Let's Talk DevaCurl Stylers Plus Their Old Packaging Sale!

Hi Readers! =) It's no secret that I've been loving DevaCurl's products lately! They perform well and consistently for me which are two very important factors I look for when choosing products. Plus I love that the line is always sulfate, silicone and paraben free- they are the OG Curly Girl Method product line, after all. DevaCurl is having a nice sale starting today so I thought it would be a good time to chat about all their stylers and how I like to use them. Read on for more.

I've actually been a fan of DevaCurl since Curly Girl: The Handbook Version 1 came out many years ago. So I think it is safe to say I've had my experience and time playing with the line and stylers!

You may or may not know that DevaCurl recently redid the packaging on all of their products. They color coordinated everything in the line based on hair type or need. For details about this, check out the information on DevaCurl's blog here.

As a result of their new packaging, the current sale is all old packaging will be 25% off! Yay a deal! The only bummer with this is my HG, love of my life favorite product ever, Wave Maker, didn't come out until the re-packaging phase so I don't think that will be included. But you can always put the money you save on the rest of the sale items towards a bottle? ;)
 Shop the 25% off HERE and enter code FINAL SALE at checkout.

Now let's hear it for the rest of the stylers that I use and how I use them. This blog wound up being a bit long, but that's because Deva makes a lot of stylers and I really enjoy a lot of them! You'll notice with my pictures too, some products I still only have old bottles of.

SuperCream Coconut Styler
This is an extremely moisturizing styling cream and a little bit goes a very long way. I like this on wet hair sometimes if I want a softer look, or if my hair is feeling very dry, or the weather is just very cold like it's been lately, this stuff is AMAZING on days old hair. I take a couple of pumps and apply it section by section on dry hair, focusing on the ends to give my hair more moisture. Depending on my hair's situation, sometimes I use a refreshing spray before and/or sometimes I will follow up with a little serum. Other times this alone is good to go. It smells like coconut, which is not my favorite scent, but it isn't overwhelming and the product performance wins.

Styling Cream
While I may not love the SuperCream scent, the original Styling Cream smells DIVINE! Like Skittles! Seriously so yummy. I actually use it the same way as the Supercream. It's *slightly* less rich, so if SuperCream is too much for your hair, this may be a better option. I use this one more in the Summer and SuperCream in dry, Winter months.

I love LOVE that both SuperCream and the Styling Cream come in pump bottles. If you are a regular reader (hi! thank you!) you know I love pumps! LOL

Set It Free Moisture-Lock Finishing Spray
How do I love thee, Set It Free? Let me count the ways. This multi-tasking spray is a staple in my product junkie stash because I have not found any product like it! This has that delicious Skittles smell, just like the Styling Cream. I can sometimes use this on wet hair as a finisher instead of oil or serum. Or once my Day 1 hair is all done drying and I didn't use enough product, I'll add this in and it will calm pouf and add shine. Sometimes, if my ends desperately need a trim (like right now) or are extra dry, I'll use a little bit of this on them before bedtime for added hydration. I also have used it to refresh days old hair and it will moisturize while reforming the curls and helping frizz. My favorite way to use it is to refresh days old hair along with my Q-Redew portable steamer. Using the Q-Redew alone sometimes can still leave my hair a bit frizzy. Enter some Set It Free (applied before hitting the hair with the steam) and that problem is solved!

Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam
This lemony-lime scented foam is yet another Deva multi-tasker for me! One thing I will say is that I can't do with this is use it as my sole styler on wet hair. Other wavies can get away with it, which is great, but not me. I need something with hold on top. That being said, if I layer this under a gel, my curl pattern is more bouncy! When I notice days old waves are looking particularly blah, I can go in with this and it really does a nice job adding back shine and bounce, giving my hair new life! Another thing you can do with this, which I don't do because I don't like excess volume, is use it on your roots if you want a root lift.

B'Leave-In Miracle Curl Plumper
This is not a super moisturizing leave in conditioner. Many people this it is, and will use it as so and not get the results they desire. Though this does have some moisturizing properties, it also has protein and I personally like to think of it as a leave in repair treatment and curl enhancer. If you color or chemically alter your hair in any way, shape or form, definitely consider adding this styler to your regimen to help strengthen your hair. Like the Volumizing Foam, I can use this under gel for added curl definition. I'll go in with this under my gel and after my leave in if I feel my hair has been particularly frizzy and acting up lately. It will help the frizz and also make my thinner, weaker curls look livelier. I've also had great luck cocktailing this and the SuperCream or Styling on wet hair, sealing with an oil or serum and not necessarily needing a gel also, depending on the time of year and weather.

Shine Spray
I almost left this out of my list since I think it is being discontinued, but I decided to include it in case it is part of the sale. This is a lovely spray that I will go in with on Day 1 like, like Set It Free, if I didn't use enough product on wet hair and I'm looking for a bit more shine and frizz control. If days old hair look too dry and I want more shine, I'll spray a little on them too. This would be good for you also if you find an oil or serum make your hair weighed down very easily.

