Josie Maran Peace, Love & Joy Argan Body & Fragrance Set

Recently, QVC had a Today's Special Value Set from Josie Maran Argan Oil Cosmetics that was far too good for me to pass up! I broke the "fragrance no buy" I am supposed to be on since Josie released her first Holistic Fragrance in this kit. The way I adore her body butter scents, there was no way I could pass on this. Read on for my review of the set. Actually sets since I wound up buying two of the three that were offered. (ooopps)

Here is what said about the kit:
"Experience a mind, body, and spirit transformation with Josie Maran's six-piece Argan Body & Fragrance Collection. Designed to empower all to live a beautiful life, Josie's eau de parfum, Holistic Fragrance, features scents and essences inspired by the earth. The formula awakens the senses as it nourishes skin with argan oil. For more argan love, dip into Josie's best-selling whipped argan oil body butter, press the argan oil into skin, and experience the buttery argan Lip Sting conditioner."

With this set, we got to pick a choice of fragrance between three scents:
Joy/Sweet Holly: eucalyptus, pine balsam, and cedar wood notes
Peace/Vanilla Wafer: green foliage, Lily of the Valley, vanilla, and rice milk notes
Love/Unscented: honey, orange blossom, vanilla, heliotrope, and petitgrain notes

The kit also included an 8-fl oz and 2-fl oz Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter, 1.7-fl oz and .5-fl oz 100% Pure Argan Oil, and a new Argan Lip Sting Butter in Honey.
The body butters in the kit matched whatever fragrance you selected EXCEPT if you went with the "Love/Unscented" choice, the body butters are unscented. I pre ordered "Love/Unscented" when I received the e-mail a few days before. Once TSV day came, and I began watching the presentations and listening to Josie describe the scents, thanks to QVC 5 Easy Pay system, I went back and also ordered it in "PeaceVanilla Wafer".
Love/Unscented Holistic Fragrance
The scent I first selected was "Love"/Unscented. I really liked the notes inside; honey, orange blossom, and vanilla- so I was super excited to smell it. After my pre order shipped when watching the presentations, Josie kept saying that this is for people who don't like or can't use fragrance and it is soft and gentle. She also kept saying it truly is the world's first truly unscented fragrance. Once I heard all this, I had a feeling I was going to be disappointed and well, I am. I am a girl who LOVES fragrance and scents. I douse myself in perfume daily and feel naked without it. It is also worth noting I have a very strong, very sensitive nose when it comes to scents and usually I can even smell things around me that others can't. I sprayed the fragrance and didn't smell a thing. Sprayed it again and again and at one point got the faintest hint of honey but it dissipated as fast as it came on. Once sprayed, even three seconds later, I could not detect it on myself. I sprayed it multiple times too on various body parts right after shower, morning, night just trying to see if I can smell it at all. I don't. I'm incredibly disappointed. The notes in here had such promise but I may as well spray myself with water because I really can't detect it at all. My fragrance sensitive and allergy ridden fiance, Tommie, says he smells it on me and he likes it because it is not overwhelming or offensive like he says some perfumes I wear are. Honestly, I'm keeping this perfume only because I will use the rest of the kit and it is still at a great price but if I would have bought this fragrance alone, it would have been returned. Since Josie also said on air the Argan Oil inside these perfumes help the scent linger, I'll use it under stuff I can actually smell to help them linger longer.

Peace/Vanilla Wafer Holistic Fragrance
The good news is this scent is stronger than Love. Not by much, but at least I smell it. Surprisingly, it lingers and I can still smell it hours after I apply. I still prefer my perfumes to be stronger but if you are scent sensitive and like gentle, softer fragrance you will probably love it. Josie was describing this on air as being vanilla, warm and smelling like cookies. First sniff it instantly reminds me of American Macaroon cookies; the coconut cluster ones, as opposed to French Macaron sandwich like cookies that everyone always spells wrong. (not that I should EVER comment on anyone spelling lol) I do like this scent, but I think it is more toasted coconut than vanilla. I was really hoping for that cozy, gourmand, traditional vanilla- think her Vanilla Bean or Vanilla Fig body butters. But it is bright and refreshing and something I will definitely incorporate into fragrance cocktails. I saw someone online write this is a "beauty vanilla" and that is pretty accurate. I think I'll like this especially in the Summer since it is lighter.
100% Pure Argan Oil
I've heard several people were disappointed the pure Argan Oil was in this set. I was actually happy since I love the stuff and use it so many different ways! Pure Argan Oil is high in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, and it can help the elasticity and tone of the skin. I've been using it as the last step of my skincare at night for years (except for when I may be testing out other oils or skincare. but then I will wind up combining oils and always going back to it) I also use it on my cuticles every single night, sometimes "seal" my wet styled hair with it, or even add it to dry hair for shine and frizz control (a little goes a long way) Recently I have been using a tool called a "fascia blaster" to help my fibromyalgia pain and it needs an oil to glide on and I find using the Argan Oil under it also has been wonderful. The little .5-fl oz bottle makes it easy to take along or pass to a friend who has never tried the magic elixir before.

Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter
I love this body butter. So does my fiancé. In the Summer, when we go to the beach and he ignores me telling him to reapply sunscreen, this soothes his sunburn so fast and better than anything else. I like that a little goes such a long way, it absorbs into my skin really fast without leaving me feeling greasy and my skin is left so silky smooth. I've also used this in my hair as both a deep conditioner or a cream hair styler. Note, if you are going to use this as a hair styling cream, it is so concentrated you really need such a small, small, small amount!! I love the scents Josie makes for the body butters, so as I am a bit sad the one kit has the unscented version. But now that I have the unscented version I may try it on my face for winter, especially around my eye area and/or I can add my own essential oils to it to scent it!

Argan Lip Sting Plumping Butter
This product actually debuted a few months ago in a clear version and I have had my eyes on it since. This new version is the same formula in the shade "Honey" The lip butter is infused with Argan Oil and Honey to nourish, condition, sooth, and plump lips.
The "Honey" color is gorgeous. It is a light, "your lips but better" natural pinky nude. The formula is moisturizing and it tingles quite a bit on me when applied. It leaves my lips feeling soft and looks a bit juicier.

Since I love using Argan Oil, the body butters and also the Argan Lip Sting Plumping Butter, despite being disappointed in the fragrances they value of the overall kit is still good to me. If you received this TSV too, let me know what you thought of it!

The TSV also had the option to go on auto delivery and if you selected a scent, every few months the scents change and you will receive: Vanilla Pear, Vanilla Apricot, Lavender Citrus and Sugar Plum. I am going to get the Vanilla Pear as a gift to someone I know that loves the scent, then for myself I definitely want Sugar Plum and maybe Vanilla Apricot. I'm 99% sure I'll be skipping Lavender Citrus.

If you are interested, at the time of writing this blog post, the set is still on HERE and it only a little bit more than it was for TSV price. The value is still fantastic compared to buying everything separately. The fragrances are QVC exclusive until at least March 2017.

*all products mentioned here purchased by me.

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