7 Looks with Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette and Lip Oil Glosses!

If you like makeup and you use the internet, I'm sure you know of the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette by now. =) It "broke the internet" according the the brand and has been severely hyped up. Continue reading for my thoughts on if the hype was worth it plus 7 (SEVEN!) looks using the palette and oil glosses!

I missed it when it originally came out over the Summer and also missed the pre launch in early December since Too Faced decided to not care about their East Coast fans and launch Pacific time, in the middle of the night for us. So finally, when the palette came back in stock it went to Ulta.com. I got it from Ulta using a 20% off prestige cosmetic coupons AND also redeemed my Ulta points, bringing the total of this palette (and three hair products) to a whopping 44 cents!!!! Nonetheless, I still used my own money/points and the brand did not send it to me or anything.

I did happen to get lucky and win all eight of the Sweet Peach Lip Oil Glosses from an instagram giveaway courtesy of HauseofHounds & MyBeautyBunny! That was super awesome because I actually am loving way more shades than I originally thought I would be into.

The Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Lip Oil Glosses come in eight shades. They are a true gloss, some have more pigment than others and they are not long wearing like a stain, since they're not a stain. I love that they do actually taste like peach candy, smooth out my lips and do not feel sticky, tacky or goopy at all. It truly is a great color. I have been enjoying all the shades, except the Orange since Orange tinted lip colors make my teeth look yellow- but that one is being passed on to a friend. My favorite of course is the pink bubblegum shade called "Peace, Please!'

 no flash

This palette is incredible. It's amazing. I truly love it. Aside from the light scent of peaches, I find the shadows to be pigmented, blend easily and stay all day long when I wear them over eye shadow primer (Too Faced Glitter Glue is my current favorite) There is such a variety of shades in here and the looks are endless. I originally was only going to do three or four looks, but I've just been having way too much fun to stop there so here are seven! Certain shades do have minimal fall out, but nothing too major to worry over.

I feel like with bigger beauty gurus on instagram and etc, I need to apologize that I don't have perfect "on fleek" (I hate that term btw) eyebrows. In fact, by look 7 you might even notice them getting worse as I get closer and closer to needing them threaded again. It is what it is, so don't hold them against me please.

Look #1
brow bone: white peach
crease: just peachy
lid: georgia
outer v: bellini
liner (top): talk derby to me
below lower lash line: luscious
Lip Oil: "Pure Peach"

Look #2
brow bone: peaches 'n cream
crease:bless her heart
lid: bellini
outer v: peach pit
liner (top): tempting
below lower lash line: bless her heart
Lip Oil: "Peach Fuzz"

Look #3
brow bone: peaches 'n cream
crease: cobbler
lid: nectar
Lip Oil: "Pure Peach"

this look was a bit more simple than the others because I ran short on time that day.

Look #4
brow bone: white peach
crease: peach pit
lid: just peachy
liner (top): delectable
below lower lash line: bellini
Lip Oil: "Peach-sicle"

Look #5
brow bone:peaches 'n cream
crease: just peachy
lid: luscious
liner (top): charmed, i'm sure
below lower lash line: bellini
Lip Oil: "Please Please"
I was actually very sick this day, I think you may be able to see it in my face =/

Look #6
brow bone: white peach
crease: candied peach
lid: nectar
outer v: caramelized
liner (top): cobbler
below lower lash line: candied peach
Lip Oil: "Pure Peach"

Look #7
brow bone: peaches n cream
crease: bellini
lid: white peach
liner (top):talk derby to me
below lower lash line: bellini
Lip Oil: "Peach Please"

Overall, I really enjoy the Too Faced Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette and Lip Oils!

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<3 Diane


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