SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Line

You know it is the beginning of the year when SheaMoisture starts releasing lots of new lines and products!! The 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration line is exclusive to CVS for now. Being a big fan of SheaMoisture AND Coconut Oil, I was excited to try these new products. Read on for how I liked them!
The SheaMoisture 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration line is meant to re-hydrate, soften, add shine and control frizz for all hair types. It smells like...coconut! The good news is, my nose is very picky with coconut scents and if you read my blog often enough (thank you!) you may recall me saying that before and it's true. While this is not my favorite scent in the world, it doesn't cause headaches like some coconut scents do. It's also not like a "pina colada" type coconut, it's more of a light sea breeze coconut, as I definitely can sniff out a bit of an aquatic note in there.

 Main Ingredients:

Daily Hydration Shampoo
A nice shampoo that got my hair clean and left my hair soft, not stripped. The shampoo itself feels very silky and for a sulfate free cleanser, it products a nice lather. It was weird to me this came with a flip cap and the matching conditioner came with a pump. A little of this goes a long, long way.

Daily Hydration Conditioner
 I was pleasantly surprised with how moisturizing this conditioner is for not being a masque! I then read online that this conditioner can actually be used as a masque!! I used it as my conditioner, applying it section by section but left it as my leave in without rinsing it out because I like heavier leave ins in the winter time and I thought that spray would be too light for my hair right now. Even on wet hair, I felt this conditioner did something great. The slip is INCREDIBLE. It's not super duper thick in consistency, but it had the rough task of moisturizing my hair with this dry Winter air, and it very much succeeded. Plus, it comes in a pump, which is my favorite choice of bottle.

Daily Hydration Finishing Oil Serum
I used this as my finishing oil on wet hair for the "L.C.O." method using two sprays per section for seven sections.  This really gave my hair some nice added shine and even while it was wet and still drying I noticed less frizz than normal. Once all the way air dried, I was happy with how my hair turned out. With some oils, I have to go in and add a bit more when my hair is dry but I did not with this one. A little goes a long way  because I also tried it over the leave-in (see below) on day 2 hair after a few hours and my hair went from looking a little frizzy to looking a bit oily real fast, and I only used a few sprays for my whole head! Play with this one on the side where less truly is more.
Leave-In Treatment
 As I mentioned, knowing my hair I think this spray may be too lightweight for me to use on wet hair right now. I used it on Day 2 hair and it did re-hydrate my hair very nicely, but I still had some day two frizz. I used the oil over it but was heavy handed so my hair went from a touch of frizz to a bit too oily real fast. That's my oooops.  The spray nozzle makes it super easy to control the amount that comes out, and it produces a finer mist that distributes nicely instead of squirting out "hard" in one concentrated area. This is a nice mist for refreshing and I think if you have super fine hair that easily gets weighed down, this will also work nicely on wet hair.

Here are my wash day pictures using this whole line, as well as the gel I've been currently reaching for, DevaCurl ArcAngel, because my hair needs hold of a gel with leave in and oils. Since I've been using that one so often, and it has been in my stash for years (not the same bottle), I can accurately see how the new products in this line perform with it.
I can't wait to trim and shape my hair this month! the ends look a bit eeehhhh LOL

I applied products to my hair the same way as always, section by section, raking them through and then scrunching on the ends. Plopped in my Curl Ease Towel while doing my skin and body care regimen and then allowed my hair to air dry completely.

I was going to take Day 2 pictures as well, but I missed that up being heavy handed with the oil. =/

To sum it up, SheaMoisture produced some excellent new products with this 100% Virgin Coconut Oil collection! The stand outs for me are the Conditioner since it is a three in one for me; masque, conditioner and leave in, and well as the oil serum, so long as I go easy with the amount I apply! ;)

**I am testing out with this blog post making my pictures a bit bigger- do you guys like that or should I go back to the regular size I had? (talking about size...not quality here. I'm working on the latter)

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disclaimer: shampoo, conditioner, leave in sent to me for review consideration. oil serum bought by me. no monetary compensation received. not a sponsored or endorsed post. as always, thoughts expressed are my own, honest opinions.

<3 Diane

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