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A rare, rare, rare occurrence happened over the weekend. I washed my hair two days in a row. I didn't want to, but for whatever reason my Saturday wash was such a flop I was left with no choice. Luckily Sunday's wash was much better. Read on for more.

So I think where I went wrong Saturday was my product application method. I pre-pooed the night before, I used my Ouidad Deep Treatment Restoration Therapy with DevaCurl Heaven in Hair on top; a tried and true combo that has never failed me. I've used stylers that I've used at least twice before at the minimum. I did use a new clarifying shampoo I am testing, that may have been part of it but I'm unsure.
Then product application happened. I attempted to apply products the way LaToya taught me at the Devachan Salon a few weeks ago, instead of my usual Ouidad "Rake and Shake" application. I don't think I applied enough product, and also don't think I coated my hair evenly. My hair air dried and it was very frizzy, puffy and felt stiff. Not good! Usually, I'd just messy bun it Sunday and wash Monday but I started a brand new job Monday so I wanted to go with Day 2 hair instead of Day 3 coming off a bad wash day.

Okay, so Sunday's wash day was much better. I didn't even pre-poo! Here is what I used:
  • Cleanser: none. I washed the day before and didn't work out in between, my scalp was fine.
  • Conditioner: Inahsi Naturals Mango Hemp Restorative Hair Masque
  • Stylers: Inahsi Naturals Aloe Hibiscus Leave-In, Wave Maker, Arcangel, Ouidad Mongongo Oil
I stuck with my tried and true Ouidad Rake and Shake method for application. Applying products section by section, raking them through, scrunching at the ends and then plopping in my Curl Ease towel. Then I air dried.
This was my first time using that Inahsi Naturals masque. I wound up leaving it in over an hour. It detangled so easily and made my hair feel like butter! Even applying my styling products after rinsing, I loved how my hair felt and knew that masque was something good. I think it made my hair more manageable. I stuck with stylers I knew to really get a feel for the masque.

 I feel like it is not always so noticeable in pictures, mainily since I try my best to hide them. But this picture below you can really see the shorter layers and pieces. I HATE them. They drive my nuts. I can't wait for my hair to grow longer and them them blend in better.
Day 2
I needed my second day hair to look good since it was Day 1 and a new job and I was all sorts of nervous. I used the Carol's Daughter Almond Milk Leave-In Conditioner as a refresher spray, followed by a super small amount of Inahsi Naturals Island Breeze Whipped Butter and a little Maui Moisture Smooth & Repair Vanilla Bean Oil Mist. Once that set for a half hour or so I used some DevaCurl Set Up & Above(now called Beautiful Mess) on my ends.

Day 3
Day 2 at night after I worked out I did use dry shampoo just on my scalp. I'm so excited I got away with wearing day 3 hair down! I used Inahsi Naturals Aloe Hibiscus Leave In with DevaCurl B'Leave In and MirrorCurls Serum on top! DevaCurl B'Leave In to add curl and slight hold back in second and third day hair is quite wonderful.

 Both days 2 and 3 I applied products just like I do when my hair is wet, section by section but instead of raking them in I smooth it per section and then scrunch. I wish I took better/more angles of days 2 and 3 but I'm still adjusting to full time office life and was up too early to think.

I probably could get another day or so out of my hair if I wanted to clip it back, but since I rather leave it down and I want to condition it again I will be washing Wednesday.

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