DevaCurl Buildup Buster and Devachan In Salon Treatment! and 4 Hair of the Days

This blog is a long, picture heavy one. I will be reviewing the new DevaCurl Buildup Buster Micellar Water Cleansing Serum, as well as talking about my wonderful experience at the Devachan Salon and showing you a few "Hair of the Days" that followed my in salon treatment and styling. Read on for more!

Earlier in February, I was lucky enough to attend the product launch event for Buildup Buster by DevaCurl. If you missed that recap, check it here.

You can also read my first use review of the product here.

Quick Recap of what Buildup Buster Is:
"Buildup Buster is a Micellar Water Cleansing Serum. You may have heard of this ingredient before as it is used in some skincare products, but DevaCurl is the first to bring this technology to hair care. According to the brand, their product “gently removes buildup from products, hard water, or environmental stressors, while the rejuvenating cleansing serum will bring all curl types back to life!” This is a cleansing product meant to be used once weekly or as needed, replacing your regular shampoo or co-wash for a deeper clean."
Buildup Buster is made for ALL hair types! Wavy, Curly, Super Curly, Coily, and even straight hair can benefit from this product. Not only is this product designed to remove buildup from styling products, but we also accumulate build up in our hair from the environment and our water (gross, I know) and it is meant to remove it all and refresh the hair. It is almost like a “reset that allows the hair to regain moisture” according to Devachan stylist, LaToya. So even if you use all DevaCurl or “Curly Girl Method” “clean” hair products, your hair can still benefit from a more thorough cleansing once in a while. The BuildUp Buster is essentially a sulfate free clarifying shampoo that thoroughly cleanses without stripping the hair of much needed moisture. The bottle says to use it once a week, but based on your personal situation, products used, etc., you may even be able to us it less if you wanted.

The consistency of Buildup Buster feels like a thinner gel, and it has a nice, clean scent to it. It's a bit slippery and easy to distribute. The nozzle was very convenient to target the product on my scalp. I massage it into my scalp and down the lengths of my hair. I actually noticed I was able to detangle a bit with it! That was surprising. Buildup Buster is meant to be used in place of, not in addition to, your usual shampoo or co-wash. I leave it in during the duration of my shower then rinsed. My hair felt slippery, soft and clean. Once rinsed I applied my conditioner, left it in a half hour, rinsed and styled as usual. After I got out of the shower, prior to applying my styling products my hair has a nice shine to it! Even after applying styling products and drying my hair, my hair felt so light, had great shine and bounce and overall looked healthier. I felt it was more manageable as well. My hair felt super soft, even days later. I am excited to see what using this product regularly does for my hair.

I was fortunate enough to go to the Devachan Salon in SoHo (NYC) to experience the Buildup Buster Bounce Back In Salon Treatment! Not only was I taught exactly how and why to use this product (which I mentioned above) to ensure achieving my best results at home, my wonderful stylist, LaToya, styled my hair the signature DevaCurl way and was very patient and kind in explaining everything to me, what she was doing and why. I made sure to let Latoya know during styling I personally do not like too much volume in my curls, and she gave me the perfect amount!

Side note, the sink chairs at the Devachan Salon are INCREDIBLE! The best I ever sat on. They're lounges! I have neck issues and usually salon sinks cause me a lot of pain, but this one did not at all.

I loved the way my hair turned out after the In Salon Treatment and Deva Styling. My hair felt SUPER SILKY, there was absolutely minimal frizz and my curls were really defined! I also noticed my hair color (which has not been dyed in 2 years) looked a bit more vibrant. My style lasted for days after, without me needing to do a whole lot to refresh it!

Aside from Buildup Buster, the following DevaCurl products were used in my hair at the salon: One Condition Decadence (this is the best choice if you have REALLY dry hair, like me), SuperCream, ArcAngel and Flexible Hold Hair Spray.
LaToya left the conditioner in my hair and rinsed it only a little with cold water. I then flipped over and with my hair still soaking wet, she applied the SuperCream followed by the ArcAngel.  For both products, she glided them bottom to top, under and over and then scrunched. Hearing a "wet squeaky noise" means that I had the right amount of product in my hair. After that I sat under the hooded dryer for a while and then she used the DevaFuser. Once my hair was dry, she gently removed the gel cast and finished with the Flexible Hold Hairspray.

buildup buster in my hair at the sink
LaToya applying Buildup Buster
flipped upside down for styling
before drying
under the hood dryer
under the hood dryer
is this even my hair!?
the lovely LaToya and I!

