Briogeo On QVC!!!!!!!! and My Briogeo Favorites

I am so excited to announce that one of my favorite hair brands, Briogeo, will be debuting on QVC's Beauty IQ this week!! I noticed Briogeo products on the site when I checked QVC's beauty section one morning. If you read my blog regularly, you probably know I really like QVC Beauty so this new Read on for more details!

Briogeo will debut on QVC's Beauty IQ on Wednesday, January 4th and have a few other hits during the week! Check out their schedule:

  • QVC's Beauty iQ*:  Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 @ 8:00pm EST
  • QVC's Beauty iQ*:  Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 @ 11:00pm EST
  • QVC Main Channel**:  Friday, January 6th, 2017 @ 10:00pm EST (during Friday Night Beauty!)
  • QVC's Beauty iQ*:  Saturday, January 7th, 2017 @ 11:00pm EST

Beauty IQ is QVC's new all Beauty channel. It is not on all televisions (sadly my area doesn't get it) but you can watch it on or on their Facebook page. The fun part of watching Beauty IQ on Facebook is you can interact with the hosts and vendors in real time by chatting and asking questions.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to do a refreshed review on why I really like this brand and their products, as well as mentioning my must haves. I've been a fan of Briogeo for quite a few years now- 2013 or 2014, back when they only had their amazing mask, two conditioners and one shampoo.

All Briogeo products are free of these six ingredients:
  • Sulfates
  • Silicones
  • Phthalates
  • Parabens
  • DEA
  • Artifical Dyes
as well as not containing other potential hazardous ingredients that you can see here if you are interested in the list.

"All of their products are 90 to 100 percent naturally derived and packaged in bottles that are both recycled and recyclable. Briogeo formulas are cruelty-free and most products are vegan and gluten free." (from

Briogeo products also all contain their signature “NOVA Complex,” (Natural Oils, Vitamins, and Antioxidants) which is found in every product and is derived from the highest-quality fruit and vegetable butters, oils and extracts to deliver pure and potent hair-essential nutrients, naturally.

Here are some of my favorites from the brand:
Note: Some of my bottles are their older (but still so pretty) packaging

Don't Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask
"This Deep Conditioning Mask works in minutes to restore essential hydration and natural vibrancy to dry, brittle, over-processed, and otherwise lackluster hair. Formulated with Briogeo’s unique NOVA Complex, this mask delivers an optimal blend of transformative nutrients from B-vitamins, rosehip and argan oils, algae, and biotin to replenish damaged hair to a shiny, healthy-looking, and lustrous state."

This has been a holy grail mask of mine pretty much since I tried it. I like to always have it on rotation in my stash. It leaves my hair feeling so soft, and looking shiny with less frizz. It helps tremendously with breakage and when I'm overdue for a trim and my ends begin to look like hay. My hair feels more manageable after every application. This mask is not too thick and melts into my hair instantly. I also like that a little goes a long way.

 Don't Despair, Repair Gel to Oil Overnight Treatment
"This nutrient-rich hair treatment gel melts into an oil to release Briogeo's signature NOVA complex in its purest, most potent state. This complex encapsulates a reparative blend of natural oils, vitamins, and antioxidants which prevents oxidation, thereby exposing hair to fresh nutrients as the formula melts down upon use. A unique blend of biotin, argan oil, rosehip oil, algae extract, and coconut alkanes strengthens hair, replenishes moisture, and increases elasticity to make hair more resistant to breakage, while enhancing shine and luster as your sleep."

I've been using this once every other week right now. I love it because I used to sleep with straight up coconut oil in my hair but it just gets so messy and oily everywhere. My hair absorbs this quite quickly so I am getting overnight treatment benefits without the mess! This stuff makes a major difference on what's left of my color treated hair and split ends. I like to have it in my routine as a preventative measure so my hair doesn't get badly damaged. If you have chemically altered or damaged hair, definitely try and use at least one of the Don't Despair, Repair products!

