Up North Naturals Products for Naturally Curly Hair

Up North Naturals is a Canadian born, all natural, curly hair care brand! I've been playing around with the line for a little while now and let me tell you- there are some really great products within this line. Continue reading for my thoughts on the entire line, plus a discount code!

Up North Naturals' tagline is "A better way to a great curly hair day!" The products are all formulated with all natural ingredients, and according to the founder, Lisa, "in the long run gives you a healthier scalp and hair."

As mentioned earlier, this is a Canadian company but they do ship world wide! For my Canadian curly friends, they have a separate Canadian website so you curlies can save on shipping and duties!

Let's get into the products:
Clean Curls Cleanser
Them: "Clean Curls Cleanser allows your curls to be their best and ensures you have a great hair day! Cleanses your scalp and gently removes dirt from your hair without it feeling stripped of moisture. You can actually begin to detangle with this! You will love the slight tingle of peppermint and rosemary which stimulates hair growth, stops hair fall, removes dandruff and relieves itchy scalp."

Me: This has an herbal mint scent and lathers rather nicely for a sulfate free shampoo. It left my hair feeling squeaky clean. Not super stripped, but also not feeling soft or moisturized. The way my hair felt once this was rinsed but before conditioner was a bit odd. I would use this more of a clarifying shampoo once or twice a month or so and not so much regularly because of how thoroughly clean it left my hair. I'm a bit worried that using too often may leave my hair too dry.

TLC Replenishing Conditioner

Them: "Made with Shea butter, castor oil and aloe. Give your hair some TLC with this moisture-rich formula that conditions, softens and replenishes parched hair. Gives life to the natural curl and adds a healthy shine and luster. Try TLC Replenishing Conditioner as co-wash, when you are not cleansing with Clean Curls Cleanser, or used as a deep conditioning treatment by covering with a plastic cap for a minimum of 10 minutes with or without heat."

Me: I tried this as a co-wash once and liked it. My hair felt refreshed but moisturized. I like that they say this is a conditioner and deep conditioner in one. The few times I tried it, I wound up leaving it in my hair for at least twenty minutes. The drawback for me with this conditioner is I do finding myself using up quite a bit to thoroughly saturate my hair. That being said, scent and performance were great. The fragrance is fresh and natural, without being too herbally. The conditioner made detangling absolutely effortless. I noticed when I rinsed it, even my wet hair was looking extremely shiny. It isn't the richest conditioner in the world, but still did a very nice job laving my curls feeling silky and soft.

Go-2 Hydrating Hair Milk
Them: "Made with Shea Butter, Castor Oil & Aloe. Specially formulated to penetrate the cuticle and seal in moisture, while giving shine and definition. This product is so versatile, it will be your go –to for many needs. Try it as a detangler, or for a light hold for low-density hair!"

Me: the label just says "essential oil blend" on it, so I'm not quite sure which ones are in here, but for the scent, my nose detects some kind of licorice or fennel. It smells really good and uniquely fresh. The consistency isn't runny and is not super rich like a butter, because this is not a butter. Actually, the line does have a butter I would love to try at some point, too. I'm happily surprised with how slippery (in a good way) this feels for not having any silicone inside! This is a great leave in conditioner because it is not heavy and does not weigh down curls or looser wave patterns. It's very moisturizing for me and is a nice base for layering my stylers and oil sealant on top of. It played nicely with a few different gels. I also used this on dry hair and it re-moisturized my super dry ends without a problem. I really liked this product.

8 Oil Hair Jelly
Them: "Get defined, shiny and soft manageable curls with 8 Oil Hair Gelly.  This will never flake or dry out your hair. Contains no alcohol.  Never stiff and crunchy, but holds really well and locks in your curl. Perfect for Wash & Go styling."

Me: Scent wise, I detect the lightest of citrus inside. Applying on wet hair, the product did feel a bit sticky and as my hair was air drying it did feel a bit stiff. This stiffness did scrunch out once completely dry. I am not crazy about this product on wet hair to style. It left my hair looking a little too producty, even when I used the slightest amount. However, it does work well for days old hair when my hair is thrown up in a messy bun or half back to help control unruly frizzies around my hairline. I like it to slick back updo-ish and messy bun styles since the oils inside can treat my hair at the same time.

8 Oil Blend
 Them: "Specially formulated for dry hair. A beautiful blend of 8 essential oils and carrier oils for dry hair that can be used any time it's needed. Try as a pre-shampoo treatment or after a wash before styling products. A small amount daily can be scrunched into curls, coils, braids, locks, twists, and other natural, relaxed and colour treated hairstyles."

Me: I really like this oil! Aside from the carrier oils of Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Grapseed oil, Neem oil, and Jojoba oil, the blend also contains Lavender, Rosemary, Sandalwood essential oils and together they smell delightful. Uplifting, refreshing and cooling. If you are unfamiliar with essential oils, all of those have incredible hair growth properties in them.  I've used this oil as a pre-poo on wash days. Prior to working out, I massage it in my scalp and through my lengths to condition before washing and also as a sealant in the "L.C.O." method. This makes an excellent sealing oil for me because it is lightweight, and has both sealing and moisturizing oils inside. It adds nice shine and helps with frizz whether I use it with the other Up North Naturals products or with different lines. I've used a couple drops on dry hair too and it is nice to fight second or third day frizz over refresher spray. A little goes a long way with this oil, I learned that by being too heavy handed the first time. If I had to tell you to get one item from Up North Naturals, this one is it.

Here are the products I used for the pictures below:
  • Cleanse: Clean Curls Cleanser
  • Condition: TLC Replenishing Conditioner
  • Stylers: Go-2 Hair Milk, 8 Oil Defining Jelly, 8 Oil Blend

I applied my products the same way as usual. On soaking wet hair, raking each one through section by section and then scrunching. I plopped in my curl ease towel while I did my skin and body care regimen. I then air dried.

These pictures were taken when it was dark out, no flash but trying out a new light. 
 I'm obsessing over this mermaid scale holographic necklace I got on sale at thinkgeek.com! It changes colors in different lighting and it is so cool! Sadly I just went back to link it and it is currently out of stock ;(

Using all the products together, once my hair air dried, my hair felt very light. I got pretty good curl definition, but it isn't my best hair day ever. It looks a bit too producty for my liking, which is odd since I feel like I don't even have product in my hair. There was also a bit more frizz than I care for. I pinpointed the problem product for me down to the gelly since I've used everything else with other lines and didn't have any problems with them.

Use code WELCOME for first time orders on UpNorthNaturals.com to save a bit of $

disclaimer: products sent to me for review consideration. no monetary compensation received. not an endorsed or sponsored post. all opinions are my own, honest thoughts, as always.

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