Curly Wavy Hair Favorites of 2016!

2016 is ending just as quickly as it began. Of course getting engaged was the absolute highlight of my year. As I continued to recover from early 2015's hair disaster, I rediscovered the bounce in my curls and continued to work on my hair's health. It has been well over a year (two in February) that I've colored my hair which simply blows me away! Of course I had some hair care favorites in 2016 and this blog is all about them! Continue reading for more.

Where to even begin with this!? I have a few brands that I simply adore and reach for quite often. You may recall some of them from last year's list and past YouTube lists as well. So I'll start by brands (in ABC order) and highlight some of my favorites and continue on from there.

This line of natural haircare products fortified with hair healthy oils, antioxidants and vitamins is so so so good. They are cruelty-free and free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, DEA and artificial dyes. Don't Despair, Repair deep conditioning masque helps with breakage, softness, shine and curl definition. The Gel-To-Oil Overnight Repair Treatment is equally as good, I actually still need to blog about it! Their whole Curl Charisma line really helps to define and plump up my wavy curls, with the Leave In Creme being my favorite from that sub line. Finally, after being without Rosarco Oil in my stash for a bit, once I bought it in 2016 I made a silent vow to myself to never be without it again because the Rosehip-Argan-Coconut Oil blend is THAT good!!!

My love for DevaCurl returned this year and I fell hard. I've been reaching for so much DevaCurl lately and came to realize that they do not make a single product I dislike! Seriously! Not a single one. I don't even know where to begin. Their debut of the Wave Maker styler made it onto my Holy Grail list as one of my top favorite hair products of all time. The Low-Poo Delight became a favorite cleanser for me. I've enjoyed rotating the One Conditions as a leave in, have used Set It Free as a refresher, and MirrorCurls to add shine to me hair. ArcAngel is one of my all time favorite hair gels and I love using the SuperCream for moisture on hair both wet and dry. I also discovered the No-Poo Quick Cleanser dry shampoo I picked up at their NYC Sample Sale. Finally, I can't leave out Heave In Hair which is excellent at moisturizing my waves as a masque and also as a fantastic leave in- it's a wonderful multi-tasker!! This is such a great dry shampoo but it's sadly being discontinued. I wish I bought more.

Madam C.J. Walker Beauty Culture
This line debuted earlier in 2016 and are owned by the same parent company as SheaMoisture! I've played with a bunch of their products throughout this year, and still have more to try! MCJW Beauty Culture products are infused with time released oils and are repairing while styling the hair at the same time! The Coconut and Moringa Oils Curl Refresher Mist smells so warm and delicious and re-defines my second and third day hair while taming frizz. All three products from the Dream Come True Wonderful line have one of the best scents I ever smelled (hair perfume PLEASE!!!!) and help add moisture, repair and replenish my dry, thirsty hair. The Jamaican Black Castor and Murumuru Butters Defining Creme was so luxurious and rich, whenever I used it I would have soft, defined, hydrated curls and was able to skin my leave in!

Original Moxie
This is not the first time Original Moxie made a favorites list of mine. Their products are loaded with organic ingredients that nourish your hair and scalp from the inside out and consistently give me good hair days. The Intense Quench Deep Conditioner is one of my favorite deep treatments not only because it smells delicious, but it feeds my hair with nutrients it needs and leaves it so soft and defined. Emollience is a must have in my Winter routine to add moisture back to my hair that the dry air robs. I also love the mix of the Oasis Gel & Hold Up Serum together so really shiny, soft, frizz, free defined waves. Happy Endings Shine & Repair Serum is an oil blend I have been enjoying to seal my hair and also add shine and fight frizz on dry hair, too.