No-Poo Quick Cleanser
Confession: I came late to the game in discovering this product and I believe it is also being axed. I picked a few cans of this dry shampoo up when I went to the DevaCurl Manhattan Sample Sale a few months ago. I think I would have cleared that place out if I didn't have to carry the bags on public transportation to go home. LOL Anyway... This is one of the best dry shampoos I've ever used! It smells like lavender and does a wonderful job at leaving my scalp refreshing and less sweaty looking after work outs! It doesn't leave my roots feeling too dry like some dry shampoos tend to do.

Flexible Hold Hairspray
Honestly, I don't reach for hairspray all that often. But when I do, I really like this one! It smells like lavender and holds my hair in place without making it feel very stiff and crunchy like some hair sprays can do. I'll reach for it if it's raining out or if I know I will be going out for the night and pictures are involved. It's insurance for my curls to stay bouncy, frizz free and shiny. It also has wheat protein in it to help strengthen the hair. I use this one on dry hair only, not wet.

MirrorCurls Ultimate Shine Serum
Out of all of Deva's Stylers, this is one of my very favorites. A LITTLE BIT GOES A LONG, LONG, LONG WAY. I can't say that about MirrorCurls enough. I will tell you now, if you are too heavy handed with this stuff, you will not like it. And that is coming from a girl who is very heavy handed usually. This shine serum truly does add some out of this world shine to your hair. The scent is lemongrass, which admittedly isn't my favorite, but the product is just so flippin' awesome that I don't care. I'll use this sometimes in place of oil to "seal" wet hair- a pump and a half MAX for my whole head (if you don't have super dry hair, you'll need lots less) I also like this on days old hair either by itself, or mixed in with Set Up & Above/Beautiful Mess to add back shine, hold and frizz free definition. It doesn't feel sticky or tacky like some shine serums can feel.

Set Up & Above
The name of this product changed but luckily the formula did not! This is a thick, hard jelly-like pomade. I use this on dry hair only. If my ends need a trim, this is a neat little product that can temporarily make them look mended together (reminder: NOTHING can actually mend split ends, besides a hair cut) As mentioned above too, I can mix this with MirrorCurls for extra hold, frizz fighting properties and shine. A go to when I am going somewhere and really want my hair to look as good as possible is to use the BeautifulMess/Mirror Curls combo and then Flexible Hold Hairspray on top. This combo may make your hair more producty than usual with Deva products, so keep that in mind. If it is an important night or pictures are involved, it's worith it to me. With this pomade, rub it between your hands first to warm it up before applying in the hair. A little bit goes far.

Mister Right-Dream Curl Refresher and No-Comb Detangling Spray
I use both these products the exact same way so I combined them here for my review. Both of them make wonderful second or third (or fourth or even fifth...) day hair refreshers for me. Mister Right smells like lavender while The Detangling Spray smells like lemongrass. If my hair is particularly wonky upon waking up or if my work out was extra intense, I go in with one of these. They revive my curls and re-activate the products from day one inside. After assessing my hair's situation, I see what other products I need to use, if any, on top. But either one of these is a good starter for days old curls if you are like me and don't want to wet them every single day. Either of these are also good to keep in your purse if you get statically hat hair in the winter.

Ultra Defining Gel
This gel gives my curls nice definition and hold, not quite as much as ArcAngel (see below) but it is still up there. Though I do like ArcAngel a bit better, I still like this gel a lot more than most gels I've tried, since I am unbelievably picky about hair gel and my hair.

ArcAngel Gel
My favorite of all the DevaCurl gels! It is firm and has the most hold, but that being said it doesn't leave my hair hard or stiff or crunchy. It smells delightfully like oranges which I like. This gel was originally part of the "DevaCare" line and although that no poo and amazing version of One Condition were discontinued, I'm super relieved they kept this in the line. This moisturizing gel helps hold my curls in place while fighting frizz. It melts in into my hair and keeps my curls looking great for days.

Heaven In Hair
Okay, okay I snuck this in. It is technically a deep treatment and this blog is about stylers. But it has earned it's place here in the styling category. Why? If you have super dry hair (I feel like I've said that so much, but my hair is very, very, very dry genetically)  this makes an AMAZING leave in conditioner in the drier air weathered months.

Wave Maker
Oh come on, you didn't think I'd do a huge blog post about all of Deva's styling products and leave Wave Maker out, did you???? This delightfully fruity scented touchable texture whip is simply incredible. I can cocktail it with so many other products, or just with just a leave in and oil or MirrorCurls on top of wet hair, and know that my hair will look good!! This adds texture and definition to my waves like no curl enhancer did before. I use it so often, even mixing with other brands and it's even made some of their products work better for me. Like the other styling creams above, this also is nice if needed on days old hair if you need some moisture, but not as much, since it is lighter than the others.

My absolute favorite wet hair DevaCurl combo is this: Heaven In Hair as my leave in, Wave Maker, ArcAngel with a little MirrorCurls on top!!

DevaCurl also has a Light Defining Gel and Spray Gel. I haven't used either of these products in years and didn't love them the way I love the rest of the stylers, so forgive me for not reviewing them.

I hope you found this blog about DevaCurl's stylers very helpful. The good thing, and reason why I like this line so much is because the stylers are very forgiving, can be cocktailed and are fun to mix, match and play around with.

This post was not endorsed, sponsored or paid for my DevaCurl. All opinions are my own, honest thoughts as always. Once in a blue, they may send me products, but every single product on this list I bought myself at least once, most of them many, many more times! No montary compensation received.

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