Hair of the Day: Why I Think My Hair Keeps Getting Curlier!

I have't done a "Hair of the Day" in a week or so and that's just not acceptable for me! Today was wash day and I was really pleased with my outcome. I've been noticing lately my hair is looking curlier and curlier and I can attribute it to a few different things. Continue reading for more!
I apologize in advance I can't mention all the products I used in these pictures just yet. They're for an upcoming review article so be on the look out and I will post when that article goes live. Products I did use I can mention are pre pooing with Tweak-d Ultra Nourishing Self Cleansing Hair Treatment and sealing my wet, styled hair with Shea Moisture's 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Finish Oil Serum, which is quickly becoming a favorite sealing oil for me. I did style my hair as normal, applying products section by section raking them through, then scrunching at the ends. I air dried after plopping for a bit while doing my skincare and body care regimen.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I think my hair is looking curlier lately. This excites me! There are a few various reasons I think this is happening. Here they are:
  • Since I was little, the longer my hair is, the curlier it tends to get. I don't understand this logic but my hair is finally getting a little long again so that can be a reason.
  • Health! Since I stopped coloring and bleaching my hair almost 2 years ago now, my hair is tremendously healthier! I still have some damaged bleached ends remaining, but the majority of my hair now is virgin hair and that definitely has to play a part.
  • Searching and destroying. I'm due for a proper trim and shaping. My hair is a bit uneven. That's partly my fault (please don't kill me, Jason! LOL) because I've been snipping off bad split ends I find, helping to "oxygenate" them until I can get to the salon.
  • Proper moisture and protein treatments! Despite the cold weather, I've been very good at using my deep conditioners and using the Ouidad Curl Restoration Therapy protein treatment every other week, as I said I would, to get my hair in tip top shape.
  • Using mostly "Curly Girl Method" products. I'm not strict CG but I've been thinking about it lately and most of everything I've been using has been sulfate, silicone and paraben free!!
  • Co-washing more often. Since it has been colder outside, which robs hair of moisture, I switched up from using shampoo once a week and co-washing once a week to shampooing (still with sulfate free) every third wash.

Those are just some thoughts as to the nice increase curl definition that seems to be consistently lately. Of course, this is day one hair. As the days go on and I throw it back for work outs, the pattern just stretches and stretches and stretches.

 The lip color I am wearing is the Doll 10 Beauty lip crayon in "Stand Out" which has become a favorite of mine lately thanks to the bright pink color, ease of crayon application and how super moisturizing it is with this dry, Winter air.

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<3 Diane

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