Josie Maran Argan Reserve Healthy Skin Concentrate First Impressions

I love Josie Maran's Argan Oil line! She recently debuted a new skin care product, the Argan Reserve Healthy Skin Concentrate, and I was SUPER LUCKY to actually win one off of her Instagram contest!! I can't give a full review yet, because with skincare, full reviews should not be given until using for at least three weeks. but I can give you my first impressions! Read on for more!

I was watching Josie present this new miracle elixir on QVC and had to sit on my hands not to buy it. It is $78 for half an ounce, which is steep and wasn't doable for me in January, unfortunately. That being said, I do understand  the price given the limited amount available (more on that in a minute) and effectiveness of it. Sometimes in life you truly have to pay for quality. Since I was unable to indulge, I actually started to cry real tears when I found out I won!!

It was so sweet that the product also came with a hand written note by Josie, herself!! That was such a nice touch. Also, every bottle of Argan Reserve is numbered since it is THAT limited and signed by the person who bottled it and mine was signed and bottle by the Argan Oil Queen!!!
The limited availability is due to the fact this concentrate is made up of the entire Argan tree! Not just the oil, but the leaves and press cake as well! Josie said on QVC they should be able to bring this product around about once a year. I'm so wishing I can hoard bottles until January 2018, instead I will have to baby the one bottle I was fortunate enough to get.

So here is what says about it: 
"Reserve your right to age beautifully and experience the full vitality of the Argan tree. This skin-transforming reserve synergizes Argan Oil with nutrient-rich molecules extracted from the Argan tree leaves and Argan press cake. These two powerful, antioxidant-rich ingredients yield high levels of lipids, saponins, flavonoids, and polyphenols. The result is an unrivaled healthy skin concentrate for multi-level nourishment, protection, and preservation.

Why I love it: This 11x concentrated supercharged skin superfood gives you what your skin needs to be optimally healthy. Skin clarity, texture, and resilience are noticeably improved while fine lines and wrinkles are visibly minimized.

What’s in it: Each ingredient is sourced entirely from the precious and ancient Argan tree. Argan Oil nourishes skin with essential fatty acids while the Argan leaves brightens with flavonoids and the Argan press cake soothes and protects skin wit saponins.

How to use it: Warm 2-4 drops in your hands and press into skin. Use alone, mix with 100% Pure Argan Oil, or layer on top of serum or moisturizer."

There are also some impressive clinical studies:

"After 72 hours
100% of users showed a significant improvement in skin smoothness and pore size appearance. 

After 2 weeks
100% of users showed a significant improvement of crow's feet, laugh line, forehead, and neck fine lines and wrinkles.
After 4 weeks
100% of users showed an average increase of 135% in skin moisture." 

There is a faint, natural scent to the product that is very light and does not bother me at all. It reminds me of powdered iced tea and I only really smelled it when I put my nose to the dropper to see what it smelled like.

As mentioned before, I've been using the Argan Reserve Healthy Skin Concentrate for about a week so I can't give you a full blown review. I can give you first impressions, though!
My skin isn't the worst to begin with. Aside from shine and acne prone skin, my biggest aging concerns are the fine lines and crows feet developing around my eyes and the lines I have around my mouth from drinking out of straws my whole life. I have been using 2-3 drops every night and concentrating them around those areas and if there was any left I'd just spread it a bit more into my cheeks. A little goes a long way. After I do this at night, I follow up with 2 more oils on my face: Sunday Riley's U.F.O Oil for acne, which I can't use anywhere near my eyes, and then the original Josie Maran Argan Oil which I use on my face and neck and also for about 13987453948575 other reasons since it's a multi tasking miracle.

I'm actually impressed that I think the lines around my eye area look a little less intense since I started using this! Especially my crows feet, which were starting to get to me.

I can't speak for all, because I know genetic wise I have skin that makes me look younger as is (I'll be 31 this week) so if you have deeper lines and wrinkles, it may take a little while longer to see any results. This is just what I am noticing.

I wish I took "before" pictures" but here are two pictures of my face without any makeup on. No flash used, just a spotlight! Sorry my hair is still half wet, as you can clearly see.


I will report back with a full review and updated skin care regimen, since a few things have changed since last time I did a post about it. So stay tuned!

If you wanted to try a sample of Argan Reserve without committing to full size, at time of writing this blog post, code "RESERVE" on works for a free deluxe size vial with any purchase I believe $25 or more!
disclaimer: I won this product off Josie Maran's instagram. It had nothing to do with my being a blogger, it was just luck! So make sure you always enter instagram contests!! as always, all thoughts expressed are my own, honest opinions.

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