Hair of the Days 1-4: Raw Curls, CurlSmith, more

My hair has been clipped back and messy bunned quite a bit lately just because I've been so utterly exhausted. I've been slacking a bit with "Hair of the Day" posts but here I am! This is starting from Saturday wash. I used a mix of brands and my beloved Ouidad Deep Treatment and really liked the results. Read on for more!
I've been using my Ouidad Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy with my Hot Head Thermal Cap every other week now. The Hot Head truly is a Godsend- it works incredibly well and saves so much time (read that blog post here)

I realized I don't need to actually clarify every single time I have been using my deep treatment with heat, so I've been clarifying every other time, which equals once a month and that seems to be a good amount for right now. Especially because lately I've been using more and more truly silicone free products, which my hair has been responding very well to.

Here is what I used for wash day:
  • Cleanser: Raw Curls mix of Wavy Swavy and Curly Cleansers
  • Conditioner: Ouidad Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy with Hot Head, DevaCurl Heaven in Hair on top to seal before rinsing.
  • Stylers: Raw Curls Anti- Frizz Spray, new formula Raw Curls Conditioner as leave in, CurlSmith Styling Souffle, CurlSmith Deep Treatment Oil Serum
I applied products the same way I normally do, on soaking wet hair, section by section raking them through and then scrunching at the ends. I then plopped in my Curl Ease towel for about a half hour before letting my hair air dry.

I was really happy with the amount of definition and how soft my hair felt. I'm still mid testing the CurlSmith products, but so far I've been really enjoying the results on both wet and dry hair. The scent of this line is absolutely incredible and unique. I LOVE it! Fruit, sweet with the slightest herbal touch. A detailed review of this line is coming soon.

These Day 1 pictures were taken at night after I was out and the weather was gross and drizzling. It's extra impressive to me my hair was not more frizzy/poufy than it is. I think the Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray and new Curls Conditioner helped a lot with that.

Day 2 I didn't have to do much at all to to revive my hair, which was nice! I sprayed a little of Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray to tame a little frizz and get a little bounce back and then used the smallest amount of CurlSmith Oil in Cream to add in moisture and pouf control, especially since it was raining out. I should have taken more pictures. I'm sorry!

Day 3 was worn clipped back with a deeper side part. I used the Curlsmith Curl Conditioning Oil in Cream to add moisture to my hair and tame a little frizz that came on my ends. I used some DevaCurl Beautiful Mess pomade to keep my hairline frizzies slicked down.
Day 4
I had Up North Naturals 8 Oil Blend on my scalp and Tweak-d Restore Self Cleansing Treatment in my hair and just threw my hair in a messy bun since I literally just finished washing it tonight right before I finished doing this blog post.
That's it for now!

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<3 Diane


  1. Try the Raw Curls's wonderful!

  2. Your hair is amazing! I love that you seems to know instinctively what your hair needs. I'm so overwhelmed with products at the moment that I don't know what to use - or when to use them, lol. Your up-do is beyond adorable!

    1. thank you! <3 Don't worry, you will get better and better! It took me years to realize what my hair needs and I'm always learning more! =)


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