IT Cosmetics "New Year, New Confidence In Your Skin" QVC TSV 1/14/17

On Saturday, January 14, 2017 IT Cosmetics has a Today's Special Value on QVC featuring their skincare, a new brush and new foundation! The special kit will be available for 24 hours only (or less if it sells out) at the lowest price it will ever be! Continue reading on for my thoughts.

I will start by saying this. I really like a lot of IT Cosmetics products. That being said, I feel a lot of their complexion products and skincare are highly geared for dry, sensitive, and more mature skin. There's nothing wrong with that of course, but please keep in mind that my skin is combination to oily and very acne prone when reading my thoughts. In other words, what I wasn't a fan of, if your skin isn't like mine, you may adore.

This is the first Today's Special Value (TSV) from IT Cosmetics that features their skincare! While both skincare products in this kit aren't new, the brush and foundation are. At time of writing my blog I don't have a price or item numbers.

Heavenly Skin Skin-Smoothing Complexion Brush
From the Brand: "This breakthrough brush features unique Heavenly Skin hair designed to optically blur away the look of imperfections. The custom-cut brush head does the work
for you, hugging the natural contours of your features for effortlessly airbrushed coverage! Pairs perfectly with your Confidence in a CompactTM with SPF 50+."

Me: My favorite item in the kit! IT makes some of my favorite brushes and these "Heavenly Skin" brushes are the best of the best, in my opinion. The cruelty-free bristles are so soft. I like the flat angle of this brush, as I feel it gets around even the hard to reach areas of my face. I have used it for both liquid foundation and powder. I stipple it to get fuller coverage and it blends makeup into my skin without any streaks. I'm not quite sure how long the skincare infused ingredients last once these brushes get washed, but I like the idea of more skincare ingredients on my face.

Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream
From the Brand: "Make tired eyes look refreshed with this anti-aging, moisturizing eye cream that helps brighten the look of dark circles and visibly smooth the appearance of dry lines. The nourishing formula is infused with anti-aging technology for your most youthful-looking results, and is ideal for both day and night!"

Me: I've actually had a jar of this since early Novemberish I've been using and working up a review towards. So here it is. This is a nice eye cream, but not my favorite. Before the weather dropped to freezing cold, it did a nice job at keeping my eye area moisturized, but now that it is so so dry I layer on a butter on top of it since it is not enough alone. I do think it helps the lines under my eyes, but I'm almost 31 and fortunately I don't have the worst eye lines ever. What I do have are super, super, SUPER dark circles and I didn't notice any difference in them even though I've used this cream consistently both day and night for over two months.

Confidence in a Cream
From the Brand: "Great skin starts with confidence! Perfect for all skin types, your best-selling cream can be used as your a.m. and p.m. moisturizer and utilizes cutting-edge, anti-aging technology to deeply hydrate while reducing the look of lines, wrinkles and pores. In a consumer use survey, 81 percent somewhat to strongly agree pores appeared minimized and fine lines appeared less noticeable. "

Me: I reviewed this cream previously here. A little goes such a long way with this cream so the jar should last quite a bit. This is a nice cream- if you are not break out prone. When I originally used it, it smoothed out my skin, left me feeling soft, and I really enjoyed the anti-aging properties inside. However, after using it for about two weeks, I realized it was a culprit of break outs I was having. Once I stopped using the cream, the break outs went away. So that was disappointing. Because of that, I won't use this on my face but now that I have another jar I will use it the same way I used up my last jar: on my chest and decolletage. It does do a lovely job are softening and firming up the girls!

Confidence in a Compact with SPF 50+
From the Brand: "Introducing your first-ever anti-aging solid serum foundation! Infused with pure color pigments, this revolutionary formula delivers all the skincare benefits of your best-selling Confidence in a Cream, plus your full-coverage foundation and SPF 50+ UVA/UVB physical sunscreen sun protection in one simple step"

Me: If you are curious if this is just like the CC Veil that was released in a similar compact last year, it is not. This has more coverage and I think different ingredients. That one was a thin liquid in a sponge and this is a thick, solid serum. This new foundation is pigments in the Confidence in a Cream formula. I was wishful thinking and hoped it wouldn't break me out the way the cream did but I had no such luck. I wore it for two days and pimples popped up that were not there prior. This foundation has an extremely glowy, dewy, shiny finish. It did look very natural and became one with my skin very fast. If I were to continue wearing it, I would have to set it with a powder. It is full coverage, but I find the coverage to be very similar to the CC Cream and if it wasn't in a TSV kit, the CC Cream would provide more for your money. I won't be wearing it because of my break outs, but if you have super dry skin, I think it is a nice foundation that will cover everything and give you a glow. The actually color in the compact pops out which leads to me believe they may sell refills in the future.

The kit also includes samples of Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer, which is one of my favorite concealers out there! and Bye Bye Lines Serum which is another one of their skincare products but I have never used it.

I have shade LIGHT for the foundation which matches up the other shade LIGHT products in IT foundations. The color looks VERY dark in the compact but is lighter when applied to the fact. Since I like as full coverage as I can get, I did need to use quite a bit of product. I applied it with the brush from this TSV. No additional concealer is used, so this covered my undereye circles very nicely. Too bad the formula made me break out.
no makeup
Confidence in a Compact, shade LIGHT

no makeup
Confidence in a Compact shade LIG

Overall, it's disappointing how my skin reacted to some of these products. But everyone's skin is different and QVC has an excellent 30 day money back guarantee, even on used cosmetics! So just because my skin reacted, doesn't mean yours will. So if you are still interested, I hope everything works out super well for you.

I'm going to keep on hoping IT releases more products for more oiled skin girls like myself such as their Bye Bye Pores Powder, Celebration Foundation and Bye Bye Pores Primer, all of which I adore!!

disclaimer: products sent to me for review consideration. not endorsed or sponsored and no monetary compensation was recieved. Thoughts are my own, honest opinions, as always.

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