If you read me regularly (hi! thank you!) you had to know Ouidad would be on my list. Time and time again I get consistently good hair days with their products. This year brought the return of my beloved Mongongo Oil styler which is one of my very favorite hair oils of all time. I can't not mention the Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy that I've used at least once a month to repair and keep my hair as healthy as can be. Ouidad also released their Curl Immersion line and though created for kinky hair, my uber dry waves loved these products, especially the Triple Treat Deep Conditioner alone and also on top of the Curl Restoration Therapy (because you need to use something on top of that protein treatment) Tress Effects Styling Gel has been a favorite gel of mine for so long thanks to the perfect hold plus curl defining properties. The Superfruit Renewal Clarifying Shampoo was literally the ONLY shampoo I used to clarify my hair this entire year, and even before that. Finally, Jason at the Ouidad Flagship Salon in NYC played a nice part in my hair journey this year, listening to me and trimming my hair at each visit without taking off more than I desired.

Technically not a line, but a tool. Still, between adding steam to deep treatments, helping to refresh days old hair and giving much needed moisture to my uber dry hair in the cold months, without this tool that I've had for years now, my hair would just not be as happy so of course it is on my list!

Raw Curls
A clean, organic brand with wonderful ingredients inside. This year, Raw Curls introduced the Wavy S'Wavy Cleanser and Conditioner for us Wavy ladies and they're fantastic. I saw increased definition with the duo, as well as less frizz and more shine! The conditioner makes for a lovely leave in. Other Raw Curls favorites of mine are the Anti-Frizz Spray, especially in warm months on wet hair to fight frizz and year round as a second or third day hair refresher and the Firm Hold Gel which keeps my hair in place with no crunch.

My drugstore favorite. They keep releasing more and more new products for me to love, but some of my tried and true favorites remain on my list year after year. I actually want to do a recent blog on current SheaMoisture favorites and details and some of the items on that list include the Yucca and Plantain Anti-Breakage Shine Mist as a second or third day refresher, the Bamboo Extract and Maca Root Resilient Growth Root Stimulator I use nightly for hair growth, the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hair Serum, and the entire Mongongo and Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity line!

The main product is a self-cleansing hair care treatment similar to a co-wash but you apply it on your dry hair for 10 minutes BEFORE you get into the shower. For almost two years now, I've been reaching for their various formulas as a pre-shampoo treatment before each wash. Using them helps add moisture to my hair while infusing my curly waves with ingredients from around the globe to reverse damage and protect from future harm. You can totally get away with using these alone to cleanse, treate and hydrate. My favorite formulas are the Restore for dry and damaged hair, the Ultra Nourishing for softness, shine & manageability and the Tribal Chocolate that products dry, damaged and aging hair.---> exactly the same as last year! Literally I read last year's post, wholeheartedly agreed with 2015 Diane so just flat out copied and pasted that last part. ;)

 Those are my 2016 hair care favorites! There are some other products are lines I do enjoy and reach for, but for the sake of not writing a whole novel I kept it with my absolute must haves. Two runner up lines I will mention quickly are Carol's Daughter and Innersense Organics Beauty. I will continue using all my hair products in 2017 and of course being the product junkie that I am, will play around with some newness too.

While I'm talking about year in review I thought I would compare a picture of me from last New Years Eve (December 31st, 2015) to nearly a near later- Christmas Eve 2016! Length wise, it does not look like it grew a lot but I had three haircuts plus self trims over the course of this year AND the bounce in my curls now is much more defined, which as any curly knows leads to such shrinkage!!  I also am amazed how at the end of this year, I only have so little left of the bleached, color treated hair. Maybe this time next year it will all be completely gone!

Have a very happy and healthy New Years, dear readers, and thank you for following me along on this sometimes fun, sometimes frustrating hair care journey of mine!! It means the world to me you take time out of your day to see what little me over here has to say. <3

note: I am not sponsored or endorsed by any of these brands. i receive no monetary compensation or anything for mentioning them. these are brands and products I genuinely love and use. My opinions and feelings expressed on my blog are my own and honest thoughts, as always.

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<3 Diane


  1. The TLC that you have shown your hair has paid off big time! Thank you for including Q-Redew in such fine company of brands. Cheers to 2017! ~Heidi

    1. thank you for the sweet compliment! And of course, it is my pleasure to have Q-Redew on the list! <3


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