Laura Geller Brighten and Conceal Concealer

 Concealer is tied with mascara as the makeup product I absolutely, positively, just can't live without!! It's a product I'm always ready and eager to try new and different formulas with, mainly because my under eye circles are so very dark. When Laura Geller debuted her new concealer on QVC a few weeks ago, I was watching with my mom and the presentation looked so good, we both ordered immediately. Continue reading for my thoughts on the Brighten and Conceal Concealer!

My mom didn't try hers yet, she said she had a little concealer left she wanted to use up first....Use up makeup before buying more!? I don't understand this!? ;) :P

Here is what says about the concealer:

"Laura Geller introduces Brighten-N-Conceal, a multi-tasking concealer that provides light, buildable coverage for your complexion, available in your choice of five shades. From Laura Geller."

I purchased the shade LIGHT. I was unsure between Porcelain and Light and honestly, I think I may have been better off with Porcelain. As far as shade goes, it's a darker light and runs extremely yellow and warm toned.

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 What intrigued me about this concealer was the promise to not only conceal, but also brighten up the eye area in one step. Since my dark circles are so dark (trust me, they're darker in real life than in these pictures) I usually layer a brightening product with my concealer, so I liked the idea of not needing an extra step.

 Though it was a little darker than I usually go for in concealers, I still made it work for me. I like the doe foot applicator, it makes applying it in a "V" or "triangle of light" very easy. The formula is creamy and a bit rich. It definitely did a nice job at both brightening and concealing for me, but I had to use quite a few layers to get the fullest coverage I desired. I like that it brightens up without looking over dewy.

I usually apply concealer with a concealer brush. Something else I noticed is unless after applying with the brush, I went in and gently tapped with my finger, it would settle into my fine lines. If I tapped, no settling. My theory on this is perhaps the warmth from my skin helps the concealer blend better and melt into my face more effectively.

I do seem to get a nice 8 hour wear out of this concealer before I notice it starting to fade. I've used this under powder foundations, on top of liquids with setting powder on top, and with several different brands and had no issues of this getting along with any of them. That's also important to me because I hate when powder goes on top of certain concealers and they cake up terribly.

I didn't try this concealer on any zits because I use a specific concealer with acne medication in it on top of them.
no concealer

no concealer
no concealer

Overall, this is a nice concealer by Laura Geller Beauty. It conceals, brightens and is easy to blend. I don't think it is the most fullest coverage ever for me, but it is up there.

Laura Geller also recently released a new matte full coverage foundation!! As a girl who loves both matte and full coverage, I'll be picking this one up as soon as possible so stay tuned.

discliamer: product purchased by me. Well, technicially, my mom bought it for me but still, it was not sent by a company or anything. All reviews and thoughts expressed are my own, honest opinions, as always.

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