New Wander Beauty Spring 2017: Dualist Concealer, Rise and Prime Primer and Balm plus Lilac Eyeshadow

Wander Beauty just released new products for Spring and I am so excited about them! I've been wearing them for a couple of weeks now and I've been sitting on my hands anxious to talk about what I've been wearing. I'm thrilled that I finally can!! Read on for more.

Something unique about Wander Beauty that I really love is how easy and practical the products are to carry in your purse to take with you. I recently went to Atlantic City for a few days and had mostly Wander Beauty with me since not only do I like how the products look, but there weren't any liquids or anything I really had to worry about spilling in my bag! If you look at my photos from my trip here, all these products below are on my face.

Dualist Concealer 
Wander: "An innovative, double sided concealer, with a creamy, full coverage matte stick on one end and a lightweight, illuminating liquid on the other. The matte stick masks imperfections such as discoloration, blemishes, dark circles, age spots and redness. The moisturizing sheer, illuminating concealer can be used to reawaken a dull complexion and brighten the under eyes or cheekbones, diffuse fine lines with a soft and flattering glow. This multitasking, globally-inspired, crease-proof formula provides long-lasting, fool-proof coverage that blends effortlessly without feeling heavy. It helps you achieve the right coverage and color correction for great looking skin. Ideal for quick touch up’s on the go, this concealer is a must-have in your beauty arsenal!

  • Collagen (South Korea) – helps improve the firmness and elasticity of skin
  • Aloe Vera Extract (South Korea) – soothes and nourishes skin
  • Vitamin E (Germany) – helps block free radicals and has anti-aging properties

Corrects, contours, highlights, and perfects"

Me: This concealer comes in five shades and I have the shade LIGHT. I am OBSESSED with concealer! OBSESSED! I was super anxious to try this concealer after Wander already impressed me with the fact I could use their Flash Focus Foundation Hydrating Stick as a concealer as well. I think it is so brilliant to have two different concealer formulas in one easy to carry tube. The matte side is a stick, but not just any stick; it is cut in such a way it can easily fit into all the corners and curves of the face. The point is also perfect to cover blemishes. I like this side to cover them and the redness in my cheeks. Often times, I have trouble with some concealers staying put on my blemishes all day but this concealer not only fully covered, it stayed there. The illuminating side is equally impressive. I use this on my dark, dark, dark circles and it covers them while making my eyes look brighter. I usually apply it in the "triangle of light" method. Like the matte side, this concealer also wears all day for me and does not crease into the fine lines under my eyes. I use the doe foot applicator to apply it under my eyes, then a brush or my fingers to blend. I have really liked using my fingers to gently tap in under eye concealers lately. The warmth from my body helps them become one with my skin.

no flash

 Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow
Wander: "These lustrous, silky eye shadows deliver brilliant color and a multitude of eye effects. Formulated with a unique blend of green tea and aloe extracts to soothe, condition and protect the eyelids, Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadows are the perfect multitasking, day-to-night product to have in your makeup bag. Simply use the doe-foot applicator to apply directly to the eyelids for all over color, or along the lash line for a lustrous, bold look, and blend with your fingertips for desired results. The quick-drying, long-lasting, shades won’t crease or fade, and deliver radiant color every time. The innovative, buildable formula is great for layering, allowing you to create a myriad of beautiful looks with no brush and no mess. The sleek, portable tube allows for easy transportability and quick, on-the-go touch-ups.

  • Green Tea and Aloe Extract – conditions and soothes skin, providing antioxidant protection"

Me: This is such a pretty shadow color! The lilac is a light purpley/pink. If you follow me, you may know I love wearing these kind of shades on my eyes. The finish is a pretty metallic and it lasts on my lids all day when worn over eye shadow primer. You can build up the intensity from a sheer wash of color to something more vivid and pigmented. I like to use the doe foot to get it on my lid and then go in with my ring finger (don't use your pointer, too much pressure for the eye area) to blend! This color and formula is perfect for a simple "one and done" eye color when I want to look nice, but don't feel like working with a palette and blending. Wander has this in a few other shades I now have my eye on.

no flash

Rise and Prime Balm and Primer Duo
Wander: "A dual ended moisturizer and primer stick that brings you from day to play with one multitasking, easy-to-use stick. On one end is a multi-purpose moisturizing balm that can be used on the face, lips, or body for instant hydration anywhere without ever feeling greasy. On the other end is a universally flattering, nude tinted, oil-free blur stick and primer that mattifies, reduces the appearance of pores, blurs imperfections, evens skin tone, and diminishes fine lines, while creating a smooth surface for flawless makeup application.

  • Shea Butter (South Africa) & Olive Fruit Oil (Spain) – hydrate skin
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract (United States) – provides antioxidant benefitsPropolis Extract (New Zealand) – contains healing properties & improves overall skin health

Mattifying Primer
  • Green Tea Extract (India) – provides antioxidant benefits
  • Vitamin E (Germany) – contains anti-aging properties
  • Willow Bark Extract (United States) – soothes skin

Portable and simple to apply on the go, the skin-loving primer can be worn alone without makeup for naturally refreshed, matte skin, or under makeup for a smooth finish that lasts. The hydrating, internationally-inspired balm gives a beautiful healthy glow to your skin without looking greasy."

Me: The balm is so moisturizing. I've been using it on my lips and cuticles in the morning and evening. The primer for me is the real star. If my skin is behaving pretty well, I can get away with wearing this alone- it mattifies and controls my shine while blurring my imperfections. Note that it blurs but does not really have coverage. It makes foundation I apply over it stay on and look fresh all day. I've also used this on top of makeup when some shine decided to peek through and it fixed that problem super quick. I really like how portable this stick is, it is easy to keep in my bag.

no flash

 It is hard to see the swatches of the primer and balm because the primer matches my skin THAT well and the balm is supposed to be clear. ;)

no face makeup (just mascara)

only primer (and mascara)

 flash focus foundation all over face, dualist concealer on undereyes and blemishes
 flash focus foundation all over face, dualist concealer on undereyes and blemishes

 full face
full face
 full face

My whole face is Wander Beauty today! Here is what I used:
  • Unlashed Mascara
  • Secret Weapon Pencil on waterline
  • Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow in Lilac 
  • Frame Your Face Micro Brow Pencil in BLONDE
  • Rise & Prime Primer on face and eyelids
  • Flash Focus Hydrating Foundation Stick in LIGHT
  • Dualist Concealer in LIGHT
  • WanderLust Powder in LIGHT
  • Mini Carryon Lip & Cheek Gel on lips and cheeks in ISLAND HOP
  • On the Glow Bronzer and Illuminator in CAPRI/CANDLE GLOW to contour and under brow bone

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disclaimer: products sent for review consideration. not sponsored or endorsed. no monetary compensation received. all opinions are my own, truthful thoughts, as always. 

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<3 Diane


  1. The packaging is so beautiful, and that is usually is enough for me to try it! lol. Great review, and you are so lovely, I love your curly hair!

    1. definitely try this line, it's so good! thank you for the sweet compliments! =)

  2. It all looks terrific but that concealer and eye shadow are especially intriguing. They will have to be mine! Thanks for the review. I can't wait to try this brand!


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