100% Pure Blood Orange Cleansing Balm

 A few weeks ago a brand I really like, 100% Pure, posted on their instagram looking for bloggers to try out and review an upcoming product! I replied lightning fast and am thrilled I was selected to try out the new Blood Orange Cleansing Balm! Read on for more.

The Blood Orange Cleansing Balm will be available on February 21!

This is my first time trying 100% Pure skincare, but I use some of their makeup pretty often and it is so good! I was actually in the market for a new cleansing oil/balm since I just ran out of the one I had and wanted to look for a different brand to use. This came at the perfect time for me!

If you are unfamiliar with the brand, 100% Pure is 100% Natural, Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Cruelty Free!

This is what the brand says about the new cleansing balm:
"The delicious cleanser gently and effectively dissolves makeup. It purifies while it deeply nourishes and moisturizes your skin. Detoxifying blood orange refreshes while the organic oils of avocado, coconut and oilive intensely softens and leabes skin glowing."

The smell is amazing.!!!I LOVE citrus and orange, and sadly due to a current health issue I haven't been able to eat any (seriously, you have no clue how bad I just want a glass of fresh OJ)  It has a light, orange fragrance that delights me every time I use it. It smells like a REAL orange, not artificial, fake or sweet.

How I cleanse my skin at night is the "double cleansing method" I first go in with a cleansing oil or balm (that would be this) and gently remove all my makeup. I then follow up with my clarisonic and another cleanser that focuses on acne since my combination skin is very acne prone.
The texture of the balm feels just like pure coconut oil. It is solid, but melts once you scoop out a little bit and warm it between your fingers. You only need a little bit to get the job done. I apply it in circles on my dry skin so it removes my complexion. I then gently take a little and GENTLY (I can't emphasize the GENTLE part here, our eye area is so delicate) massage it to remove my mascara. I then splash and massage some water onto my face and it removes everything. This does a nice job at removing ALL of my makeup, even hard to remove mascara and eyeliner! Once I pat my skin dry, it feels so soft and is ready for the rest of my skincare regimen (which by the way, I need to do an updated blog on. look for that soon)

I am very impressed by this cleansing balm! Aside from the yummy smell, it effectively removed all my makeup while leaving my skin soft and not breaking me out. I get a bit nervous trying new skincare sometimes since my skin breaks out rather easily. Because of this, it was important for me to test it a few weeks before reviewing so I am glad I was able to do so. This cleansing balm is a winner!

disclaimer: products sent for review consideration. not sponsored or endorsed. no monetary compensation received. all opinions are my own, truthful thoughts, as always. 

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