Rosarco Oil
"This nutrient-rich blend of rosehip, argan, and coconut oils effectively restores silky sheen to lackluster locks, and it seals split ends for a sleek, healthy finish. Formulated with coconut oil, it smooths the hair cuticle to lock in moisture and help reduce environmental impurities. Argan oil provides extensive conditioning to restore luster and diminish frizz, while antioxidant-rich rosehip oil shields strands from UV and free-radical damage."

This is a Holy Grail oil of mine. It is so so so so good!!!! "Rosarco" stands for Rose Hip, Argan and Coconut oils which is what the blend consists of. This oil adds shine and hydration to my hair without being too heavy or too oily. The pump bottle is a bonus, I love pumps! I like to use this to seal my wet hair stylers or to add back shine and combat frizz on days old hair. I always rub the rest of it into my cutitcles as to not let any of this precious oil go to waste. Side Note: I clearly suck at taking pictures of this gorgeous product but it has also been repackaged.

Curl Charisma Shampoo
Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Shea Moisture Shampoo
" Curl Charisma Rice Amino Shampoo is a three-in-one formula that fights flyaways, boosts the appearance of curl definition, and provides essential moisture retention to thirsty strands. Its unique, sulfate-free formula penetrates the hair shaft to effectively lock out frizz-causing environmental moisture, while removing dirt and buildup without stripping hair of essential oils. Tomato fruit ferment seals the cuticle to ensure hair dries consistently, allowing for uniform curl formation, while ultra-hydrating shea butter and avocado oil work to increase softness and enhance body without weighing hair down. "

An excellent shampoo that cleanses well without leaving my hair stripped or over clean. It lathers surprisingly well for being sulfate free. This is a shampoo, not a co-wash, so it must be followed up with conditioner.

Curl Charisma Conditioner
Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Shea Curl Defining Conditioner
"This ultra-hydrating conditioner specially formulated with rice amino acids to penetrate the hair shaft and effectively lock out frizz-causing environmental moisture. Tomato fruit ferment and mollis leaf extract seal the cuticle to ensure hair dries consistently, allowing for uniform curl formation, while ultra-hydrating shea butter and sweet almond oils increase hair softness and enhance the body of curls without weighing them down. "

I can use this conditioner by itself and it was pretty moisturizing for a regular conditioner, but I like to cocktail it with the Don't Despair, Repair mask for maximum moisturization. I've also used this as a leave in before and it does a great job. Aside from shine, which seems to be a common theme with Briogeo products for me, this and the rest of the Curl Charisma line really takes my curly wavy definition up a notch! My hair is so bouncy when I use this.

Curl Charisma Leave In
Curl Charisma rice amino + avocado leave-in defining crème
"Curl Charisma Rice Amino + Avocado Leave-In Defining Crème hydrates, defines, and weather-proofs curls while maintaining touchable movement and light, flexible hold. Mollis leaf and tomato fruit ferments smooth and seal the hair cuticle to lock out frizz-causing environmental moisture to promote consistent curl formation. Ultra-hydrating avocado oil helps hair retain moisture and increases elasticity to protect against damage. For added hold, cocktail with Curl Charisma Frizz Control Gel to create the perfect blend of hydration and hold custom-suited for your hair type."

As I mentioned with the Conditioner, this gives me excellent curl definition. It also helps tons with frizz. This leave in is lighter weight than the actual conditioner. My favorite way to use this to add moisture back into Day 2 or Day 3 hair and it pairs very well with my Q-Redew Steamer.

 Those are my top favorites from the brand. I also like the Be Gentle, Be Kind Co-Wash and the Rosarco Milk Leave-In Spray but I tried to stick to products I currently have in my stash. I have to pick up more of those two soon!

Here are some Day 1 air dried pictures using mostly Briogeo! The only non Briogeo product I used was my hair gel since I don't have any of theirs on hand currently.

This is what I used:
  • Curl Charisma Shampoo
  • Don't Despair, Repair Masque
  • Curl Charisma Conditioner (as a leave in)
  • Gel
  • Rosarco Oil

Don't forget to check out Briogeo on QVC's Beauty IQ starting Wednesday, January 4th!

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