind Celebrate kits! There are three different options and all of them come with this beautiful scarf that I will show you how I like to wear. For that, and my review of the Curly kit, continue on reading.

To start, each kit is $40, but saves you more than $30 and here are your choices:

Celebrate Wavy
-includes full size Low-Poo Delight, One Condition Delight, 3oz Wave Maker
gives you effortless, frizz-free waves and consistent definition

Celebrate Curly
-includes full size of the OG No-Poo, One Condition and 3oz Styling Cream
delivers essential moisture and defines your curls with the best selling products for any curly routine

Celebrate Super Curly
-includes full size of No-Poo Decadence, One Condition Decadence and 3oz Super Cream
provides ultra moisture for super curly hair with the perfect products for softness and manageability

And as I mentioned earlier, each one comes with the same super awesome, exclusive scarf! (seriously I'm obsessed with it)

I originally was thinking of the Celebrate Wavy kit for myself since I am in love with Wave Maker and have been enjoying the Delight range. However, I received the Celebrate Curly kit and I'm so thrilled since I haven't used the OG No-Poo in years (product junkie anonymous anyone?) and with cold, dry Winter coming, I could certainly use the extra moisture.

Lately I feel my hair has been leaning closer to closer to type "3A" than "2C" if you follow that curl typing system. My hairline is definitely more curly than wavy and I've been getting better at not clipping it. The other reasons I suspect the change is because I've been frantically self trimming damaged, chemical ends and also as my hair grows longer, it gets curlier. That last part doesn't make much sense, but that's how my hair has been my whole life.


So back to the kit. To style this day 1 hair I first went in with the No-Poo Original. This has zero lather, but does contain peppermint and grapeseed oil to clean the scalp and stimulate the hair follicles. I really enjoyed it way more then I remember. My plan for colder months will be to rotate this with the Low-Poo Delight for the extra hydration. After massaging it in for a couple minutes, I rinsed thoroughly and my hair felt refreshed, but not overly dry.

After cleansing I gently squeezed out the excess water and I used One Condition Original. I really saturated my hair; I had to use at least 2oz worth and pushed it into the length of my hair for maximum absorption. I then gently splashed a little water to rinse near my roots but left most of it in as my leave in conditioner. The One Conditioners (both this one and the Delight) make such nice leave ins, really aiding to enhance my curl pattern and leave my hair soft.

Once out of the shower to style I used the Styling Cream that came in the set with some DevaCurl B'leave In and an oil blend on top. I applied the products in small sections, raking them through then scrunching, followed by plopping in my curly tee while doing my skin and body care regimen. I then air dried without clipping my hairline back.

The Styling Cream is a great multi use product that I really like equally on both wet and dry hair. It contains jojoba and tapioca which help strengthen the hair and fight frizz.

B'leave In is a DevaCurl product I've been a fan of for years. It doesn't have hold like a gel, but when paired with the Styling Cream, magic happens. B'leave In is a protein styler, so it treats and repairs the hair while adding extra shine and definition combined with the moisturizing and anti-frizz properties of the cream.
Celebrate Wavy
If you are curious about the products in the Celebrate Wavy kit, check out my review of the Low-Poo Delight, One Condition Delight and Wave Maker here since those are what is in that kit. =)

I have also tried the SuperCream from the Super Curly kit before. I haven't tried the No-Poo Decadence or One Condition Decadence yet, but I kind of want to soon so I can really compare the three. Look for that in the future.

This scarf is wonderful for all hair types. The colors are gorgeous; I love the combination of blue and purple so much, those are actually our wedding colors (side note: we still didn't set a date, I need a full time job first! le sigh...) The scarf is also huge, making it easy to wear multiple ways.

DevaCurl already showed three examples of how to wear the scarf on their blog here, so I'm not going to repeat them. I'm just here to show you a few additional ways I enjoy wearing it!

I'm starting off with day 3 hair, which is why the curl pattern is a bit stretched and frizzier from the day 1 hair of the day above.
headband with hair down
on the ponytail
to neaten up a messy bun
to keep hair out of my face
to keep hair out of my face
Also, because of the generous oversizing, you can easily wrap your hair up in it to protect it at night if you don't have satin pillowcases like this:

The DevaCurl Holiday kits are available in several places including, Ulta and Sephora.

This blog is not sponsored or endorsed by Devacurl. I receive no monetary compensation, but I did receive the Celebrate Curly kit complimentary from the brand with no commitment to blog or promote it.

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