Doll 10 Beauty 5-Piece Lip Chubby Collection

Doll 10 Beauty has another lippie set on QVC now that would make a perfect gift for any makeup lover (including yourself) this Christmas! The 5-Piece Lip Chubby set is a great addition to your lipstick collection with such gorgeous, neutural pink colors. Read on for more.

I ordered these on Black Friday. They were a few dollars cheaper as a special price, but aren't much more and at the time of blog post they're still available here. I would have had this blog up sooner, but they got lost in the mail and QVC Customer Service was unwilling to do anything about it until after December 12th. It was aggravating AF, but at least they showed up all in one piece.

The Lip Chubby Crayon is not a new formula. In fact, I reviewed the original 3 piece collection in Summer 2015 so if you'd like to see that, it's right here for ya! That three piece is still on and well worth it, but guess what- this 5 piece is practically the same price!! And you get two more!!!!

Here is what says about them:

"Sheer brilliance! Doll 10's Lip Crayon combines the shine of a lip gloss with the nourishment of a balm, creating the perfect hybrid without compromise. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, the balm-like texture glides effortlessly over lips, providing rich creamy color, and drenching your lips in intense moisture. Perfect for anyone looking for the combination of color and care for lips, it's formulated with ingredients such as cocoa butter, to help nourish and soften your lips, and DuraQuench IQ."

The pigment of these crayons are more intense than the original three, but it is buildable. You can wear them sheer or with a couple extra swipes get a beautiful, intense full coverage lip. I'll get to more details on the colors in a minute but this is SUCH a great formula. It's beyond moisturizing and perfect for the dry winter air where I don't know about you, but my lips get chapped so quick and easily. In fact, last Winter I was applying the color "Sheer Genius" at night before bed as a treatment. THAT'S how moisturizing these are. They are not as long wearing as some of Doll 10's other lippie formulas, but they never claimed to be long wear. Regardless, they still stay on a nice amount of time and the twist up, jumbo crayon makes it super easy to reapply.
no flash: trouble maker, first in line, call the shots, stand out, take charge
flash: trouble maker, first in line, call the shots, stand out, take charge
no flash: trouble maker, first in line, call the shots, stand out, take charge
flash: trouble maker, first in line, call the shots, stand out, take charge

Call the Shots
"a nude pink shade"
a classic nude lip with the right amount of peachy pink undertones so it does not look like concealer.

Trouble Maker
"a raspberry pink shade"
a cool toned, beautiful berry that's not too deep, but just right for my fair complexion.

Stand Out
"a cool bright pink shade"
my favorite of bunch! classic, bright "diane pink" it's even more gorgeous in person.

 First in Line
"a nude peach shade"
to me this looks more like a pretty light pink as opposed to being peach. my other favorite from the bunch.

 Take Charge
"a plummy rose shade"
i don't think this is a plummy rose shade at all. i find it to be more of another peachy pinky nude, a little darker than the others. still pretty, but not plummy rose.

 Overall, for the price of five full size Doll 10 Beauty lippies, you really can't beat this set! They also come in an adorable box perfect for gift giving.

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