Doll 10 Beauty Lip Velvet 4 Piece Collection

I love Doll 10 lippies. If you read my blog regularly, you probably knew that by now. The Lip Velvet formula is not new, in fact I have two colors already and LOVE everything about them. However, recently on QVC they debuted four new colors in a set and of course I had to have them. Read on for more.

Here is what says about the Doll 10 Beauty Lip Velvet kit:

"True sophistication in an unexpected texture. The revolutionary Doll 10 Lip Velvet Creme formula is so rich and creamy it will have your lips wanting more. This formula gives you the look and feel of a traditional lipstick without the heaviness for the ultimate comfort and weightless feel you've always dreamed of in a lipstick. The luxurious, ultra-light texture glides on like silk and leaves a smooth, velvety finish on the lips. These four wearable shades are great for anyone looking for a sophisticated lip look without compromising comfort and hydration."

The lipsticks come in a tube with a doe foot applicator. I do prefer bullets or crayons but it is still really easy to apply and you can use the tip of the doe foot to outline your lips. This formula is incredible and unlike anything else I ever felt. Beside being full of pigment that lasts on my lips for hours (the darker colors last longer), it has a unique, airy mousse like consistency that fills in my lip lines (from straw drinking) and makes my lips look more full. Also, the formula moisturizes my lips nicely, and doesn't leave them feeling dried out at all.

Color wise, I do like some colors in this kit more than others. But that's because I tend to only wear pinks and berries. This kit really does offer a variety of lip colors so you can be set with all different looks. It's funny, the one red lippie I do have in my collection is by Doll 10. What is interesting to me about this kit is just how different that colors look depending on the lighting and flash.

so shy, talk to me, love pop, devotion NO FLASH
so shy, talk to me, love pop, devotion FLASH

 All the photos below were taken near a window for natural light. No flash or anything.

 So Shy
"a true nude shade"
This is a really pretty nude! It is cool toned with the very slighest pink tint to it. This is such a great color to pair with a more intense eye shadow look.

Talk to Me
"A plummy rose shade"
This is my favorite shade of the kit! Truth be told, this is the shade that convinced me to purchase the kit all together. This is a cool toned, rosy shade with some purple undertones in it. It's a bit different but I really like it, especially for something unique in the Winter.

Love Pop
"a coral pink shade" 
This is a pretty coral pink. It does lean more towards the coral side to me than pure pink, but it is a nice pop of color, especially as the weather warms up!

"a berry wine shade" 
To me this is more red and crimson than pure berry. It is pretty dark and the least "diane like" shade of the bunch. The color is pretty, but I know personally I won't reach for it often. Colors like this I pass along to my best friend; she looks awesome in these shades and I got her hooked on Doll 10 lippies as a result.

Overall, the lip velvet formula is pigmented and moisturizing and this kit offers a great wardrobe of colors you can really have fun playing with!

At time of writing this blog post, this collection is still available on QVC here.

disclaimer: products purchased by me. All thoughts expressed are my own, honest opinions as always. Not endorsed or sponsored. No monetary compensation received.

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