Original Moxie Black Friday Sale and My Top 6

I've been patiently waiting for Original Moxie to have their Black Friday sale. This is a brand I have come to love, and there are a few products I'll definitely be picking up. Read on for information and my picks from the Original Moxie Black Friday sale!

If you are unfamiliar with the brand, Original Moxie is a cruelty free line of hair care products for all different types of hair. The line was developed by Rachel Blistein, a beautiful curly girl who decided to create her own line of products out of frustration not finding products that worked well for her hair. The brand's website says that "Rachel personally crafts each product, from customizing herbal infusions, to sourcing pure, natural ingredients and fine-tuning Moxie's iconic essential oil fragrances." All of the products are made to nourish hair from the inside out.

 The sale runs from 12AM EST Friday, November 25th through 12PM EST Monday, November 28th 2016 in the Online store, originalmoxie.com, and storefront location at 306 N. River St. Suite C, Ypsilanti, MI 48198.

Shoppers who purchase $35 or more will receive 30% off with coupon code BFOM2016.
In addition, purchases of $60 or more will automatically qualify for free shipping.
Purchases of $80 & up will receive a complementary Mini Heat Wave Reparative Blow Dry Crème.

I was going to highlight my Top 5, but I couldn't narrow it down from 6. So here are my top 6 from Original Moxie:

i mix them in bottle so wrote on them lol
Hold Up Styling Serum
If you remember my Sephora haul from a few weeks ago, you might recall I did pick up one Original Moxie product during their sale- the Hold Up Serum. I still want to mention it again here, because it is one of my favorite styling products of all time. If I had to tell you to try one product from Original Moxie, I would say this. It provides amazing shine, hold AND definition in one step and this silicone free serum is so concentrated, a bottle lasts quite a long time. Plus it fights the dreaded "pouf" I am not fond of and also helps strengthen the hair with proteins. It works excellent by itself, but I LOVE pairing it with the Oasis Moisture Gel for added moisture and curl enhancement. Using the combo can stretch my good hair days up to day 4. It's quite incredible.

Oasis Moisture Gel
This gel by itself doesn't have enough hold for me, but it actually isn't meant to have strong hold. As mentioned earlier, when mixed with Hold Up, it's miraculous.  The Oasis Moisture Gel contains Sodium Lactate, which the site describes as "a powerful, naturally occurring humectant, attracts moisture and binds it to the hair, creating a dramatic improvement in softness and body after just one use." This is a humectant styling treatment that really makes the definition in my curly waves pop, even if I cross mix it with other brands' gels.

Intense Quench Deep Conditioner
One of my favorite deep conditioners out there. The only thing I would change is putting it in a jar instead of a bottle. You can use this fruity-minty smelling conditioner with heat for the conditioner to penetrate deeply, but it works great by itself also. Intense Quench makes detangling effortless for me and there are so many herbs, butters and oils inside to nourish the hair. The blend of protein and moisture inside leaves hair stronger, shinier, hydrated and healthy. I do need a good amount to saturate all my hair, but it's worth it. This conditioner actually makes me cold because of the invigorating ingredients inside, I can feel it working!
pic from originalmoxie.com 
Emollience Pre Treatment
I haven't had this in my stash in a little bit and I really miss it. A jar lasts forever since you need so little each time. This is an excellent product for the Winter season since it really helps to target dry hair thanks to ingredients such as Cupuacu butter and Castor oil. It is also good in the Summer before going out in the sun to protect and treat the hair. I usually use it as a pre-poo treatments, or I'll take the tiniest amount and on day 2, 3 or 4 hair, I'll add it to my ends to resoften them and help with frizz. The one drawback for me with this one is I don't like the spicy herbally scent, but I like to product benefits so much I deal with it.
pic from originalmoxie.com
Everyday Leave-In Detangling Conditioner
Another product I can't wait to have back in my stash. It's a solid leave in that is very rich and moisturizing, so this is another one where the bottle lasts a while. The leave in contains both Shea Butter and Pumpkin Seed Oil, so it is very high in Omega fatty acids. My hair LOVES Pumpkin Seed Oil, which is probably why I am so crazy about this product. I use it as a leave in on wet hair or also on days old hair if my hair needs a nice shot of moisture added back into it. Aside from being moisturizing, it helps a bit with frizz and leaves my hair feeling so very soft. 

Happy Endings Shine & Repair Serum
This is a newer product from the brand and I will actually have a full review of this and also the new Heat Wave reparative blow dry creme soon! The serum is said to protect hair from heat tools, but you can also use it to seal wet hair or add shine plus fight frizz and split ends on dry hair, too. I like how it adds shine to my hair without weighing it down.

Other products I also really enjoy from Original Moxie include Get Clean! No-Foam Shampoo, Shape Shifter Styling Cream, Twist Mist Shine Spray and Hair Bling Shine Pomade. But I didn't want to overwhelm the blog post and have too much product mentioned. 

Here is a recent hair of the day featuring mostly Original Moxie. Unfortunately, I didn't have any shampoo or leave in on hand so I went in with a different brand. Usually I would just leave in the conditioner but since Intense Quench contains Menthol, I didn't want to risk leaving it in.
I cleansed, then left Intense Quench Deep Conditioner for about 45 minutes and rinsed thoroughly. I then went in with a leave in, followed by a mix of Hold up Serum and Oasis Moisture Gel, and I sealed with Happy Endings Shine & Repair Serum before air drying. I applied products as I usually do, section by section raking them through, scrunching at the ends then plopping when doing my skin and body care regimen.
the back needs to get fixed. it's a bit uneven from my trimming. oops

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*not a sponsored or endorsed post. some products may have been sent to me, but all opinions are my own and honest, as always.

<3 Diane

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