Be Kekoa Mana Handcrafted Tamanu Hair and Body Butter

Be Kekoa Mana Hair and Body Butter is incredible! This all natural butter has a variety of usages and benefits for the hair AND skin! Read on to learn more about it.
You may recall in February I did a post talking about Be Kekoa's Tamanu Oil. Not only is this oil fantastic, but they give back and source it in such a unique and wonderful way to the people of French Polynesia. If you missed that post, check it here.

This is what says about Mana handcrafted Tamanu Hair and Body Butter:
"Alcohol-free, moderate-hold 100% natural and handcrafted styling butter. Formulated to lock in moisture, provide an intense shine, and natural hold without weighing hair down or feeling greasy. Active ingredients include beeswax and shea butter to provide hold, while Tamanu, jojoba, and avocado oils nourish, repair, improve elasticity in the hair, prevent dryness, and add shine."

This has such a lovely scent to it. Fruity sweet with the slightest herbal touch.

The texture is solid, just like coconut oil, and when you warm it between your hands, it emulsifies to an oil.

I like using this butter for both wet and dry hair!

On wet hair, I use is as the "oil" in the "LCO" method. A little goes a very long way, so I use less than a dime and then add more only if needed. It has slight hold, but not enough for me to go without a gel or something underneath.

For dry hair, I'll go on on freshly washed hair if I still have frizzy or poof or in days old hair to fight pouf and add back shine. I also like to concentrate this on the ends if they are being unruly. I really like how soft and shiny it leaves my hair on both wet and dry applications.

One of my other favorite ways to use this is if I am throwing my hair back (which has been happening quite a bit lately) to calm down the extra stubborn frizzies on my hairline. Before actually putting my hair up, I make sure to massage some into my scalp for my hair follicles gets some of the hair growth nutrients from the Tamanu Oil inside.

I've also used this once as a pre-poo treatment and it did an EXCELLENT job moisturizing my hair before washing.

Aside for hair, I actually keep this in my bag and have been using it instead of a hand cream because the soap at my job is extremely drying and has been cracking my skin and cuticles. The Mana Butter has helped this problem tremendously.

You can find Be Kekoa handcrafted Tamanu Mana Hair and Body Butter here
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