Here are some additional styling tips I received from Latoya: 

  • When applying conditioner, start at the ends and work your way up since the ends get drier faster than the roots. Leave in more of the conditioner for maximum hydration, just rinsing it a little bit.
  • Use lukewarm water when applying conditioner. The warmth of the water (don’t use scorching hot) will help open the hair cuticle so the conditioner penetrates deeper into the hair shaft. Rake the conditioner through and when it feels very silky, scrunch to encourage the curls.
  • Use cold water when rinsing. This helps seal the hair cuticle and add shine to the hair
  • It is best to apply styling products in the shower to soaking wet hair. She applied all the products on my hair with my head flipped over and then I sat under the hooded dryer for a while and she also diffused.
  • Use a microfiber towel to help remove excess water from the hair. Not a terrycloth.
  • After applying styling products, once your hair is dry, gently rub your scalp to release the gel cast, but don’t run your hands through the length, as this will disrupt the curl pattern. Instead, scrunch at the bottom to loosen the cast.

Day 1 Pics:
I'm sorry I took SOO MANY day 1 pictures, but I was REALLY excited with how my hair came out! 

most of these had no flash

all of these had flash

out on the street, no flash again
 oh and THIS is how I showed up to the salon (well it was in a messy bun) This is Day 5 hair with oil I put in it the night before for treatment, as well as lots of dry shampoo and styling products. I had it thrown back for a couple of days which always stretches out my curls like so. I figured I REALLY wanted to put the Buildup Buster to the test!

Day 2:
 I slept with my hair in a pineapple on my Satin Pillowcase. This was it barely touched, nothing done when I just woke up! It NEVER looked like this when I first wake up!!!

I did work out Saturday so I had to refresh a little. I used DevaCurl Mister Right and MirrorCurls Serum. Once it set, I used a little DevaCurl B'Leave In on my ends and hairline which are weaker and set it with a bit more Flexible Hold Hairspray.
Saturday was a gorgeous day! It was in the low 60s which is unheard of here in February! I took advantage taking pictures in my yard and then we went to play in Manhattan.

These are in my favorite selfie spot, no flash:

Outside in my yard, also no flash

 no flash, waiting for bus to the city we decided to play photoshoot (well really, I begged Tommie)

Some shots in the city with no flash again

Day 3
To fix up some frizz and what happened during sleep the night before, I used Mister Right Spray followed by B-Leave In, applying them section by section and then scrunching a little. B'Leave In is quickly becoming a favorite styler for days old hair. I'll have to do a seperate post on that.

These pictures were taken outside in my yard, no flash. It was a gorgeous day.

  Day 4
I can't believe I'm wearing my hair down on a Day 4! It's certainly pushing it to say the least. Between it actually being day 4 and an intense workout this morning, obviously this is not the best hair day. But for Day 4, I don't think it looked the worst! I just used the No-Poo Quick Cleanser (a dry shampoo) on my scalp and went in with a decent amount of SuperCream through my lengths to moisturize and help a little with frizz.

No flash, in my favorite "selfie spot" with my back door open.

In my yard, no flash

 I really like how the Buildup Buster leaves my hair feeling clean, soft and bouncy. I'm especially impressed with how Latoya styled my hair at the Devachan Salon to look so curly and how long the style lasted me!

disclaimer: not an endorsed or sponsored post. no monetary compensation received. the salon treatment and style was provided to me complimentary, but of course I tipped Latoya out of my own pocket for her hard work. all thoughts are my own and honest opinions.

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<3 Diane


  1. You and your hair look great! Thanks to your review, I will definitely be getting the Buildup Buster! It sounds great for me, since we have hard water and I definitely need help with that. Oh and I am going to try that tip with starting conditioner on the ends first. It makes sense and yet I've never done it that way. Thanks so much!

  2. Very informative post. I was wondering if you use other clarifying products, and if you do how does the Micellar compare? I usually use Kinky Curly Come Clean every month or two. I have dry 2C curls too.


    1. yes i've used other clarifying shampoos as well. thank you for reading!


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