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You may have noticed me mentioning some Pacifica products in a bunch of posts lately. Well today I am finally sitting down to give my review and thoughts on them in detail! Pacifica is a natural based brand that includes many categories including makeup, skincare, perfume, and body care. They added in hair care recently and I believe it is exclusively sold at Ulta. Read on for more.

Several things attracted me to Pacifica Beauty products, not just the hair care. Their scents are delicious, the packaging is bright and happy, and their products are all 100% cruelty free, formulated without junk ingredients and are also vegan. The products are fairly priced, sometimes go on sale and you can also use Ulta coupons on them! Yay savings!!

Though I haven't tried any of their in shower products (shampoo, condition, etc) I've been playing around with some of the stylers a bunch.

Hairvana Leave-On Detangling Conditioner
Them: Pacifica Hairvana Leave-On Detangling Conditioner is like heaven for your hair. This innovative detangling cream helps support flexibility, strength, balance and a healthy shine. It aids in calming flyaways and frizz without buildup. And best of all, it makes combing a breeze. Great for damaged hair, long hair, curly hair or any one in need of a little extra love.

Me: The scent is nice, but coconutty. Not my favorite of what I tried. I've used this one on both wet and dry hair and performance wise, it works pretty good. On wet hair as a leave in under stylers it keeps my hair feeling soft and moisturized. It is not a Holy Grail leave in, but it also isn't bad. I do like it better on day 2 or 3 hair to add moisture and hydration back into my hair while also taming frizz. It really leaves my days old hair so soft but does not add in extra weight. Sometimes I want extra weight to help fight the pouf but if you like volume, you'd enjoy this. Because it doesn't tame the pouf like I want, I do actually prefer the Best Day Ever Extend Balm.

Best Day Ever Extend Balm
Them: Pacifica's Best Day Ever 10 in 1 Style Extending Balm not only smells amazing, this little bottle is a multitasking miracle that can make your style last longer in between shampoos & blow-outs! 10 in 1 benefits help define, add texture, hydrate, soften, nourish, de-stress, aid in heat protection, repel pollution, support curls and control frizz. Infused with natural passionfruit & abyssinian oil. Great for all hair types, and a true lover of curls.

Me:  This balm claims to do ten different things! As mentioned above, I like this for day 2 or 3 hair. It adds moisture back like the leave in and helps fight the pouf and frizz. My hair feels soft, but not quite as soft as the leave in leaves it but it helps with the texture and reinvigorates my curl definition. I also can't use this alone- I have to use a serum and/or oil on top of it because though it leaves my hair soft and adds bounce back to curls, it does not do a whole bunch for shine and sometimes my hair can look dull. To me, it smells faintly like sunblock, which I actually don't mind. I do like this product, but don't love it so as of now I'm not sure if I will repurchase.

Dragon Tamer Invisible Anti-Frizz Serum
Them: Pacifica's Dragon Tamer Invisible Anti-Frizz Serum is designed to calm the most unruly hair. Tame your beautiful locks (but still stay wild). Helps smooth frizz, soften, repel pollution and deliver a radiant shine to all hair types. This serum gives you more than just glossy protection, it gives you added benefits that your hair needs and will love. Infused with dragonfruit, it not only smells incredible but it is a fierce force for frizz.

Me: Of all the Pacifica hair products I tried, this scent is my favorite! It's sweet, fruity, juicy and delicious! The serum does add shine but doesn't help with frizz or pouf on my hair at all. The consistency is extremely runny and I've wasted a bunch of product by accident because it shoots out of the tube very fast. I think if you have very fine hair that gets weight down by everything, you may fall in love with this. My best way to use this is by mixing it with the oil but since the oil also works nicely by itself, I just can't warrant repurchasing this based on the yummy scent alone.

Native Flower Oil Hair Hydration
Them: Pacifica's Native Flowers Nourishing Hair Oil let's you say goodbye to cotton candy ends as it smoothes and calms damaged ends. Natural, lightweight and silicone-free, this hair-caring formula helps add shine, hydrate, smooth and nourish hair with native sunflower oil. Lightweight yet rich in fatty acids, this oil delivers hair-loving benefits and helps lock in moisture. A deep treatment for the most damaged hair, this flower oil is infused with high power fatty acids to treat hair. For dry, damaged and color treated hair.

Me: I'm a hair oil addict. You may remember this product was mentioned in my recent "Favorite Silicone Free Hair Oils" post here) The fragrance is a sweet floral which I really enjoy. Of the four Pacifica hair products I tried, this one is definitely my favorite. I've used it on wet hair to seal and also dry hair. It adds shine, helps with frizz, helps with pouf, isn't sticky plus it even comes in a pump! Basically, it is everything I could want in a hair oil. There have been times when I get heavy handed and use too much, but as long as I am careful not to overdo it, this oil is quite wonderful.

Those are the Pacifica hair products I've tried. While I am talking about Pacifica, if you are in need of a wonderful hand cream, check theirs out! It is infused with coconut water and leave my hands and cuticles so soft but not greasy. It's one of my favorite products that the brand makes!!

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