Be Kekoa Tamanu Oil: Review and Giving Back

Be Kekoa is a line of products for all textures of hair created by salon owner and healthy hair artist, Brandie Kekoa. Not only do they have some lovely products, but they are unique in how they source and produce one of their key ingredients, Tamanu Oil.

One of the star products of the Be Kekoa line is the pure tamanu oil essential oil blends. This mix is sustainably sourced and ethically produced while containing absolutely no fillers, additives, or silicones. It is 100% organic with the addition of selecting two out of several 100% certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils based on your specific hair repair and concerns. Not only that, the Be Kekoa tamanu oil is the only hand-pressed, sun-dried tamanu oil on the market! By extracting and sourcing the oil this way, none of the nutrients inside get lost.

CLICK HERE to read my article all about the benefits of this oil, my review and how Brandie and Be Kekoa give back to French Polynesia with how they source it!

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