Mally Perfect Prep Neutralizing Primer

A few months ago, Mally Beauty released a new primer- the "Perfect Prep Neutralizing Primer" Since I have been using it for a little while now, I can give you my thoughts and opinions about it! Read on for more.

 The first thing I must get off my chest with this is back in Springtime Mally released Today's Special Value kits on QVC USA and QVC UK. They were almost identical, except the UK version got this full size primer in their kit and us American Mallynitas did not. I'm wise enough to know that decision isn't fully made by Mally herself, but still, it bugged me. I wish this was in our kits as well. Okay, moving on...

Here is what says about the product:
"Mally’s Perfect Prep Neutralizing Primer doesn’t just go the long haul—it also gives you even toned skin! The secret is a color-correcting hue that neutralizes sallow tones, redness and veins. The lightweight formula glides on to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, magnetizes makeup to lock it into place, then dries to a flawless, long-wearing finish. Skin looks instantly radiant, smooth and even! Use it alone or under makeup for a just applied, super fresh look."
There is so much I enjoy about this new primer! I love the packaging! Pump products make life easier, and I feel it keeps the product more sterile as opposed to a jar where you continuously dip your finger in day after day to get product. The other non-performance issue I will address is the scent. Much to my unexpected delight, this primer has a soft chocolately scent to it! I always like when products smell good.

I have combination, acne prone skin and I was concerned this product may make me break out since it does contain silicones which are hit or miss with my skin. Aside from my monthly evil demon pimples, I haven't noticed additional breakouts since using this so that is a huge plus.

The primer has a light tint to it. If you have good skin to begin with and just want to even your face out, you may be able to wear it by itself. It does not have a lot of coverage, but it also doesn't claim to since it is a primer and not a foundation or concealer. When I use it under my foundation, it does help to cancel out the redness in my cheeks I usually use a green color corrector fluid to address. So it saves me a step in my makeup routine which is great. I only need one pump under makeup and if I am wearing it by itself or just with concealer I may use a pump and a half.

Perfect Prep Neutralizing Primer is lightweight, makes my skin look glow but not in an overdone, greasy way as certain products that claim "glowing" or "radiance" can do and the best, and most important part to me when looking for a primer, is that my makeup stays on without budging for HOURS. This was the primer I wore for my engagement party (that post is here) and I had to  make sure my makeup looked great from 11am until 8pm, especially for pictures.

no primer or makeup on face
with Mally Primer only
no primer or makeup on face
with Mally Primer only
one pump, not blended
one pump, blended
Overall this is a solid primer by Mally Beauty that I am really impressed with,

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