Quick Life Update for Lack of Blogging

Hey friends! I just wanted to jump on here with a quick update on my lack of blogging the past few days. If you know me or follow me on social media, you know my dachshund, Stretch, is pretty much my whole world. Sunday morning he had to be rushed to the animal hospital. We thought it was a seizure, but the vet is pretty sure it was a stroke. They did a lot of testing on him and he had to stay there two days. Though he is home, he is not out of the woods yet because he can't walk or sit up and is still shaking. He may wind up needing to go for an MRI or to see a neurologist if he doesn't recover. I've been a mess over this the past few days as you may be able to imagine. I miss you guys and am sorry for my lack of blogs and promise to make it up to you and will be back hopefully in the next day or so since I can probably do some when he naps!

Thank you all so much for understanding!

If you want more details on Stretchy, I've been posting updates on instagram- @dianemary126.

<3 Diane

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