Hair of the Day: Days 1 and 2 for Christmas

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Mine was nice. I missed out on seeing my family Christmas Eve because I stayed home to watch my recovering doggie, who is truly amazing me with how fast he is getting better! I did get to see some family on Christmas Day. I washed my hair Christmas Eve morning so I thought why not do a "Hair of the Day" post! Read on for more.

Day 1
Here is What I Used:
  • Pre-Poo: MCJW Beauty Culture Wonderful Pre-Wash Protein Treatment
  • Cleanser: DevaCurl No-Poo Original
  • Conditioner: MCJW Beauty Culture Wonderful Masque
  • Styling: DevaCurl One Condition Original (As leave in), Wave Maker, B'Leave In, Briogeo Rosarco Oil
I applied the styling products on wet hair in my usual way- on soaking wet hair raking them through then scrunching going in small sections. I then plopped in my Curl Ease Towel while I did my skincare regimen. I completely air dried and used a Ricky's NYC No Crease clip to hold back this clump of strands on my hairline that have been separating from the others and driving me nuts lately. Other than that, I didn't manipulate my hairline at all.

I will have a detailed review of those MCJW Beauty Culture products mentioned really soon so keep an eye out for them! Not only do they smell amazing, but they work so wonderfully on hair in need of help like mine lately. I think I just really need to go get a trim.

This use just confirmed my love for Wave Maker. You may recall last week when I paired it with a different gel and I didn't love my results. I'm positive now it was due to the new gel and not my 2016 HG product. Pairing it with the B'Leave in helped to further enhance my waves while repairing my hair with protein. I really enjoyed the bounce in my hair this day, too bad only my doggie and Tommie got to see it- but that is how it usually goes. 

Day 2
  • Styling: Carol's Daughter Almond Milk Leave-In Conditioner, DevaCurl SuperCream

I did similar application to day 1; applying each product section by section. This was my first time using the Carol's Daughter product. I picked it up at Sally Beauty earlier in the month, along with the matching masque which I am yet to use. It smells like cookies and is supposed to help damaged hair and prevent it from future harm. I like that it revived my hair into nice curls and made a nice base for my SuperCream. Once I use the spray a bit more I'll have better thoughts on it for you guys.

That's it for this "Hair of the Day" blog post! I think I'll be able to sneak in one more before 2016 is done. ;)

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<3 Diane

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