Hair of the Day: DevaCurl, SheaMoisture and Bounce Curl

I washed my hair Saturday. Then Stretchy had a stroke Sunday and up until today's writing (Wednesday) I literally did nothing to my hair but throw it up in messy buns to get it off my face. The mix of being beyond upset about my dog and going to see and care for him was my priority. He's at home recovering now, but still not completely better. I was able, and felt okay enough to wash my hair again today and I've been blogging and getting work done on my laptop as he sleeps and recovers on his bed right near me. So here I am now. Continue reading for more.
 So these pictures I am makeup free and I know I don't look too happy, but that's because as you can probably imagine, I'm not that happy. I'm worried sick about my dog. So pretend I am smiling more and look more cheerful like usual, please.

Here is What I Used today:
  • Pre-Poo: Tweak-d Restore Self Cleansing Treatment
  • Cleanser: DevaCurl No Poo Original
  • Conditioner: SheaMoisture SuperFruit Complex Hair Masque
  • Stylers: SheaMoisture SuperFruit Complex Leave-In or Rinse-Out Conditioner, DevaCurl Wave Maker, Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel, SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intense Hydration Complex
I didn't leave my masque on as long as usual. It was only left on somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes so I can get back down to Stretch because me dad wanted to go in our basement to play his games at a certain time and Stretch needs someone with him at all times right now. The side of the masque does say though it can be left on for 5 minutes and when I rinsed it felt as soft and tangle free as usual.

I applied the styling products on wet hair in my usual way- on soaking wet hair raking them through then scrunching going in small sections. I then plopped in my Curl Ease Towel while I did my skincare regimen. I completely air dried and used a Ricky's NYC No Crease clip to hold back this clump of strands on my hairline that have been separating from the others and driving me nuts lately. Other than that, I didn't manipulate my hairline at all.

My hair has decent definition but it isn't the best hair day ever. I'm not sure how I am feeling about that Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel. My hair doesn't feel as soft as usual again, sections look a bit limp and there is a bit more frizz than I'd prefer to have. I just think my hair likes stronger hold gels such as DevaCurl ArcAngel, Ouidad Tress Effects Gel or Raw Curls Firm Hold Gel. What else is odd is I can use Wavemaker as my sole product between leave in and oil and get killer results but even though I used it under the Bounce Curl today I still feel like my hair is meh. I'm going to shelve the Bounce Curl for a while and revisit it one more time after I get my hair trimmed and shaped in January to make sure that isn't the issue.

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