Hair of the Days 1-3: Ouidad Protein Treatment, DevaCurl, Inahsi and Raw Curls!

Lately I've been better at doing my Ouidad Restorative Hair Therapy Protein Treatment twice a month like I should be doing. I used that along with a mix of other brands for another successful three days worth of wearing my hair down! Read on for more.


Day 1
Here is what I used for Day 1 Hair:
  • Cleanser: DevaCurl Buildup Buster
  • Conditioner: Ouidad Curl Restoration Hair Therapy with my Hot Head, then Inahsi Mango Hemp Restorative Hair Masque on top to seal
  • Stylers: Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray, Inahsi Naturals Curl Enhancing Cream (as a leave in), DevaCurl ArcAngel Gel, Raw Curls Shine Serum.

I applied products the same way as usual, on soaking wet hair using Ouidad's "Rake and Shake" method raking them through my hair in sections, then shaking and then scrunching at the ends. I then plopped with my Curl Ease Towel.

Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray is a Holy Grail of mine in the hotter and humid months. Since it was getting hot, I decided I should start using it more regularly again, and then as I type this blog there's a blizzard outside! Grrrr.

The Raw Curls Shine Serum is newly reformulated to contain more amounts of the precious oils inside. I like that the scent went from smelling like my front lawn to a more enjoyable citrusy aroma! The performance is also great, it adds in shine and helps frizz without weighing my hair down. I may have used a bit too much here but that's typical for me. I'm going to have more details on this as well as their newly formulated Curl Conditioner soon.

The Inahsi Curl Enhancing Cream makes a really nice leave in! It is a bit heavier, but I like that it defined my hair while decreasing unwanted volume and pouf!

If you are curious why I LOVE Ouidad's Curl Restoration Therapy treatment, check out this article here where I explained it in detail.

I realized after taking pictures, the roots of my hair are more wet than I originally realized.
I really like how shiny and smooth my curls came out!

 Day 2
Day 2 was Sunday. We weren't going anywhere and honestly I needed a relaxing, makeup free day. So here's my bare face. Luckily my skin is behaving relatively well, or I probably wouldn't be posting these. LOL

I just used dry shampoo (DevaCurl No Poo Quick Cleanser) on my roots since I did work out and then the Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray to refresh with a couple more drops of the Raw Curls Shine Serum focusing on the ends and my hairline, which is acting up a bit again. My hairline also got stretched out since I had it clipped back off my face for a while. I actually liked how it looked a bit more elongated.

 Day 3
The early morning light before work has my hair looking more red toned. Eh. I used DevaCurl Mister Right to refresh and then a little bit of the Inahsi Hair Whip on the ends and front.

 I could have done Day 4 today easily and clipped it back and still look decent. But the bad weather outside gave me a day off from work so I decided to take advantage of that and not wash at night this week! ;) The new job is going well, I'm just still terribly exhausted trying to adjust!

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