Hair of the Day with Ouidad Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy

It's that time of the month! (NO not that time!!) I just did my monthly Ouidad Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy with Heat. Every time I do this treatment, I have fantastic hair days, and know I am keeping my curls at their absolute best. Read on for more.

October was busy for me. I did do my treatment, but didn't blog about it (bad beauty blogger!) But if you'd like to read my post from when I used it in September which has good treatment details, check that out here.

When the weather was warmer, I was getting away with only doing the treatment once a month. In September I said I was going to start doing my treatment twice a month, but as I mentioned October was busy and that didn't happen. But now that the air is dry outside and I'll be surrounded by heaters, I really am going to up my treatment to twice a month, or every 2 weeks.

I knew I was past due and my hair my begging me for the heated deep treatment because I noticed it getting a bit frizzy, and my ends started to feel brittle and a bit out of control. I did recently self trim some of my ends while in between cuts (Next cut should be right after the New Year) but since there's still color on my ends, it just wasn't enough; they wanted their protein!
Here is what I used (all Ouidad today)
  • Cleanser: Superfruit Cream Clarifying Shampoo
  • Conditioner: Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy with heat, Curl Immersion Triple Treat Conditioner on top for a half hour before rinsing
  • Stylers: Vital Curls Conditioner as leave in,  Tress Effects Gel, Mongongo Oil

I applied the stylers section by section, using Ouidad's "Rake & Shake" technique as I normally do. I then plopped while doing my skin and body care regimen. I wanted to not clip back my hairline at all. It almost happened. The left side was driving me a bit nuts, so rather than using clips to completely manipulate it, I took a couple claw clips and strategically placed them as seen below, so I'd still have some curl, but a lot less wonkiness. I then air dried.
right after shower. didn't clip back yet
I had to use 3 claw clips to help tame the shape
The Ouidad treatment worked it's magic, like usual. I have nice, bouncy curl definition, my ends felt significantly better, and my hair looked and felt so silky with shine. Using this treatment regularly is such an important part in letting my hair be the best it can be and if you are not protein sensitive, I can't suggest it enough!! Just a reminder, you absolutely have to put something moisturizing on top of it (Ouidad or not) after applying the heat because the protein inside the treatment repairs the hair, but can leave it feeling stiff without adding moisture back.
I am really starting to like how my hairline is becoming with less manipulation and it having more of a wave to it! Practice and not clipping it back more often will only lead to it getting better (I hope)

If you read my blog regularly (thanks as always!) you may notice I always like to use a clarifying shampoo prior to this treatment. I do so to remove any product build up or pollution that may be sitting in my hair, so the treatment can truly penetrate down to the middle of the cortex with nothing in the way.

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