Hair of the Day for DevaCurl Buildup Buster Launch Party!

Last week by some awesome miracle, little me over here was invited to join some of the biggest curly influencers for the launch party of DevaCurl's newest product, Buildup Buster!! I'm still in thankful shock that I was invited and it was so much fun! Of course, knowing I'd be in a room with lots of girls who have perfect hair only made me pray to the hair gods extra hard to let me wash day come out great!! Read on for more!

So two quick things first:
1) I received the Buildup Buster in my gift bag and have not used it yet. So there's not review of that in here, but as soon as I try it a review will happen, of course.

2) I submitted a detailed event recap to, so once that publishes I will have another blog post with the recap and how fun the event really was, but I am still including a few event pictures in here since I just can't help myself. =)
***Update*** here is my recap:

I knew I had to wash my hair that morning for it to look it's best. My day 1 hair has been the best of my hair cycle lately. Also, the evening before as part of the launch, I went to a work out class with a bunch of other curlies at a place called 305 Fitness in Manhattan. This was a dance inspired cardio class that left me DRENCHED. There was no resurrecting Day 2 hair with all any amount of dry shampoo and refresher spray after that workout! LOL!

So here is what I used for my wash day. Wanting my hair to be extremely photograph-able and really behave, I used more products for Day 1 styling than I usually do.  Everything is by DevaCurl.
  • Cleanser: No-Poo Original
  • Condition: One Condition Original, left in as leave in
  • Stylers (wet): Wave Maker, ArcAngel, MirrorCurls
  • Stylers (dry):  a little more MirrorCurls, Flexible-Hold Hair Spray, Set Up & Above (Beautiful Mess)
You may be wondering why I didn't masque. I washed my hair only 2 days before and used Heaven In Hair and since the past few weeks I washed a bit more often than I usually do, I didn't want to risk over moisturizing.

I applied my products the same way as usual. On soaking wet hair, raking each one through section by section and then scrunching. I plopped in my curl ease towel while I did my skin and body care regimen. Due to timing, I thought I was going to have to diffuse, but somehow I actually got out of bed early enough for my hair to air dry completely before I left for the city. (it takes around an hour give or take with traffic for me to get where the event was)

Once my hair was dry, I applied more mirror curls, a generous spraying of the flexible-hold hairspray and the smallest amount of Set Up & Above, which essentially is a pomade. I used this on my ends and also on my hairline, lately this one clump of strands have been trying to detach themselves and stray from the best and driving me up a wall. So I used some to try and keep it together. Once I styled my hair at home, I did not touch up my hair at all the rest of the night.

I had to shout out the MirrorCurls Serum. I feel like this is such an UNDERRATED Deva product!! Even other curlies at the party who I talked to that LOVE Deva never tried it before. This is a silicone free serum that will add shine to your hair like you would not believe. It is one of my very favorite serums out there. I use it to seal wet hair or add shine back on dry day 1 hair or even days old here. Here's the thing though: A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. I had to add more on my day 1 hair for the event because I went on the side of caution and didn't use enough when sealing- but that is okay. If you use too much of this at once, you won't like it. It can make hair greasy super fast. So I didn't want to risk using too much knowing how important the event was. But when you use the right amount, it's so good. You can always add more if you use too little, but it is difficult to take away without washing once in the hair. But seriously, try this stuff. It's fantastic.

My new favorite spot in my house for selfies is with my back door open. That way I can use natural light without needing a flash. I just wish it stayed darker longer, especially when I air dry my hair and it takes longer or goes later to dry. What else is interesting and I have no clue why, the pictures of just my hair without my face made the lighting change. That was odd.

Here are a few pictures from the event for now until the recap post goes up:
 What was super awesome, there was a professional photographer taking photos of us in the best lighting ever there!! I hope I am able to get copies of mine, but here was one I took of the screen. I actually worked with this photographer, Skinny (@skinnywashere) back in September when I did the photoshoot for the upcoming NaturallyCurly book!!! If you missed that post, check it out here. I actually still haven't seen any final edits on my photos from that day, I'm excited to see when the book launches this Summer!!
Most of the makeup on my face is by Wander Beauty, with Mally Bauty Poreless Face Defender on top!

You may notice some of my Deva products still are old labels. Their 25% off old label sale on is still happening! The formulas are the same, it is just the outer packaging that is different so don't miss this chance to save and stock up on some products!!!

I seriously can't thank DevaCurl enough for inviting me to the event!! As shy and awkward as I was, I had such an amazing time.

disclaimer: Not a sponsored or endorsed post. No monetary compensation received. DevaCurl did invite me to the event, but didn't expect or ask me to do this blog. All the products mention I buy myself, even if at times Deva may have sent some to me. As always, all thoughts expressed are my own, honest opinions.

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