My 5th Ouidad "Carve and Slice" Cut!

I was in such dire need of a hair cut! As per usual, I waited too long. My last was in September 2016. I also "self trimmed" while waiting and between that and still growing out some bleach damage (one day I may blog about that whole story), parts of my hair were terribly uneven! But Jason is a miracle worker and fixed it all, as usual! Read on for details.

I've been going to see Jason at the Ouidad Flagship Salon in NYC for almost two years now! My first time was March 2015 and my hair has come such a long way since then!!!

If you are interested, here are my blog posts from my previous Ouidad cuts. They also go into great definition about explaining the "Carve and Slice" technique and how it is truly not as scary as it sounds.
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The salon was renovated and looked different from last time I was there, back in October. I always thought it was a gorgeous salon, but the couches they have in the waiting room now are so comfy I was ready to take a nap!
 I started off with my consultation and Jason already knew what I was thinking! I wanted it trimmed and shaped, losing as little length as possible since I'm still on my quest to return to mermaid length hair. He understands and he listened! He also fixed what started to look like shelves that I accidentally did to myself while trying to self trim at home.

I learned new things about my hair. If you notice in the pictures down more, the back of my hair in the before kind of has a "tail" This is because I have quite a few hair textures on my head! My hair is most curly in the front, curlier on the sides, and least curly in the back. To fix this "tail", he layered that section a bit so it would fall better. Jason also said I have "classic curls" which was fascinating, because I always thought I was positively wavy! He also said, that even without chemicals or dye in my hair, my hair is just genetically dry, which I knew already. So my hair will always love conditioner. Also, I have medium textured, course strands.

I started off getting washed, and treatment. Gabby, the new salon assistant (I think that is her title?) used Water Works Clarifying Shampoo because she said she felt a little build up on my scalp. This is one of Ouidad's two clarifying shampoos and it is the more "intense" one. This is a chelating formula that uses citrus extracts to help remove heavy buildup. The buildup was probably from my mostly co-washing as of lately. Then, she used my absolute beloved Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy on my hair. If you don't know what this is, please read my article on it HERE. It is one of the best hair products ever created. EVER. I sat with it on my head under this cool heat dryer looking thing for 12 minutes and then after it was rinsed out, she applied the Melt Down Curl Recovery Mask to seal the treatment in and add some intense moisture. You can use regular, moisturizing conditioner over the treatment but a mask really intensifies the amazing results.

After the treatments were rinsed out, it was cut time. There was absolute minimum hair on the floor so I was a happy camper. I feel like I say this every hair cut post, but I find it to be so important that it bears repeating. Please don't let the worlds "Carve and Slice" scare you. I understand, they scared me for so many years, too. But the "Carve and Slice" (Ouidad's signature cut method) is catered to every hair and every individual. With my hair, we avoid much carving because I don't want that. If you are interested, please refer back to my first cut post HERE for lots more detail on the cut technique.
 After the cut Jason styled me using the "Rake and Shake" technique which is also how I style my hair at home. Of course he styles my hair 1000x better than I could ever and he also taught me a few new hair tricks to try!

Here are a few of the products used to style. Also not seem once my hair was dry he used the Clear Control Pomade, which is a product unlike anything else I've tried. These are some of my very favorites! I also got a sneak peek of some upcoming stuff that I can't talk about yet, but as soon as I can I promise I will because they were incredible!!! ;)
 If you've been a blog reader of mine for a while (thank you!), you may recall how my hairline curls drive me nuts! They're wonky and don't curl properly. Jason figured out and told me how to fix them. He said "Pay attention to how the curl forms when wet. If I twist and manipulate the wet hair and go in the opposite direction, my curls will form nicer. Twist front curls forward so they curl back. Sometimes hair grows out of the follicle in a way we don't want." So my follicles are the ones to blame for my wonky hairline texture!
manipulated wet hair so it dries nicer
 Once styled, I sat under the hood dryer for what felt line so long, since my hair takes so long to dry! I Just relaxed and sipped on one of the delicious cappuccinos. Seriously, they're soo good!

For a fun look, Jason took a fine tooth come to make my roots a bit flatter once dry. This was similar to how he styled my hair for my engagement party back in October I loved loved LOVED how it came out and love the cut! The shelves are gone, and so are my super damaged, bleached ends! At this point I think I have so so so little of the bleached ends left, that by next cut my hair will be completely my own natural color!!! I have bounce and definition and a whole lot less frizz. I can't recommend going to Jason at the Ouidad Flagship Salon if you are, or will be in the NYC area! My results have been consistently incredible.

This is how I came in that morning with day three hair:

This is immediately after in the salon:

Here is in some different lighting a little later on. First in Central Park right after, then without flash and then with flash. The flash REALLY shows the shine from the treatment and styling products! By the way when I speak of styling products, they are not heavy feeling and don't weigh the hair down at all.

 That's it! I'm loving how soft and healthy my hair feels again! What a difference a trim and shape could do!

disclaimer: not a sponsored or endorsed post. no monetary compensation received. all thoughts expressed are my own, honest opinions, as always.

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